Foreplay – Enough Already! Let’s Get to the Good Stuff?

When making love, I enjoy foreplay and being erotic. I am a pleasuring person who enjoys satisfying my lady’s sexual desires (foreplay, oral, etc.). It seems that the art of foreplay in relationships has been fading. What are your thoughts on foreplay being an important part of lovemaking?
George, Davis, CA
I think that foreplay is an incredible component to a healthy sexual relationship – for some people. I try and steer away from generalizations because I don’t think that any ONE thing is right for ALL people. However, I think it is important for couples to enjoy a level of intimacy in their physical relationship (however they define the intimacy). That can be through foreplay, through dialogue, through cuddling, through enjoying a hobby together, whatever makes them feel close to the person they are with.
If you value foreplay, then communicate that to your partner. Let them know what gets you off and what you like. The world doesn’t define for you how to have sex – YOU define it. So while the rest of the world might not be having as much foreplay as you would like, YOU can have as much as you want. It’s your story – write it however you choose.

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