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December 10th 2015

The seductively sensual look of Sara Luvv on the box art for Dark X ‘Her First Interracial‘ is enough to make you put it in your cart. I mean, seriously, the look in her eyes is piercing and absolutely captivating. So Dark X is a new line that focuses on interracial fuckery. I won’t bore you with my thoughts on the term, and just tell you this is a fine release. We get four gorgeous girls in four passionate scenes all directed by the one and only Mason. Folks, you really can’t ask for much more than this. As you well know, anything directed by Mason is a masterpiece in it’s production and when you add a fine cast including Angel Smalls, Sara Luvv, Pristine Edge and Karlee Grey it only sends the film over the top. This film also gives us said girls first on film interracial performances. This is neither her nor there to me, but it does make a fine collection of scenes if you are a fan of these four (as I am) and a truly must see (dare I say own) film.

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Inked Angels 5
Schwing 10
A/V Club 10
Box Appeal 9.5
Cum Again 10

What Dark X Tells Us About Her First Interracial

Dark X is proud to present its debut title, focusing on the hottest industry stars doing their 1st interracial scenes! Watch as Sara Luvv and Karlee Grey take on Mandingo for their unforgettable firsts, The gorgeous Pristine Edge and the petite Angel Smalls round out this cast of passionate and intense interracial pairings. Directed by the critically acclaimed Mason, do not miss this Dark X release. – Dark X


A Walk Through The Scenes

Angel Smalls, Jon Jon

Angel Smalls sits on the couch when Jon Jon walks in. They have a bit of a conversation about her illicit behavior and we find out they are step siblings (in this day and age of porn…of course they are). We also learn they have a bit of an illicit relationship as well. In no time they make out and get on to the fucking. Now before we can discuss the fuckery we must take a moment and acknowledge the vision of beauty on our screen that is Angel Smalls. A perfectly petite pale beauty who grabs a hold of your sight and refuses to let go. Folks, let the swooning commence. I’ll give you a moment to gather yourself before continuing. Gorgeous, isn’t she? Well, you should see her fuck (and you can when you pick up this film)! Whether mish, spooning or riding reverse, Ms.Smalls looks absolutely fantastic and gives a multiple watch worthy performance that you would be a fool to miss!

Sara Luvv, Mandingo

Sara Luvv starts off her scene with a very enlightening talk with Mason about this being her first time with a black guy. She crawls across the couch where he sits and they kiss. No build up, no dialogue, no explanation. Just right at it. Which is absolutely fine with me. When it comes to Ms.Luvv, I need no explanation. I truly adore this girl and appreciate any chance I get to have her on my screen. Gorgeous beyond words with a body to kill for, she makes any scene worth watching. But beyond that, I always have appreciated her BTS footage (like the opening talk). She has a fun personality and comes across as one of the sweetest people. Oh, and her eyes are just gorgeous. I’ve probably mentioned that more than once though. Anyway, once she gets Mandingo’s dick out of his pants, she is helpless but to worship it. Swallowing it down and caressing it she treats it as if she fears losing it. Once she gets her slit separated. the look of elation on her face is fantastic. He puts her through the positions and she takes him like a pro. I really appreciate being able to see her expressions as she gets her pussy pounded and rides his cock. It really makes for a great watch that I will revisit on many occasions.

Pristine Edge, Prince Yahshua

Pristine Edge helps her dim-bulb husband prepare for his day. Prince Yahshua peeks in the window of the door waiting for hubby to leave. As he exits, Prince enters and Pristine hops up on the bed, lifts her shirt to show him (and thankfully us) her purple lacy panties. This simple, playful gesture was not lost on me. The sweet and innocent motion was a treat. It only takes Prince a moment to join her on the bed and get her dress off (revealing her matching bra). And while we can admire her in her attire (or lack there of), one must take in the full picture. Ms.Edge is breathtaking and her eyes are simply mesmerizing. I could work my way down and swoon over every inch, but I’ll let you do that for yourself when you get your copy. Prince puts Pristine through the positions and gives her a fine railing, but I feel that I owe Ms.Mason a hearty thank you for the fantastic capture of her riding him. Trust me folks, the film is worth the price of admission for this alone. Absolutely beautiful. Careful though, leaving your DVD on pause might burn a hole in it (can that happen…better buy two just in case). A must see scene.

Karlee Grey, Mandingo

Karlee Grey starts her scene off with a quick talk with Mason about her scene. It’s candid and Karlee looks fantastic (as always). The scene starts off with them kissing on the couch (with a great view of Ms.Grey’s great ass). Folks, I hope you all are like me and can appreciate what is on the screen. From the first time I saw Ms.Grey, I have been a fan. Not only because she is smoking hot (which she is) but she always brings such life to her scenes. Her personality always shines bright, making her scenes completely enjoyable. With this scene she also deserves a lot of dedication credit as she deep throats Mandingo’s cock. As he gets at her from behind, the camera once again captures her ass perfectly and I owe Mason another thank you. Then she rides him and again, thank you Mason. Honestly, there is not a bad angle in this scene and if we have to see this film come to a close, this is one amazing way to wrap it up.


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