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What Adult Source Media Tells Us About “I Love Tentacles”.

Get Ready For Some Hot Tentacle Fucking! 
They’ll be screaming for more tentacles when we’re through with them! 
Check it out as these naughty Hentai girls get every orifice penetrated by some crazy monster tentacles. There are no boundaries to what these girls are willing to do. 
And they can’t wait to get a hardcore monster fuck! 
It’s tentacle time, and they are loving it! – ASM

I Love Tentacles is a compilation of a lot of tentacle fucking scenes. Many of the scenes run short, around 5 minutes, but for those tentacle fans out there who love watching innocent young women getting their holes filled with tentacles, this is worth the watch. The scenes vary from older to newer clips, ranging from “ok” to “great”. I give this one 3 1/2 Out Of 5 Hard Ons


A Walk Through The Scenes


I Love Tentacles starts with a sexy young hottie walking down a sidewalk. She’s suddenly attacked by a demon, tossed into the woods and stripped, and then brutally ravaged and stripped by the demon’s tentacles, sliding them in and out of every tight hole this slut has to offer.


Throughout the hour, you’re treated to a plentiful platter of young ripe big-breasted girls getting their holes filled by tentacles.

One of the longest scenes, and my favorite, is of a sexy purple-haired demon girl being tortured by a woman. Although she starts the scene not wanting any part of this, she quickly begins to enjoy the creature her captor has released onto and into her body.


The next scene is quick with a big-tittied, green-haired girl getting fuck in her two tightest holes while his previous victims lay nearby helplessly watching .


One of the coolest scenes is one we’ve probably all imagined, one sexy slut is fucked in every hole by an invisible monster and begs for all her holes to be filled.



DVD Details


Running Time: 1 Hour

Released: March 2013

Studio: Adult Source Media

Reviewed By: @Jediryan86

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