Live Sounds: Hollywood Undead Review

On January 22nd, 2013, Inked Angels set out on a journey across the border to interview Hollywood Undead at their sold out show in Montreal, QC. Earlier in the day we got to sit down with band members J-Dogg, Da Kurlzz, Funny Man and Danny, and fire off some questions for our interview. The guys seemed like some regular California boys who are just enjoying doing what they do. Kicked back with a beer in hand, these guys gave us a mix of funny and serious answers.

Being our first time seeing Hollywood Undead, we were not disappointed. From start to finish, it was just pure energy. Their new masks were also fucking awesome and added a special element to the show. The first song that they played, and my personal favorite, was “Undead”. This one song in my opinion set the tone for the whole night and I knew from the way the crowd was into it, it was going to be a great show. They played all their hits from each of their three albums, Swan Songs, American Tragedy, and Notes From the Underground. Every song they played was amazing. It is very rare to see a band that sounds as good live as they do on CD. The one thing that I loved about the show was that a lot of the guys switched instruments during it. To me, this is awesome and shows how the whole group contributes to more than just one thing during the show. We highly recommend checking out Hollywood Undead in concert if you get the chance!

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