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Killer Kleavage From Outer Space – Burning Angel



Jessie Lee, Sheridan Love, Axis Evol, Veronica Rose, Vyxen Steel, Seth Gamble, Bill Bailey, Michael Vegas, Mr.Pete, Tommy Pistol

What Burning Angel Tells Us About Killer Kleavage From Outer Space

The Inhabitants of Planet Areola are quickly becoming extinct, and one Earth Penis could save them all. Not just any penis – a perfect penis. Experimentation with an imperfect penis WILL result in deadly tit-lasers, With Areola’s impending doom Captain Sheridan knew she must send Jessie Lee to complete this mission. Why Jessie? …Well, because she likes dick a lot. – Burning Angel


So, are you looking for the perfect porn to watch with a significant other? Maybe someone who isn’t into smut as much as you are? Or maybe even a film to watch while in an altered state? Holy shit, is this the film for you! Burning Angel is well known for their dedication to quality film making. Putting their all into each and every scene and constantly delivering top notch smut for us all to enjoy. I gotta tell you, Burning Angel really outdoes themselves with this release. This film takes the cake as their finest effort to date. From the perfect dialogue being delivered with uncanny precision, to the smoking hot inked girls getting down and dirty as aliens. Yes, folks, this is alien porn. How much more classy can you really get? The performers are perfectly cast and give a completely unbelievable storyline complete believability. The costumes are fantastic (not to mention hot) and the sets are out of this world (see what I did there). Please, everyone join me in praying to whatever gods you fancy, that there is a sequel to this. If you believe in none, tweet Joanna or Burning Angel and ask for one. We must swallow our pride and beg if necessary. Hey, you know what might help? What if we all bought a copy of this film? And then bought another copy for a pervy friend (I know a couple people on my xmas list who are gonna be getting a copy this year). Show them we support them and hope like hell they grace us with a continuation to this insane story. 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5

A Walk Through The Scenes

Jessie Lee (@OMGitsJessieLee), Seth Gamble (@SethGamblexxx)


Let me start off by saying that Jessie Lee is one smoking hot alien. Seriously. She has a brief talk with Veronica Rose. Using her alien powers, she gets into a bar before it opens to find Seth Gamble setting up. She explains her quest in looking for the perfect penis, and he informs her in a laugh worthy spiel (no offense intended Seth, I am not questioning your manhood) just how perfect his penis is. She asks to indulge and he obliges. While making out and sucking on her nipples, he gives her a rub and removes his pants. He takes a seat to receive and intergalactic sucking. She has a seat for her turn to receive oral pleasure before bending over the bar stool. He takes her from behind then lays on the bar for her to ride him cowgirl. She sits back on the bar stool for a missionary fucking then drops to her knees to catch his load on her tongue and chin. Apparently his penis wasn’t as perfect as he though as her tits shot lasers and sends him into convulsions.


Axis Evol (@Bitemebarbiexxx), Sheridan Love (@SheridanLoveXXX)


Veronica checks in with Sheridan Love (the captain) and complains about Jessie. The dialogue is hilarious and worth a watch. Don’t just skip past this. Axis Evol is with the captain as the conversation unfolds and they both confess their dislike of dick. Axis convinces Sheridan that she needs a break and they begin to kiss. Nipples are sucked as clothes come off and Sheridan takes a dive on Axis before sliding a pink toy into her slit. Sheridan has a go on her back as Axis goes down on her to lick and finger her. They kiss and Axis gets up on all fours to receive a lick and a couple fingers from behind. Sheridan leans back to receive a blue toy into her slit. Sheridan takes the top spot in a scissoring trib before making out to end this smoking hot scene. I review a lot of girl on girl scenes, but this one…wow!


Veronica Rose (@VeronicaLaykeX), Bill Bailey


Veronica sits in a restaurant checking her app for penis, when our gorgeous director, Joanna Angel, offers to get her a drink. More great dialogue and Bill Bailey comes in. Joanna comes back to continue the fantastic script. Frustrated, she leaves Veronica and Bill to themselves and Veronica wastes no time getting his cock out right there in the booth. She gives him a deep sucking before he strips her down. She gets onto her knees and he gives her a lick from behind and slips into her waiting slit. Another suck and she wraps her tits around his cock. She climbs on top of him in reverse. Another suck and she’s back on top, this time facing him. He gives her a lick as she goes to her back then plows into her in mish. Hoping up he jerks his load onto her face. She sits up quick and she lasers him with her tits. Fantastic.

Tommy Pistol and his “dad” have a hilarious conversation.


Veronica Rose, Vyxen Steel (@VyxenSteel), Michael Vegas (@ItsMichaelVegas), Mr.Pete (@mrpetexxx)


Michael Vegas and Mr.Pete are alien hunters in search of attractive alien women with abnormally large breasts. Veronica and Vyxen Steel are sitting in lawn chairs soaking up the earth sun when the guys spot them. Deciding they must be aliens, they rush them with guns. Some more great dialogue leads to the decision to have sex with them. Here we are treated to a snippet of “A.Lay.Un” by Joanna Angel & The Gigolos as background music (not only purveyors of top quality smut, Burning Angel also supplements said smut with original tunes for our listening pleasure).This is a wild group scene starting one on one before becoming a group. Lots of switching partners so I’m not giving you a play by play. Watch the film. The girls take jizz to the face and share the load in a wet kiss. The guys receive their laser blast from the girl’s tits to wrap up on hell of a foursome.


Jessie Lee, Tommy Pistol (@TommyPistol)


Tommy channels in Jessie Lee and freaks that she’s real. A great conversation and wonderful acting by both performers set up the final scene. Staying in character had to be insanely difficult. They kiss and Tommy gets a handful of Jessie’s stellar tits. She lays back to to receive his finger probing to her slit as he licks her clit. He removes his tinfoil crotch wrap to let Jessie on suck him and wrap her tits around his dick. Jessie lays back and gives herself a rub while Tommy protects himself (she is an alien after all. His explanation for this is seriously laugh out loud hilarious). He slips into her for some mish before going for a little spooning. She rides him cowgirl then in reverse. She takes a good pounding in mish then drops to her knees to catch his load on her tits and give him a finishing suck. Fantastic scene to close out on. This film wraps up nicely, making me anxious to see if Burning Angel will continue this storyline. I sure hope so!




DVD Details

Release Date: March 15th 2015 Running Time: 2:17 Studio: Burning Angel


Directed By: @JoannaAngel

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