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One of the biggest perks of owning an adult store is the shopping. It’s important to me that Taboo carries every hot new thing, so if it’s pretty, I buy it. If it’s fancy, I buy it. If it’s a bizarre shape that doesn’t look compatible with the female anatomy, I buy it, and vow to figure it out later.

I’m surrounded by sex toys every day. I buy them, I sell them, I use them as paper weights. Most toys that come across my desk I could load, aim, and fire with my eyes closed. But when the G-Vibe arrived, I crinkled my nose at it. The deep V between its silicone stems struck me as awkward and uncomfortable for penetration and superfluous for clitoral stimulation. I reluctantly reached for the instruction manual.

Best. Instructional manual. Ever. The fold out series of sketches is clear, inspiring, and even a bit titilating. The shape that I had found awkward and useless a few minutes earlier suddenly offered endless possibilities. You can rest it over your labia! You can pinch it around your clit! You can hold it on his penis this way and that and you can even press your boobs together and let it tickle your nipples! Most exciting to me, however, was the idea that you could use both stems for penetration and let them open up inside you, offering g-spot stimulation as well as a feeling of fullness without vaginal stretching. Brilliant.

Because, really, the feeling of fullness is why we women like ’em big. If we craved the sensation of our vaginal opening being stretched, we’d get our kicks popping out babies. The G-Vibe offers simultaneous pressure on our g-spot and the opposite vaginal wall without distraction, discomfort, or a full bottle of lube.

The G-Vibe is medical-grade silicone, making it silky smooth and nonporous. Its dual shafts strike the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity so insertion is a snap but once inside, they spring to life. Each contains its own motor so its six patterns of vibration and pulsation can be felt as deeply as you allow them. You control their intensity through buttons on the easy to grip ringed handle.

I did not use the G-Vibe to tickle my nipples. I did not hold it on his penis this way or that. I did try it for clitoral play with and without external anal stimulation and I definitely used it for penetration. As I’ve come to expect from most high end, rechargeable toys, it was virtually silent and immensely powerful. I tend towards steady vibration as opposed to escalation or pulsation, but pattern six elicited a gasp! It offered exactly the feeling of fullness I anticipated, and, combined with Sliquid water-based lubricant, the sensation was soft, smooth, and rich. This was an orgasm I felt in my toes.

Get the new and improved G-Vibe 2 here!

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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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