Three of Inked Angels’ Favorite Tattoo Inspired Clothing Companies

In this article we will be featuring our three favorite tattoo-inspired clothing companies. Each one has some pretty kick ass products with prices you’d expect to pay for this type of product.  These companies offer everything from t-shirts and tank tops, to hats and wallets, and much more!

Up first is Ink Addict. From their site, “Ink Addict was established in 2007 with an uncompromising commitment to creativity and quality. We’ve spent the better part of a decade emerging from more than just a tattoo clothing company, but an all-encompassing lifestyle brand connecting the tattoo world, creatives, musicians, and the active lifestyle.” Ink Addict features many different products such as clothes for men and women, hats, jewelry, rolling papers, stickers and more.

Up next is Sullen Art Collective. “Established in Huntington Beach, CA. early in 2001, Sullen got its start from being heavily influenced by Southern California beach culture and tattoo-inspired art. With a strong focus on ideals and practices of modern tattooers, Sullen evolved from a small group of art-driven tattooers and artists into a world renowned “Art Collective.” As a whole, the “Collective” is drawn to the idea that art of all forms should be promoted, while related ideas should be shared for the world to learn from.” In addition to clothing, Sullen Art Collective features products such as wallets, blankets, sunglasses, belts, hats, stickers and much more.


Finally, we have the INKED Shop, which “provides clothing, merchandise, home goods and artwork that reflect our brand and are available at the click of a mouse. The INKED Shop offers a curated selection of INKED exclusive gear and styles from designers we love. Merchandise featured in the pages of INKED Magazine can be found within the INKED Shop, providing a seamless shopping experience from page to screen.

With well over 100 brands to choose from, the INKED Shop provides an experience unlike any other online outlet. Careful selection is used to reflect all factions of the tattoo lifestyle and culture in one e-commerce destination.” INKED Shop features tons of different products including clothing, art, aprons, candles, bedding, towels, kitchen goods, fidget spinners, keychains, skateboards and loads more!

If you love tattoos and you must because you’re on our site, you’ll wanna check out the gear and clothing these companies offer.

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