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A surefire way to show my age is through my experience with glass toys. Boys and girls, I remember the days when glass dildos were virtually unheard of. Far from being featured in major manufacturers’ line-ups, they were the stuff of dreamers–primarily art students looking to earn a buck. A guy I knew had a friend who knew a guy… and then a couple of guys knew guys, until finally droves of people with the most rudimentary knowledge of glass blowing were asking my advice on entering the sex toy industry.

The first glass toys Taboo carried were crafted by a local artisan. We kept a few in a small case on the counter and they sold, infrequently, for about $100 a pop. They were beautiful, but customers weren’t used to the concept, and I was asked almost daily, “but what if it breaks?”

When larger companies entered the game, they added to the product professional packaging and faster order fulfillment, but the price point was upwards of $200.

Then, boys and girls, along came Pipedream’s Icicles. When I first saw these toys, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. You couldn’t care less about the packaging, but this is my review so I’m going to explain it anyway. Icicles come in clean, white boxes featuring clear pictures and windows through which you can view the toys themselves.

The line has grown and changed over the years and currently includes about 65 different styles of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, Ben-wa balls, and even ball gags and a fuckable whip.

The second thing to impress me was the price point. I almost had a simultaneous heart attack and orgasm when I learned that Icicles were, for the most part, a fraction of the cost of the other glass toys on the market. I quickly stocked up, and they’ve been a staple in my stores and my toy box every since.

Now that you’ve read my gushing back story (no pun intended) I guess we should chat about the toy I played with tonight. Pipedream sent me No. 66, a precious little g-spot dildo with a beaded shaft, gentle curve, and bulbous head… so, basically, everything I like. It’s made to be inserted from either end. You can start small and let the size build, or go big from the jump and let that bulb knock at your g-spot. Guess which I chose.


The most exciting attribute of a glass toy is that it retains temperature. Throw in the freezer or run it under cold water and it will present a tingly chill. Put it in hot water, and it becomes warm and inviting. Less titillating but equally important benefits include that they are extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

I’m a pretty big fan of tingle. My original Icicles basically lived in my freezer, so I decided my initial experience with No. 66 should begin the same way. He sat in the freezer (under the bacon, lest children went hunting for ice cream) for about half an hour before he emerged, chilled to the core and steaming like a sexy-ass big headed snowman. Are you aroused yet?

He lost none of his chill as I washed and lubricated him. He even retained it well enough to accurately impersonate Matthew McConaughey with ice in his mouth as I dragged him over sensitive spots. The largest bulb is still really quite small, so it popped in without a problem, and the shaft’s ridges felt spectacular.

The bottom of the wand was cool in my hand, but not icy enough for distraction. (This is coming from someone who uses koozies indoors in October for fear of cold hands.) Initially, I enjoyed the cool sensation of the head and shaft, but as things “heated up” I didn’t feel it as much, nor did I care to. Ice is a fantastic tease, but at some point you just want Matt to swallow it and meet your heat, am I right?

As I alluded, the shape was perfect for me. I’m a sucker for a curve, and the first bulb was made for cuddling up to that spot. The shaft is less than five inches long and 1.25 inches at its widest, which, for g-spot stimulation is really all you need.

Almost as excitedly as I anticipated my climax, I couldn’t wait to find out if the penetrating end of my Icicles was still cold. After a star studded finale, I learned that my toy was body temperature. Interesting, but really neither here nor there.

And then do you know what I did? I delayed this gem of a toy review so that I could try Icicles No. 66 hot.

Pipedream suggests either microwaving their glass toys or putting them in hot water. My microwave is for making four day old pizza relatively edible, sometimes by heating it to unanticipated temperatures. It is less equipped to care for my sex toys. I chose instead to hold my toy under the hot water of the bathroom sink. It took ten minutes and left me with unpleasant and unsexy flashbacks of heating baby bottles in the middle of the night, but it eventually No. 66 radiated the perfect amount of warm.

And retained it, as I cursed myself for not closing the blinds and locating the lube before getting my toy ready. I needn’t have worried. The heat was ready when I was, and as it turns out I do not like heat nearly as much as I like cold. A warm toy to me weirdly recollects urination or childbirth. It’s not an awful sensation, but it’s no ice in the mouth of a free spirit with structured abs.

The orgasm, however, once again would have knocked off any socks I’d been wearing.  Like my treasured Njoy Pure Wand, Icicles toys have weight and density on their side. This time my Bodywand Aqua Mini shared the spotlight and while his buzzy clitoral stimulation went a long way, Icicles really strong-armed the experience. I like that in man. And a toy. Welcome to the top drawer, Icicles No. 66.

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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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