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Fluid 2 – Evil Angel



Casey Calvert, Adriana Chechik, Dana Vespoli, Ashlyn Molloy, Misha Cross, Kayden Kross, Vanity, Mick Blue, Chad Diamond, Wolf Hudson, Manuel Ferrara

What Evil Angel Tells Us About “Fluid 2”



In “Fluid Volume 2” creative director Dana Vespoli plunges into various way sex can be soaking wet. – Evil Angel

So, as many of you may know, I have been waiting to view this film for some time. It was well worth the wait. This is another Dana Vespoli masterpiece. There is very little to complain about her. Everything was on point. The first scene featuring Casey Calvert as a mermaid was great. Even though I would have liked to see the mermaid part of it last a little longer. The second scene was left poor Adriana Chechik a wet gooey mess. This scene has to be seen. I see many award nominations in store for this scene. Next up Misha Cross and Ashlyn Molloy are ravaged by Manuel Ferrara. Some of you may know how I feel about Mr.Ferrara. Those feeling aside, this scene was really good. Last up is Dana Vespoli and Kayden Kross in a hot wet scene. I was looking forward to this scene as I love Dana’s energy. The unfortunate thing about Dana being in front of the camera, is that she is not behind it. This is the only time the film suffered. Some of the shots were off and a little blurry at times. That being said, the scene was still everything I hoped for. All in all this is a great film and deserves 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5 . Folks, this is a film that is NOT to be missed. Every self respecting porn lover needs this in their collection.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Casey Calvert (@caseycalvertxxx), Mick Blue (@MickBluexxx)


Mick Blue walks out to the pool with a glass of wine and sits. He sips and is staring at the water. Why, you ask? Well, that is because Casey Calvert is a mermaid and is swimming around in there. My question is; did he know he had a mermaid in his pool? He didn’t seem surprised, and in fact, walks into the water and lets her undo his pants. She gives him an underwater blowjob and he lifts her out of the water. Her tail is magically gone and he carries her to a big leather seat thing. She sucks him some more then they kiss and manually stimulate each other. They lay down and he pounds her in a mish/spoon position. She gets on top facing him and rides hard before he lays her on her back to get a taste of her snatch. He gets behind to spoon then she gives his dick another suck. She gets on all fours and he licks and thumbs her ass before sliding his pole in. She receives a good anal pounding then sucks him off and gets on top in reverse for more anal fun. He lays her down for some anal spooning. He stands her up against one of the beams and eats her ass. She bends and he takes her for some standing doggy before she gives him a gag inducing blowjob. He tosses her back down and dives between her legs licking and sucking her pussy, then slips his dick back in her ass. He stands over her and she sucks him deep then he lays down and she shucks him some more. He puts her on top of him and slides back into her ass. He stands back over her and releases his seed on her waiting mouth (and hair, shoulder and chest). He leads her back out towards the pool


Adriana Chechik (@adrianachechik), Dana Vespoli (@danavespoli), Chad Diamond (CHADDIAMONDXXX), Vanity, Wolf Hudson (@WolfHudsonIsBad)


The scene opens with a close up shot of Adriana Chechik’s bent over pink panty and fishnet covered ass. Dana Vespoli is talking to her while filming and “inspecting” her. This is some hot shit, folks. She turns Adriana around so we get a POV shot of Ms.Chechik sucking and gagging on Dana’s strap-on. They keep up the dirty talk as Dana gags her and smears her saliva all over her face. Enter TS star Vanity. Adriana get bust sucking her dick and licking her ass. Vanity pounds her face and makes her beg for more cock. She leads Adriana by her hair (on her hands and knees) out to the pool area, where Chad Diamond and Wolf Hudson are waiting for them, dicks in hand. She leads Adriana up to Chad, who immediately starts pumping her face. Vanity gets involved and pulls Wolf over and feeds Adriana his dick. Then Vanity throws her dick in the mix and Adriana is trying to fit all three in her mouth. She’s tugging and sucking like a champ when Dana decides to join in on the fun and feeds her the strap-on as well. Ms.Chechik takes a brutal face fucking from the four cocks that cannot be described in words, it has to be seen to be appreciated. Wolf (I believe) says she needs to rinse off and they shove her head in the water and hold her there. She is pulled out and barely given enough time to catch her breath before her face is once again assaulted by multiple cocks. There is so much going on here it is actually hard to keep straight who is holding whose dick and who is shoving whose cock in her face. Adriana gets dunked in the water again and gets more cock in her face. Wolf breaks the norm and goes down to rub out her clit while Chad feeds her his cock. Vanity straddles her face forcing her cock down Adriana’s throat while Wolf pounds her pussy with his hand. The facial assault continues and she is dunked once more. She continues to rotate which dick is in her mouth and which is in her hand until all three have released onto her face while sucking on Ms.Vespoli’s strap-on. She is dunked one last time. This is a must watch scene!


Ashlyn Molloy (@AshlynXMolloy), Misha Cross (@XMISHAXCROSSX), Manuel Ferrara (@manuelferrara), Dana Vespoli


We come in to the pool area where Misha Cross and Ashlyn Molloy are bent over by a rock, thonged asses up in the air. Dana asks them what they are doing and they say stretching. Dana takes a few minutes to inspect each of them then shows them her surprise. She tells them to sit and they take turns sucking on her strap-on. She forces her hand into their throats and the drool and spit on each other and Ms.Vespoli’s rubber cock. Dana asks to see Misha’s ass and Ashlyn spits on it. Dana penetrates Misha tight ass with her strap-on as Ashlyn rubs her clit and sucks her nipple. Ashlyn then fingers Misha’s ass and rubs her clit. We see Manuel Ferrara in the distance sitting on a bench in the pool. Dana points him out and tells them to go over to him. The girls go to either side of him and he begins to kiss their bodies. Misha undoes his pants while Ashlyn unbuttons his shirt. Her holds Mishas head down on his dick while kissing Ashlyn, He flips her over onto her back so Ashlyn can spit onto her face. As he kisses Ashlyn he dunks Misha’s head into the pool. He does this twice before he kisses her and holds Ashlyn’s head on his cock. He then dunks both girls heads in the pool knocking Ashlyn right off the bench. She regains herself and goes right back to sucking him while Manuel does some finger exploration between Misha’s legs. He turns Misha around and shoves Ashlyn’s face into her ass. He stands and the girls share his cock. Misha take a mouthful of his dick and he shoves it down her throat while pulling her hair, slapping her face and choking her. He gets behind Ashlyn to spoon and Misha licks his ass. Misha gets some dick sucking time in before Manuel lifts Ashlyn on top if him in reverse. Misha turns around so Ashlyn can slap her ass while bouncing of Manuel’s dick. He decides to take advantage of Misha’s ass up in the air and licks it while Ashlyn sucks on him. He then slowly (surprising for him) starts probing her ass with his dick. The look on her face says it hurts and she’s not sure she wants it. He holds her head under water and shoves it in (there’s the Manuel we all know). Ashlyn gets underneath her and licks her as Manuel pummels away at her ass. Now she’s into it and begging for it. He stands her up and kisses her as she strokes him and Ashlyn plays with her ass. Misha goes to her knees and sucks him briefly before standing back up and the three of them kiss. Misha bends over the arm of the bench and Manuel goes for her ass again, this time pardoning the pleasantries and just pounding away. She bends over with her hands in the water and he pounds her from behind. Ashlyn stands on the bench and shoves her ass out so Manuel can lick it. He sits on the bench with Misha on top, his dick still in her ass. Misha starts sticking her face in the water and spitting on Ashlyn which leads to them kissing. Misha then holds Ashlyn’s head in the water, who come up and spits in Misha’s face. Manuel takes Misha in an anal spoon while Ashlyn rubs out her clit. Ashlyn then attempts to pee (yes, you read that right) on Misha. The pressure seems too much, so Manuel helps out. Using his hands, he releases liquid out of Ashlyn onto Misha’s face. So did she pee or squirt? You decide. Both girls get to their knees and he shoot his load on their faces. They share a cum filled kiss and he stands them up then shoves them into the pool.


Dana Vespoli, Kayden Kross (@Kayden_Kross)


The scene opens with Kayden Kross dressed as Charlie Chaplin and Dana coming in dressed the same. This is shot in black and white and is awesome. They do this silent trying to get closer but not sure thing. It is actually amusing. They finally hold hands and the shot goes to color and the two Chaplin dressed girls running out into the rain. They kiss and strip each other down to their white tanks and move to the floor. They kiss and touch and suck each others nipples. Dana gets between Kayden’s legs and Kayden grinds on Dana’s stomach. They kiss some more and Dana works her way down Kayden’s body ending between her legs. They kiss and Dana lays back on the floor and Kayden gives her a lick. Dana sits up and Kayden straddles her, sitting on her lap. They kiss and Dana kisses and sucks on Kayden’s tits. Kayden gets on all fours and allows Dana to lick her ass. Dana takes a turn on her knees and Kayden straddles her back and fingers her ass while Dana rubs her clit. Kayden lays on her back while Dana hovers over her face. Kayden licks her clit while continuing to finger her ass. Its Dana’s turn to lay back as Kayden rides her face. The rain stops and the girls rolls in the water kissing until Kayden ends up on to on her knees. She starts squeezing her milk swollen breasts, squirting milk into Dana’s mouth. Dana rolls onto her stomach and Kayden again explores her ass with her fingers. The girls both take to their knees and kiss. Dana goes between Kayden’s legs, licking her into back arching bliss. Dana rolls Kayden onto her stomach and licks and fingers her ass. Dana ends up on all fours with Kayden sitting on her back and her fingers in her ass. The girls kiss while manually stimulating each other. Dana gives Kayden another another back arching eating out, the finger fucks her to happiness. They kiss and grind and kiss some more. There is a quick shot of the two girls in black an white dressed as Chaplin giving each other a knowing look.




DVD Details

Release Date: August 25th 2014 Running Time: 2:23 Studio: Evil Angel

Directed By: @danavespoli

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