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It’s Okay! He’s My Stepbrother 5


What Devils Film Tells Us About It’s Ok! He’s My Stepbrother 5

Mom is always saying you should spend time with your stepbrother and try to CUM closer together… so we did! And he came on my tits, ass & in my mouth! Thanks for the advice, Mom! There is definitely something to say about a mother’s intuition!- Devils Film

A great selection of girls for this film. I feel it lacked on the male talent, but the girls do a great job picking up the slack. Good camerawork and lighting, and some sexy wardrobe for the ladies always helps. Contains four scenes, all running around 30 minutes each.  All around, this was a good porn flick, with great women doing what they do best. I give this one 3 ½ out of 5 Hard Ons.


Katie St. Ives, Britney Young, Nina Lopez and Valerie White


A Walk Through The Scenes

Scene 1 – Valerie White (@ValerieWhitexxx)


Kick-starting this lovely-titled film, the perky and beautiful blonde hottie Valerie Sparks walks into the room to greet her stepbrother, dressed strangely for St. Patty’s Day, I think. They fiddle with a condom in joy after discovering that she’s not pregnant. After asking him to show her how a condom works, she uses those sexy lips of hers to get him hard so he can show her how to put one on. After deciding that sex with a condom sucks, he rips it off and she hops on his dick. Various positions are used, but she looks best on her back with those perky tits and pierced nipples jiggling as he pounds her pussy until he cums all over her stomach.


Scene 2 – Nina Lopez


Arguing back and forth about what to watch on TV, the lovely Nina Lopez uses her tongue to help get some popcorn out that was stuck in his teeth, which leads to…you guessed it, FUCKING! After both strip down, she spreads her legs to reveal her wet lips and lets his tongue make her quiver. Numerous positions were used and some have great hard pounding from him. At times, you can tell he wanted to get rougher, but didn’t, and I think it would have made the scene a little better. All around, some good fucking, especially when she squats on his dick and bounces that round ass of hers. They both performed well and he gave her an awesome facial to finish their scene.


Scene 3 – Britney young (@BritneyYoungxxx)


Not very believable step-siblings, but wow, what a body on Britney. She’s not your girl next door, but the girl you wished lived next door. After breaking her stepbrother’s headphones, she offers to repay him with sex since she has no money. I have to reiterate her beauty cause SHE IS FUCKING SMOKING HOT. She really does have a certain look that just makes you blow your load instantly. After stripping down, she spreads her legs and reveals her pretty pink pussy and he dives right in like a hungry tiger and uses his tongue to get her wet. Then switching it up, she takes his fat cock in her mouth and the camera pans around just right, revealing her pink lips while she bobs on his dick. Once on all fours, she takes a nice pounding, and watching those soft tits jiggle along with her ass is just so hot. Ending their scene, she lays back and takes his dick until he cums, leaving some in her pussy and the rest on her stomach.


Scene 4 – Katie St. Ives (@katiestives)


While trying to teach Katie how to play poker to cheer her up, she reveals it’s not working. He jokes and she laughs, but there’s only one thing that will make her feel better. So, she strips down and takes his dick in her mouth for some nice deep throating and a little gagging. Ready to fuck, she hops on his dick and bounces her round ass. Obviously the dominant one, she throws orders at him left and right to get what she wants. Positions are repeated, but she does a great job keeping it hot, and squeezes every last drop of cum out of him after he cums all over her chest.


Special Features


DVD Details

Reviewed By @jediryan86

Length 2 hrs. 2 mins.

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