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August’s inked cam girl spotlight is on KiannaMills, a Colombian who’s sexy as hell!  This alt model also does hair and make up and models for Suicide Girls when she’s not on cam pleasing her fans.  You’ll enjoy getting to know this tatted babe more so read on!

What is your Chaturbate username and link to profile?

My username is KiannaMills and my link is .

How long have you been camming?

I have been camming for close to a year. I am preparing everything to celebrate my first cam anniversary.

What led you to start camming?

I found it was the right path to expand my career as a model by making live performance where I can mix sensuality, sexuality and art however I like.

Why did you choose Chaturbate?

The main reason for me is that Chaturbate has a variety of audience. The site has a lot of visitors from all around globe and this give me the perfect opportunity to share what I like and chat with other people with the same interest but from other cultures.

Do you have any plans or desire to do adult film?

Not for now. I just start to do camming so I feel I have a long way to go.

Tell us about your ink.

My first tattoo was a wreaths crown on my womb for its mythical symbolism. My favorite tattoo piece is on my throat because it is located in a very special place, the throat chakra, and it symbolize what I think and feel a fidelity to myself. About the time I spent on my body art, I would say more than 50 hours in total.

Tell us what to expect in your chat room. Are you flirty, dominating or is it just laid back and casual?

I like to work focusing on eroticism and sensuality. I like to generate expectation and desire with delicate and harmonious movements inviting to be seduced. Also sometimes I choose to role-play characters to break the routine and intensifying sexual play.

What are some of your hobbies and do you utilize them in your room?

My hobbies are reading, extreme sports, travel and the arts in general. I attempt in shows to incorporate everything from burlesque performance to aerial contortion, although the artistic performances involve more time and acceptance from the audience gradually you’re winning a position to propose different erotic entertainment.

Any specific moments (bloopers, largest tip, etc) on cam you'd like to share?

Well, I’m not going to lie. Broadcasting live anything can happen from camera accidents, falls, sneezing and unexpected moment of great passion kicking the computer (It happen twice lol).

Do you offer videos (or other items) for your fans to purchase? If so, where can they be found?

At this moment I’m working in different contents from videos, photography and merchandising soon will be available in my personal page, ManyVids and Chaturbate.

What types of toys do you use on cam (if any)?

I like to use many kinds’ toys bondage, ball gag, spanks paddles, whips, nipple clamps, glass toys and butt plugs.

Do you offer customs?

As I said before more content will be available and this option also will be announces. My fans will have opportunity to tell me their fantasies and will be the star of their dreams

Favorite genre of music?

The truth is that I have several favorites among those rock, metal, reggae and blues.

Favorite musical artist/band/group?

Manowar and Motorhead.

Favorite food?

I really love the sushi it will be always on the top of my list.

Favorite adult beverage?

I love the tequila with lots of lemon; it brings back many memories and not so many lol.

All-time favorite movie?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Honestly I have seen more than 15 times.

Celebrity crush?

Johnny Depp, fell in love in Edward Scissorhands.

Do you have a wishlist for fans and admirers to gift you?

Yes I do and I Love Gifts !!!

Any final thoughts you would like to share with your fans and our readers?

To my fans I want to send them a kiss for the unconditional support and love. I want all my fans to know and invite readers to continue following my work because many beautiful things are coming up. Live performances will begin to integrate more of my skills like burlesque performance, aerial contortion, dance and arts. I love sex and creative games to enjoy with all so in the future we are going to have more great experiences than ever before. Thank you very much. Love Kianna xoxoxo

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