Live Sounds: Five Finger Death Punch Review

On August 11th, Five Finger Death Punch, in support of their new album ‘American Capitalist’, played the Heavy MTL show in Montreal, Canada and even though they weren’t the headliner, they were the best show of the night! Their hour long set started off with their in-your-face fuck you anthem, ‘Under and Over It’. This set the tone for the night and gave their fans a preview of what was to come. They followed that up and kept the crowd in a frenzy with ‘Burn It Down’, ‘American Capitalist’ and ‘Hard To See’. After that, they slowed it down a bit with ‘Coming Down’ and ‘Bad Company’. Next was a song off their first album, ‘White Knuckles’, which led to an awesome drum solo by drummer Jeremy Spencer, who was named Golden God’s 2012 ‘Best Drummer’ by Revolver Magazine. They also played ‘Far From Home’ and ‘Never Enough’ before the encore which featured an acoustic version of ‘Remember Everything’ and crowd favorite, ‘The Bleeding’.

Five Finger Death Punch was able to connect to their crowd through lead singer, Ivan Moody, who paused between songs to remind people of a couple rules of a Death Punch concert, first to look out for each other, and to remind the crowd that security wasn’t their enemy and vice versa. Vocally, Moody nailed it and was on top of his game! Jason Hook and Zoltan Bathory were extraordinary on their guitars, as was Chris Kael on bass guitar and they all complimented each other nicely. A Five Finger Death Punch show is a must see for any metal fan. They sound great and definitely entertain. You’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth with this band!

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