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Fluid 3 – Evil Angel



Stoya, Dana DeArmond, Jessa Rhodes, Sovereign Syre, London Keyes, Carter Cruise, Dana Vespoli

What Evil Angel Tells Us About Fluid 3

Stylish director/beautiful performer Dana Vespoli presents a variety of liquid fetish in the ambitious, visually sumptuous Fluid #3. – Evil Angel


Dana Vespoli’s Fluid 3 is honestly making life difficult for me. I keep rewatching and rewriting this over and over. No matter how many times I view this, I am left at a loss for words. No matter what I type, it feels wrong. There are scenes on here that are just down right fun. Take the opening scene for example. Carter Cruise, Jessa Rhodes and Manuel Ferrara look as though they had a blast in making this. It’s fun and lighthearted. The second scene is fun as well. A Kill Bill inspired theme leads to an intense blowbang by London Keyes. Now we have come to the third scene and this is where the film takes a sharp turn. Sovereign Syre and Steven St.Croix deliver what is probably the most powerful and intense, yet almost discomforting, scene I will ever witness. I loved every minute of it. The believability factor due to the convincing performances had me wanting to take a shower after watching. Yes, it is that fucking good. More on that later. The final scene featuring our talented director with Stoya in another fun homage to mainstream cinema is another fun one as well. So to sum this up, a fun film with a great cast and great scenes. My advice to you is to pick up a copy of this film. This is an amazing film worthy of 5 Hard Ons Out Of 5. That third scene though; watch out, it’ll bite.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Carter Cruise (@CarterCruise), Jessa Rhodes (@MissJessaRhodes), Manuel Ferrara (@manuelferrara)


Carter Cruise and Jessa Rhodes (if that isn’t a fantastic way to open a sentence, I don’t know what is) open up this scene dancing around before Manuel Ferrara walks in. Now, our two lovely ladies look as breathtaking as usual wearing red bikini tops and silver shorts. The animal hats are a cute touch and go along well with the dancing. Manuel on the other hand, is looking a little too fly for his own good. If he was a DJ his name would be MC Fly (don’t worry, you’ll get that eventually). Looking like he fell off the Juggalo bandwagon, he flashes some cash as the girls continue to grind and dance around. They end up in an inflatable pool (inside?) where he douses them with champagne. The girls kiss and roll around in the water before Manuel pops his cork and dumps more champagne on them. Carter is the first to lose her clothes and Jessa is more than willing to take advantage of her exposed nether region. She gives her a good rub down then they go for some of Manuel’s cock. A quick suck by Carter and the three make out. Carter gives Jessa a quick lick and Manuel a brief suck before they all head back to the pool. After more licking, sucking and kissing, Carter goes first in a little reverse then Jessa for some cowgirl. He spoons with both girls before Jessa moves to the couch. He takes Carter from behind as she sucks on Jessa’s toes. Carter gets her face planted in the water as he plows into her then moves on to Jessa who waits on the couch. Some quick reverse then a good cowgirl ride with Jessa leaves Carter in to pool to take care of business on her own. Jessa joins her in the pool and Carter buries her face between her legs for a quick lick then joins Manuel on the couch for a little cowgirl of her own. Jessa, not to be left out, joins in as they give him a good suck. He gets at Jessa from behind as Carter lays underneath. The girls head back into the pool on their knees as he pops off on their faces. This is how you start off a film. Fucking great.


Dana DeArmond (@danadearmond), Dana Vespoli (@danavespoli), London Keyes (@LondonKeyes), Chad Diamond (@ChadDiamondX), Eric John (@Eric_John), Wolf Hudson (@WolfHudsonIsBad)


This fine cast does a great opening looking a bit like Kill Bill goes to the sock hop. It will bring a smile to your face, trust me. Enter London Keys in a white robe (this is way too perfect) and the group gathers around her with their cocks out (yes, the Danas have strap-ons). On her knees, she works her way around, sucking and gagging them down. Periodically her head is dunked into a tub of water and dicks are forced back into her face. The three guys shoot their loads onto her face then Dana DeArmond helps her wash it off by dunking her a few more times. This is a crazy fun scene.


Sovereign Syre (@SovereignSyre), Steven St.Croix (@StevenStCroix1)


I am going to approach this scene a little differently. This scene deserves to be discussed as opposed to just giving you a play by play. Ms.Vespoli is known for pushing boundaries well beyond their limits. This is one of many reasons I fell in love with her work. She (unlike so many others) remembers that porn/smut/adult film, whatever you like to call it, is art. Art is supposed to be more than something beautiful to look at. It is meant to stir emotion in the viewer. Watch this scene between Sovereign Syre and Steven St.Croix and tell me you don’t feel something. Whether it be joy, disgust, confusion or even if you get offended by it, you will feel something. This is fucking art and art cannot simply be described. How do you explain the Mona Lisa to a blind person? You simply fucking cannot. This is how I feel as I try to describe this scene. The only way to truly appreciate it and understand it’s brilliance is to experience it with your own eyes. Approach this with an open mind, though. It is a little tough to take it all in. This scene (from what I understand) is influenced by the Jian Ghomeshi scandal. Yes, folks, I research my shit. I suggest a quick trip down Google lane prior to watching as it might make the scene make a little more sense. Not that it is necessary, mind you, but for someone like me; let’s just say I like to know how deep the water is before I jump. While this scene may be based on actual events, I don’t feel that it falls into the parody category as there is little to laugh at. Instead, it puts the viewer in the awkward and almost uncomfortable position of being a fly on the wall as the action unfolds. And let me just say the inclusion of the “big ears teddy” like character puts a harrowing sense of realism to the unfolding events. There is so much I want to say about this scene that it seriously makes my head hurt to try and put into words how I feel and what I want to say. Now, don’t let what I have said turn you off. Instead, give it a watch and maybe let it open your eyes to the fact that situations like this do arise and they are not always as consensual as this scene is (the short clip of the aftermath where Sovereign explains her consent lets you take that much needed sigh of relief). I also would like to add that in my humble opinion, Sovereign Syre and Steven St.Croix deserve the highest praise in the form of multiple awards in the coming award season (AVN needs to take note of this).


Dana Vespoli, Stoya (@stoya)


Dana Enters the scene in a fun play on Edward Scissorhands. Dressed in black vinyl she waits on the arrival of Stoya. She comes in wearing a coat and quickly loses it to show off some lace underneath. Losing that as she teases Dana. This is fantastic and how Dana kept her composure so long, is a miracle. Scenes of them swimming and holding each other in the water flash across the screen in what I can only assume are flash backs or memories between them. As the music fades, we find them naked and huddled together. They kiss and caress before Dana lays back to receive a lick. More kissing and Stoya rides Dana’s face. Stoya gives Dana a rub as Dana sucks on Stoya’s feet. Stoya takes a licking from behind followed by more foot play. They hold each other while kissing, gagging and sharing their fluids. They briefly flash back to Dana in her vinyl garb and Stoya looking her in the eyes. This scene came with its own sense of powerful intimacy. Very nice way to close out the film.




DVD Details

Release Date: March 11th 2015 Running Time: 2:16 Studio: Evil Angel


Directed By: @danavespoli

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