Joanna Angel Power Play Kit

Joanna Angel Power Play Kit



Joanna’s signature pink and black


Silicone, metal, and leather






Perfect for beginner’s exploring BDSM while maintaining quality for hardcore use.

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Intensity 10
Quietness 10
Uniqueness 7.5
Orgasmability 10

Here’s what you should know about Stockroom:

Stockroom was founded in 1988 and began selling sex toys and bondage gear online before the world wide web actually existed. They’re now the country’s premier fetishgear manufacturer. All of their leather products are made of medium weight cowhide, giving them strength and durability while maintaining the user’s comfort. Taboo’s customers often request Stockroom by name, and for good reason.

Here’s what you should know about Joanna Angel:

Joanna is the sexy and savvy star behind Burning Angel, the undisputed leader in alt porn. She stars in and directs films featuring talented tattooed men and women. Since the company’s inception, Burning Angel has been the driving force behind the genre that brings so many people so much pleasure.

Early this year, Stockroom and Joanna Angel came together to create a signature line of toys. Take Stockroom’s premium quality workmanship and toss in the color palette of Joanna’s hair and you get an eye-catching array of pink and black bondage gear suited for every level of BDSM practitioner.

Here’s what you should know about my reaction when Stockroom asked me to review a piece from the Joanna Angel collection:

I was like, “Yeah! Of course yeah. One Power Play Kit, please.” And then I texted Taboo’s GM, Michelle.


When my Power Play kit arrived, I immediately dug out the bit gag. It is literally the cutest bit gag on the planet. Literally. The mouthpiece is super-soft and shockingly pink. It’s firm but flexible and is basically what you’d get if Barbie’s pony took on human proportions and began experimenting with BDSM. It’s highly adjustable was easy to secure around Michelle’s head.

“How does it feel?” I asked. She replied, “Ehht Fuells Gud.”


Next we tried on our collars. Mine was the delicate, half inch wide pink one with two dainty spikes, because I’m a flower. Michelle got the double-lined back and pink version with triple o-rings because she’s Small Hands. Like the gag, the sizing options were plentiful and both collars fit fantastically and put us in the mood for more.


Like a leash. The leash that comes with this kit is 2.5 feet long, sturdy, and not pink. As much as I’d like to complain about it being not pink, an all black item keeps the kit from crossing into bubble gum, and it makes it more versatile. The clip is on a swivel, so even the most difficult sub won’t leave your leash tangled.


Almost as exciting as the chrome pinwheel is the pinwheel’s pink, leather case. Nope, you know, what? The case is actually more exciting. But that’s probably just me, because I have a million pinwheels and a weakness for a good case. It’s soft on the inside, features light pink stitching, and its flap tucks nicely under the band. But returning to the pinwheel, it’s perfectly prickly and feels amazing when trailed along boobs, abs, hips, and lips.


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for–or at least me–the pink leather cock ring with removable, vibrating bullet. Right off the bat, I was impressed that the ring fit (just barely) around Bam, my office mascot and surrogate penis. It features not one but five snaps, so it’s equipped to handle every shaft, from the small end of the spectrum to, well, Bam. The bullet sits securely atop the ring and offers powerful clitoral stimulation for the lucky dom or sub.

Stockroom and Joanna, I’m predictably impressed. The toys in this kit are quality, attractive, and they make sense. They’re easy to use and will fit all sizes of necks, heads, and shafts. The Power Play kit itself is cute and convenient. It not only enables but encourages role play. It’s an easy solution for couples looking to dip their toes into BDSM but still packed with products suited for more experienced lifestylers. Interested in just a piece or two? We’ve got them separately as well.

Oh and hey, here’s another excuse to post this picture of me kissing Joanna Angel.


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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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