First Look: Eye Empire ‘Impact’

Eye Empire came together in 2007 when Corey Lowery and B.C. Kochmit started what would be the foundation of the band. The two would meet up a few times a month to write and record material. After an extensive search, Donald Carpenter became the band’s front man in October of 2009. Ryan Bennett followed shortly after to fill the drummer position. The first single off the album ‘I Pray’ has been played regularly on Sirius/XM’s “Octane” for a few months now. The band has been hitting the road and constantly touring and will meet up with Seether to open for them in October 2012.

This is a must have album! Everything about this album screams seasoned veterans, from the production, to the songs, to the CD packaging. Make sure to get your copy of ‘Impact’ now for only $10 by clicking here!

Track Listing:
(Disc 1)
1. I Pray
2. Idiot
3. Moment
4. Great Deceiver
5. Revolution
6. Ignite
7. Hopeless
8. Angels/Demons
9. Feels Like I’m Falling
10. Obvious
11. Victim
12. Last One Home
(Disc 2)
1. Bull In A China Shop
2. More Than Fate
3. Self Destructive
4. Don’t Lie To Me
5. Inside The Light
6. So Wrong
7. Reason
8. Feels Like I’m Falling (Acoustic Version)
9. Moment (Acoustic Version)
10. I Pray (Acoustic Version)
11. Idiot (Live)
12. Bull In A China Shop (Live)


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