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Girls Night – Wicked Pictures



Stormy Daniels, Alison Tyler, Allie Haze, Chanel Preston, Lexi Belle, Sasha Heart, Lezley Zen, Dana DeArmond, Asa Akira

What Wicked Pictures Tells Us About Girls Night

Tonight anything goes…

Erica (Stormy Daniels) and her long time girlfriend are thrilled that the changing laws have finally allowed them to marry. But before they tie the knot, Erica has a girls night out with her college roommate and some fellow lesbian friends. After a long night of celebrating, the girls return home and begin to reminisce about first loves, first times and hot sex. – Wicked Pictures


If you are a fan of girl on girl sex, it really doesn’t get much better than this! Seriously, the opening scene between Stormy Daniels and Alison Tyler sets the bar pretty fucking high. Not just for this film, but girl/girl scenes everywhere. These two inked beauties deliver a fun wet romp in the tub that takes a pretty high spot on my must see list. Dana DeArmond and Sasha Hart give a spirited performance in a yoga studio. Let me just say Dana always has and always will be one of my favorite performers to watch. She does not disappoint here. And Sasha Hart. Oh my gods, Sasha Hart. If you are not a fan of her, just get the fuck out now; we have nothing left to discuss. Now by the time you get to Stormy and Asa Akira together, you may be thinking it can’t get any better than it already is. Oh, but folks, let me tell you it does. Stormy and Asa deliver a smoking hot scene of legendary proportions. Another cry out to the gods, as Lexi Bell, Lezley Zen and Paisley Parker give an amazing girl on girl on girl scene that if you miss it, you will be kicking yourself for years. Yes, it is that good. The final scene is a five girl group fuck including Stormy, Dana, Lexi, Allie Haze and Chanel Preston. This is nothing short of epic! This film is about a prefect as you can get with an all girl cast. The writing and direction is superb and the acting is spot on. The camera and sound are excellent and clear. Folks, if you are looking for top quality girl on girl fun that is worth every penny (and then some), get yourself a copy of this 5 Hard Ons Out Of 5 rated film. It will become your new go to disc. Trust me.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels), Alison Tyler (@MissTylerXXX)


Stormy Daniels comes home and wanders the house. She finds Alison Taylor in the tub with headphones on. Stormy strips and sneaks up on her. A quick bit of conversation and Stormy joins Alison in the tub. Making out, they caress each other with sudsy hands and nipples are sucked. Alison has a seat on the edge of the tub to grant Stormy access between her legs. She wastes no time separating Alison’s slit with her tongue for a taste. Stormy straddles the tub so Alison can give her a lick and a couple fingers from behind. Alison uses the edge to get on all fours and Stormy delights her with her tongue once more. Stormy takes to her back on a towel as Alison licks, sucks and fingers her into orgasmic bliss. Some kissing wraps up the scene.


As Stormy prepares to leave, she has a talk with Alison about the evenings plans.

Stormy picks up Chanel Preston and they have a conversation over dinner.

At a club, Dana DeArmond, Allie Haze and Lexi Bell are drinking on a couch when Stormy and Chanel join them. They decide to dance and we see them enjoying themselves and lots of shots are taken throughout. They regroup before heading to the hotel.

At the hotel they talk and Dana shares how she met her girlfriend Sasha Hart.

Dana DeArmond (@danadearmond), Sasha Heart (@SashaHeart)


At a yoga studio, Dana and Sasha begin to make out and get each other out of their tops and “sex pants” (I will be using this term in my daily life from now on). As Sasha lays back, Dana goes down to give her a clit a healthy licking while slipping her a finger. Sasha gives a wonderful vocal performance her, just so you know. Dana crawls up to ride Sasha’s face and Sasha gives her a lick that has her bucking and bouncing and moaning in no time flat. Sasha goes to all fours and Dana gets at her from behind, sending Sasha over the edge. They sit back together and Dana gives her an intense finger fucking before laying back for Sasha to dive between her legs. They go for a little scissor style tribbing then give each other a good fingering.


As the girls continue their conversation at the hotel, everyone wants to know about Stormy’s first time with a girl. We get a bit of the back story taking place at a holiday office party with some cameos. She end’s up leaving with a couple including Asa Akira.

Stormy Daniels, Asa Akira (@AsaAkira)


In the hotel room, Stormy and Asa make out on the bed (as Asa’s husband watches). They kiss and caress then Asa takes to her back for Stormy to give her a lick and a finger. A toy is brought out and Stormy slips it into Asa while Asa rubs herself out. Stormy’s turn on her back leads to a good licking and fingering from Asa. Bringing out another toy, Asa digs deep into Stormy for some fun anal toy play. Asa lays on her stomach as Stormy introduces another toy and works it into Asa’s backdoor. Adding the first toy into her slit, Stormy sends Asa into sensory overload. They make out a bit to end the scene.


Back in the hotel room, the girls move their party to the living room and change into their pajamas (this is fantastic by the way) and Lexi Belle is asked to share her first time.

Lexi Belle (@OMGitsLexi), Lezley Zen (@MsLezleyZen), Paisley Parker (@PaisleyParkerXX)


Lexi follows Paisley Parker down a hallway and catches her with her professor, Lezley Zen. Lexi is punished with a swat to her gorgeous rump with a ruler as she is bent over the desk. Keeping her position, Paisley and Lezley give her quite the work over from behind, sending Lexi into a chorus of ecstasy with their fingers and tongues. Paisley takes a turn lying on the desk to receive a licking. Lexi climbs up to ride her face as Lezley continues to lick and finger her. Lezley lays down for Paisley to ride her face as Lexi gives her an intense fingering. The three sit on the desk together and share fingering duty.


Stormy Daniels, Chanel Preston (@ChanelPreston), Lexi Belle, Allie Haze (@alliehaze), Dana DeArmond


The girls all decide to go to sleep. After a bit Allie attempts to get at Chanel Preston. This leads us up to a five girl group fuck that my words will do no justice to.










The wrap up to this film is priceless and perfect. You must fucking see this film!



DVD Details

Release Date: March 18th 2015 Running Time: 1:56 Studio: Wicked


Directed By: @StormyDaniels

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