Inked Angels Podcast Features Kat Dior Interview

By Inked Angels PR

NEW YORK– The latest episode of “Inked After Dark with Dick Dangle” features some interesting talk about award shows voting, unique musical acts to look into and finishes with a fantastic interview with the vivacious beauty, Kat Dior. The interview will be available on Thursday, August 17th.

“The energy that pours from Kat Dior is palpable!”, Mr. Dangle exclaims. “She had me speechless a couple of times and I enjoyed every minute of it! She will make a ton of new fans with this interview. She was amazing!”

The Inked Angels podcast continues to find the best tattooed talent to interview, as a view of past episodes will attest to. Inked Angels continues to expand its’ global reach, through its’ website and podcast, in an effort to bring the world’s best tattoed adult performers to an ever-growing fan base.

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