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Lesbian Babysitters 11 – Sweetheart Video



Raven Rockette, Sandy, Ariel X, Aaliyah Love, Dana Vespoli

What Sweetheart Video Tells Us About “Lesbian Babysitters 11”


In the 11th installment of this critically acclaimed series, a glamorous reality show couple consisting of Sandy, a former model and Ariel, a fitness competitor lose everything once their show is canceled. Their nanny, Raven, cares for the baby that show producers had coerced the couple into having, hoping to boost ratings. Sandy leans on the beautiful Raven, confiding her hopes and fears as Ariel becomes dangerously close to an influential fitness client. Raven fights her growing passion for Sandy, trying desperately to hold this fragile family together. – Sweetheart Video

This is the second Dana Vespoli film that I have reviewed, and let me tell you folks, this is good shit! When it comes to making quality porn, Ms.Vespoli definitely knows whats up. Well shot, well acted and great storylines. This isn’t your dirty, raunchy shit either. This is the stuff you can put in and watch with the little missus before heading off to bed (if you make it that far and don’t just go at it right there on the couch). I had to re-watch parts of the scenes as I forgot I was reviewing and got caught up in the movie. I’m telling you, if you haven’t checked out any of Dana’s films yet, you are cheating yourself out of some prime quality entertainment. This release is worthy of 4 out of 5 Hard ons as I seriously think my screen was starting to steam over.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Aaliyah Love (@AaliyahLove69), Raven Rockette (@RavenRockette)


The scene starts out with some dialogue between Aaliyah and Raven. It gives a little back story and starts out with a somewhat serious overtone but quickly moves on to playful. These two keep it up all through out the scene too. They have a wonderful chemistry together and deliver a very sexy and believable scene. They make out and start removing clothes. Raven goes down on Aaliyah, then the favor is returned with the inclusion of fingers. They rub their clits together, scissoring. Raven gives Aaliyah’s pussy another licking then sits on her face to get her carpet munched. They switch spots, with Aaliyah on Raven.


Ariel X (@ArielXoxo), Sandy (@Club_Sandy)


Raven and Sandy have a conversation about finances and the future of Sandy’s carrer.

Some running and exercise footage of Ariel.

Ariel is standing naked in the bedroom after showering when Sandy walks in and starts to caress her. They make out and Ariel pushes Sandy down on the bed and lifts her top to suck her nipples. Sandy’s clothes come off and Ariel folds her in half for easier access to give her a licking. They 69, then Ariel bends over so Sandy can eat her from behind then they 69 again. They move and position themselves to scissor, grinding each other. Ariel uses her fingers in Sandy before going back to 69. They finger each other and Ariel goes down on Sandy and finger fucks her to ecstasy. Ariel gets up and gets dressed. They have a bit of a tiff about Ariel having to leave for work, but work it out in the end.


Ariel X, Dana Vespoli (@danavespoli)


Ariel and Dana walk into the house after a workout and have a conversation, not knowing that Raven is in the next room over hearing everything.

Ariel and Dana are sitting on the couch at Dana’s house (watch the movie to see how the pieces fit) and continue their conversation from the previous scene. As they’re talking, Dana starts rubbing Ariel’s arm. Ariel returns the gesture. This all leads up to a pretty passionate make out session. They help each other out of their clothes while exploring each other with their hands (and fingers), before Dana goes down on Ariel. Dana sucks on Ariels toes while Ariel rubs her other foot between Dana’s legs. They switch spots so Ariel can get a taste of Dana’s wet pussy. She lays back and Dana has another go at Ariel with her mouth. They finger each other before some scissoring and kissing. This is followed up by some really hot post sex making out.


Raven Rockette, Sandy


Sandy is passed out on the couch with a bottle next to her when Raven comes into the house. There is a note next to the bottle and she reads it (watch the movie) and then helps Sandy up and to bed.

Raven walks up to the house and opens the door as Sandy is walking out. She is on her way to an audition.

Sandy is sitting on the bed crying and Raven comes in to see whats up. They talk, which leads to kissing. They spend some time exploring each other as their clothes come off, leading to Sandy diving down on her young babysitter, Raven takes a turn, burying her face in between Sandy’s legs. They grind their pussys together then Sandy goes back down on Raven. Sandy straddles Raven’s face then turns to 69. Once again, they scissor, getting each other off.




DVD Details

Release Date: June 5th 2014 Running Time: 1:52 Studio: Sweetheart Video


Directed By: @danavespoli

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