Inked Cam Girl Spotlight

This month we’re rolling out a new section, dedicated to the hard working inked cam girls out there.  Our first girl is a cam veteran from the Chaturbate site, Ms. Harliequinnx.  Make sure to check out this tatted hottie’s shows and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

How long have you been camming?

I’ve been camming five and a half years. I started in August 2010.

What led you to start camming?

I looked a camming website and thought it would be fun to sign up.

Why did you choose Chaturbate?

I started using Chaturbate because it feels more relaxed than other sites. I also appreciate the fact that I can use my token earnings to tip other models.

Do you have any plans or desire to do adult film?

No, not at all. I only plan on continuing to cam.

Tell us about your ink.

Well, my first tattoo was a shitty star which I got covered a long time ago. I have countless hours dedicated, it’s hard to keep track. My favorite piece is my back. I’m always getting something worked on, currently the back of my thigh!

Tell us what to expect in your chat room. Are you flirty, dominating or is it just laid back and casual?

Nobody ever knows what to expect in my chat room. Sometimes it’s chill, sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes i’m dumping hot wax all over myself. Most days I’m showing off my titties, spanking my ass and playing with my smooth pussy.

What are some of your hobbies and do you utilize them in your room?

My favorite hobbies are going on nature adventures, cooking, making art stuff and most importantly cuddling my adorable puppy dog because I LOVE animals. Board games are cool too!

Any specific moments (bloopers, largest tip, etc) on cam you'd like to share?

One time I when I was doing a show covering myself with banana creme pie, I slipped and busted my tailbone on the hardwood floor… It was pretty hilarious. Another time I was in my backyard cleaning a blowup pool on cam and came back to check the chat. I left the pool standing to dry and it fell and captured my dog. This was caught on cam in the background.

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