It’s My First Time – Burning Angel

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It’s My First Time – Burning Angel




Gabriella, Miss Myra, Sidney Scarlet, Savvy & Juliette Black

What Burning Angel tells us about It’s My First Time


Gabriella didn’t know what to wear for her first scene, so Mr. Pete just stripped her down and plowed her ass! Who really needs wardrobe anyways.

Sidney was so nervous for her first scene, but all her fears went away when she hopped on Danny Wylde’s cock. After a bunch of orgasms, she forgot anyone was watching!

Savvy got her porn virginity taken by a pro: Kristina Rose! The Behind-The-Scenes camera caught it all on tape as Savvy explored her lesbian fantasies!

Juliette was always a big slut; doing porn felt so natural. By the way she deep-throated Mr. Pete’s cock, you would never know it was her first time!

Miss Myra:
Gothic hottie Miss Myra could barely wait to do her first scene – so she fucked the camera guy! What a good little whore. – Burning Angel

I love that Burning Angel put together a DVD of newcomers, and for the most part, they hit it out of the park. I’m looking forward to seeing more scenes from Gabriella, Sidney and Juliette, and I would like to see a boy/girl scene with Savvy. The only one I wasn’t impressed with was Miss Myra. As I state below, she seems awkward in the scene and her moans sound forced. All in all though, I enjoyed this movie and give it “4.5 out of 5 Hard Ons“. I’d highly recommend this movie for anyone’s collection!

A Walk Through The Scenes

Gabriella / Mr. Pete


Gabriella shows up to the shoot and starts off with some small talk with Joanna Angel. They start discussing Gabriella and this being her first sex scene and her first time doing anal. They have her stand up and show off her ass and tits before getting started. Mr. Pete enters the scene and takes a seat next to Gabriella. After showing off her body to him, they get right into it. He starts off by pulling her pants down and burying his face in her ass and pussy from behind. Before long, he ends up with one finger in her ass and another in her pussy. He then turns her over and pulls out his cock for her to pleasure orally. After that, he gives her a little face fucking before turning her around so he can slide his cock in her pussy. After some hard pussy pounding, Gabriella cums, and shortly after that she suggests that he stick his dick in her ass. Without hesitation, he slides his dick into her ass and starts pounding it. She then gets into the reverse cowgirl position and he continues fucking her ass. After making her cum again, Mr. Pete tells her to get on her knees and blows his load on her gorgeous face. Afterwards, they ask Gabriella if she enjoyed her first sex scene and first time doing anal, to which she fanatically agreed that she did. This is my first time seeing Gabriella in a scene and I’m defintiely going to keep my eye out for more scenes by her.


Miss Myra / James Deen


The scene starts off with Miss Myra sitting on a couch and being asked some standard new girl questions. They go through her suitcase to see what she should wear for her first shoot. This part kind of drags on until she starts trying on some different outfits. They finally decide on a tank top and a skirt. The cameraman, James Deen, flirts with her and suggests she give him a blowjob. She whips out his cock and starts giving it a tongue bath. He then gets her on the couch and has her take her panties off and slides his dick inside her. Next he lays on the floor and has her ride his cock until he decides to bend her over a chair and fucks her from behind. She then asks him where he’s going to cum and he tells her to get on her knees. She does as she’s told and immediately starts sucking his cock again until he cums all over her mouth and face. The entire scene was shot in a POV perspective. I’m not sure if Miss Myra was really nervous or not, but her giggling through the scene seemed a little awkward. Her moans almost seemed forced and didn’t really seem natural either.


Sidney / Danny Wilde


This scene starts off with Joanna and Sidney (half-naked) looking through some clothes. They start asking her the regular new girl questions like if she’s nervous and if she’s ever fucked on camera before. Joanna enjoys her (34DD) tits between trying on shirts. The talk turns to anal and we find out that Sidney loves it. The scene then switches to Sidney and Danny Wilde on the couch discussing what they’re going to do. Danny gets it started by kissing Sidney and playing with her big tits. It doesn’t take long for him to make his way down to her pussy, where he starts off by rubbing it and then moves on to eating it. Danny buries his face in her pussy while also finger fucking her. This really gets her worked up and moaning. At this point, he takes out his cock so she can service it. She really goes to town on it as she sucks and strokes it. They soon remove the rest of their clothes and he bends her over the couch so he can bury his cock in her pussy. After some hard pussy pounding and fingering her ass, they decide it’s time for some anal. He slides his cock in her ass slowly at first, at her request, then starts pounding it. This drives her absolutely nuts. He switches it up a little and starts fucking her pussy again. They switch up positions a few more times, but she ends up riding his cock once more before she asks if she could suck it again. He’s more than happy to let her and she really goes all out again. They go back to fucking her pussy again before he pulls out and blows his load all over her face. This was a really hot scene and Sidney seems like a real nympho.


Savvy / Kristina Rose


Savvy and Kristina are laying around waiting for Brian Street Team to get there and give them some dick. The two girls start some chit chat and Kristina finds out that it’s Savvy’s first scene. She also discovers that Savvy has never fucked another girl before. They talk about how Savvy likes when guys eat her pussy. They compare pussies and decide they’re going to take a practice run on each other before Brian gets there. Kristina goes down on Savvy and starts eating her out and fingering her pussy. Then they switch it up some and Savvy starts playing with Kristina’s pussy. They begin kissing and undressing each other the rest of the way while fondling one another and then Kristina goes back down on Savvy, licking and fingering her pussy. At one point, Kristina rides Savvy’s face, which was so hot! After having her face buried deep in Kristina’s pussy for awhile, they switch it up to the 69 position. Kristina continues playing with Savvy’s pussy until she cums. Savvy wants to return the favor, so she starts fingering Kristina’s pussy and sucking on her titties. Savvy makes her cum when she sinks two fingers in her and starts finger fucking her hard. Afterwards, Savvy goes back down on her as Brian walks in just a couple minutes too late. It was a pretty good scene, the two ladies really enjoyed themselves and it showed.


Juliette / Mr. Pete


Juliette takes a seat on the couch and Joanna starts asking her some questions. She shows her body off some to Joanna as Joanna helps her get naked. Juliette finds out Mr. Pete is going to be fucking her in her first scene. To help get things started, she begins fingering her pussy. Mr. Pete enters the scene and starts playing with her titties right away as Juliette goes for his cock. They begin kissing as Mr. Pete starts playing with her pussy. He soon gets her on all fours and starts licking her ass and pussy, which really gets her going. Before long, he’s got one finger in her pussy and another in her ass. He continues fingering her and she can’t help but cum. She seems very eager to return the favor and goes right for his cock and starts polishing it with her mouth. She gives him an amazing-looking blowjob as she strokes, sucks and deep-throats it. She wants his cock in her so badly and he’s more than willing to cooperate. After her bouncing on his cock for a bit, he lays down behind her and starts fucking her from behind. She really gets moaning loud as he fucks her harder and harder. He makes her cum for the second time as he continues fucking her from behind. He then gets her in the doggystyle position and fucks her pussy some more before trying to slide it into her ass, which doesn’t work. He pounds her pussy hard again before pulling out and cumming all over her face and mouth. Juliette’s blowjob and fucking skills for a first timer are pretty amazing.




DVD Details

Release Date: January 3rd, 2012. Length: 3 Hours 03 Minutes. Studio By: Burning Angel


Directed By: Joanna Angel

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Review By: Jason Jones

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