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Joanna Angel’s Making The Band – Burning Angel



Joanna Angel, Lily Lane, Nikki Hearts, Jordyn Shane

What Burning Angel Tells Us About Joanna Angel’s Making The Band

The competition for Making The Band is fierce – these competitors will do anything… And we mean ANYTHING for a record deal! Rock Goddess Joanna Angel puts the hopeful rock stars to the test musically, mentally…and sexually. As the old saying goes, “Everyone in the music industry gets fucked!!!” – Burning Angel


What can I say folks, besides Burning Angel does it again? Delivering another knock out film that will have you laughing out loud and pulling your pork at the same time. Delivering a fine play on TV reality music shows where people are put in a house and a band is formed. This is Burning Angel at it’s highest quality with an amazing cast (Joanna Angel, Lily Lane, Jordyn Shane and Nikki Hearts…Oh. Fuck. Yes!) and a fine tuned script full of the humor you love and the searing sex that you expect. This is what I’m talking about folks. This is why I’m always telling you that Burning Angel is adult entertainment. Yes, it’s porn and you are going to see some hot fucking, but beyond that you get a fantastic story to go along with it. So while I go through the scenes below, remember I leave a lot out and have only given you what you need to know. This is one of those films that you just have to watch for yourself to fully appreciate it’s brilliance. My advice to you is to go buy a copy of this 5 Hard Ons Out Of 5 worthy film. Trust me you will watch it multiple times.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Lily Lane (@LilyxLane), Tommy Pistol (@TommyPistol), Xander Corvus (@XCorvus777)


Joanna Angel is a mega rock star who is hosting a TV show in the effort to form a super group. Down to her last few contestants, she sends them on a mission to find hidden butt plugs. Tommy Pistol and Xander Corvus (who play brothers and are absolutely hilarious) sniff (yes, I said sniff) out these hidden hidden toys. This leads Tommy face right into the nether region of Lily Lane (who also is looking for the plugs). She has it inserted into her own ass (logically) and they want it. Through a series of quick witted banter, they convince her to have sex. Now for those who don’t know Lily Lane, I feel sorry for you. When she comes on scene the temperature instantly raises about a million degrees. So yeah, this scene is pretty hot as she sucks them both off, gets her slit and ass plowed and rammed by both guys and takes their loads on her face. Hilarity ensues as the scene ends and the group meets for toy inspection.


Jordyn Shane (@JordynShane), Jon Jon (@RealJonJonxxx)


Jordyn Shane and Jon Jon share a moment on Jordyn’s bed as they discuss guitar tuning. It takes them no time to start making out. As they meet on the bed, we get a chance to check out some of Jordyn’s epic ink. If the art adorning her skin is an indication of her interests…she has to be one of the coolest girls alive. As they fuck their way through all your favorite porn positions you may realize that Jordyn has one of the sexiest fuck moans you will ever hear. A sultry combination of innocently sweet moaning and erotic whimper. Oh yes, I will be watching this scene again. Wait for me, I’ll be back with you in a few and then we can continue on.


Nikki Hearts (@NikkiHeartsx), Seth Gamble (@SethGamblexxx)


The group convenes for another lecture from Joanna. This is a good one! Small Hands has his second role in the film and he just keeps getting better.

Nikki Hearts and Seth Gamble have a good conversation. Nikki keeps it real here and tells it like it is. Now I wanna be a rock star and follow her philosophy. Anyway, Seth agrees to help her out. A quick kiss and off come the clothes. I can’t quite remember when Nikki decided to start doing boy/girl scenes but I’m really glad she did. These two have a good chemistry together and are a joy to watch. Nikki has always been one of my favorite Burning Angels and seeing her take this step recently has been a treat. To say this is a fantastic scene is a complete understatement.


Joanna Angel (@JoannaAngel), Nikki Hearts, Lily Lane, Jordyn Shane, Small Hands (@the_small_hands)


The group meets one last time to share their songs about buttholes. While respect is deserved to Nikki for being the only one who played their own instrument, the duo of Lily Lane and Jordyn Shane is pretty spectacular! Maybe not lyrically or even musically…but visually they are a hit in my eyes.

So the winners are announced and the first step to a record deal is about to go down. Let’s watch shall we…

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The wrap up to this film is a gem! Make sure you stick around to see the conclusion.



DVD Details

Release Date: September 1st 2015 Running Time: 2:19 Studio: Burning Angel

Directed By: Joanna Angel (@JoannaAngel)

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