Family Lies Volume 2 – Desperate Pleasures

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Family Lies Volume 2 – Desperate Pleasures


Camille Black, Kate England

What Desperate Pleasures Tells Us About Family Lies Volume 2

“It’s shocking what some families share! Twisted family sexual encounters began with Camille blackmailing her dad with sexual favors. But naughty Camille is shocked to discover an affair between her brother and sister. After catching them fucking in the classroom, she begins to fantasize about it to the point where it becomes an obsession and makes her masturbate frequently. After being caught with her brother, Kate leaves for an appointment with her Grandfather the Dean. Kate makes use of her sexual prowess and gets Grandpa to give her just what she wants, passing grades. Kate’s affair with her brother takes on an even bolder position after school and Camille watches them secretly while masturbating in the hallway. Finally overcome by lustful thoughts Camille confronts her sister in the bedroom and they explore each other’s bodies. Their brother Russell walks in on them and joins them on the bed. Things get pretty intense and none of them hear Dad come in! Lucky for Russell he’s already been fucking both Kate and Camille so he joins in the family moment too. Everything goes great until they hear mom come home & everyone scatters to protect their secret.” — Desperate Pleasures

FL2 Title

Desperate Pleasures weaves a deviant tale of incest and secrets between incredibly fucked-up relations in Family Lies Volume 2. The twisted fantasies of Camille Black become reality as she has trysts with daddy, sister Kate England, and Kate’s boyfriend. Granddad even gets in on the action in a tawdry across-the-desk fuck with Kate. And how do they end up? With a four-way family orgy. Kate and Camille both shine in their roles–coy, innocent, and shockingly dirty. The whole film delivers “wrong” in precisely the right degree that even if I didn’t make such a mess watching it, I’d still want a shower. My only real gripe is that I’m a cumshot kind of guy; they talk about cumming inside but showing a good creampie closeup would have really added to the movie for me. The perverse tale and energetic fucking of Family Lies Volume 2 earns a highly recommended 4 Hard Ons out of 5.

A Walk Through the Scenes

FL2 Chapters

Scene 1 – Camille Black (@CamilleBlackxxx) & JW (@JWties)

FL2 s1-1

Camille Black, lovely in lingerie, hits on her dad JW, who initially rebuffs her but then succumbs to her blackmail and lets her suck his cock to erection. She slides his dick up her twat in cowgirl, starting a grinding fuck. Camille pulls up her nightie and sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl. She turns back to cowgirl, humping her cunt up and down her shaft. He grabs her lovely tits as he plows her twat in mish. He cums inside Camille, then smacks her for being a bad girl.

FL2 s1-2

Scene 2 – Kate England (@kateengland21) & Russell Grand (@RussellGrandXXX)

FL2 s2-1

Kate England makes out with her brother Russell Grand, spreading her legs to give him a taste of her twat. He slides inside her cunt, just in time for Camille to catch them in the act (which she fantasizes about later as she fucks herself with a dildo and rubs her pussy).

FL2 s2-2

Scene 3 – Kate England & John Noble (@bigjohn2106)

FL2 s3-1

Kate England meets with her grandfather John Noble, who’s also the dean of her school. He caresses her leg, trailing his hand up to finger her cunt. She pulls out his cock and blows him. Leaning against the wall, Kate takes him in the twat from behind. She sits on his desk, spreading her legs wide and letting him stroke in and out of her snatch. Kate turns to her side, her cute ass wiggling as they fuck. He finishes from behind, cumming inside.

FL2 s3-2

Scene 4 – Kate England & Russell Grand

FL2 s4-1

Kate England and Russell Grand finally get a more satisfying scene. She rubs his cock through his shorts. Her clothes come off (gorgeous titties!) and he licks and fingers her cunny. She blows his cock, her head bobbing up and down. We see Camille watching from the doorway, rubbing her titties as she gazes at them hungrily. Kate lies on her back and takes his pecker up her snatch. She mounts him cowgirl, twisting sinuously as she rides him. Turning to reverse cowgirl shows off her fantastic boobies bouncing. He cums inside Kate.

FL2 s4-2

Scene 5 – Camille Black, Kate England, JW, & Russell Grand

FL2 s5-1

Camille Black and Kate England make out with each other. Kate kisses Camille’s tits. Camille licks and fingers Kate through her crotchless thong. Kate buries her face in Camille’s pussy. Russell Grand joins them, diving into Camille’s muff. He squeezes his dick into Camille in mish. She turns over, taking a steady boning from behind. He fucks Kate from behind.

FL2 s5-2

JW catches them, then joins in, fingering and fucking Camille while Kate sits on her face, getting Russell up the snatch from behind. The girls kneel down, with JW fucking Camille and Russell screwing Kate. The men cum inside the ladies’ cunts.

FL2 s5-3

Scene 6 – Kate England & JW

FL2 s6-1

Kate England seductively greets her daddy JW on the couch. She takes off her top so he can suck and fondle her breasts. She sucks his cock to full mast, then strips all the way down. She bends over and he licks her cunt from behind. He slides up Kate’s coochie doggie style, stroking in and out until he cums.

FL2 s6-2

Scene 7 – Camille Black & Kate England

FL2 s7-1

Kate England straps down Camille Black on the bed. Once Camille is immobilized, Kate tickles her mercilessly.

FL2 s7-2

Special Features & Extras

FL2 Extras

Bonus Scenes (Scenes 6 & 7)

FL2 Cover

DVD Details

Release Date: April 30, 2015. Running Time: 1:34. Studio: Desperate Pleasures.

Directed By: JW (@JWties)

Review By: Pornvert

Twitter: @Pornvert


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