Live Sounds: My Darkest Days Review

We recently got the chance to catch My Darkest Days on tour in support of their newest album, ‘Sick and Twisted Affair’, with Surrender The Fall and Otherwise opening for them.  The show was located at a smaller, more intimate venue, which was great because the sound was awesome and there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Our day started off with a private meet and greet with the band members of My Darkest Days.  Matt, Sal, Brendan, Doug and Reid are a great bunch of guys, very down to earth and very easy to talk to.  We chatted about past shows we’ve seen of theirs, the NHL lockout, songs on their setlist and much more. They signed both of our CDs and thanked us for coming.

The first band up was Surrender The Fall and they put on a good rock show. I admit I wasn’t too familiar with them before the show, but they definitely had me checking them out when I got home. Their song ‘Love Hate Masquerade’ was one of their songs that got stuck in my head. The band consists of Jared Cole on vocals, Eddie Tyre on guitar, Anthony Pitts on guitar, Devin Hightower on bass and Ed Harris on drums. They hail from Memphis, Tennessee and are signed to Rum Bum records. I couldn’t help but compare them to Papa Roach.

The next band was Otherwise, another band I wasn’t too familiar with prior to the show. This band left me puzzled, they sounded ok, and were energetic, but I can’t say I was moved by them and I’m not really sure why. I guess they didn’t have any songs that really stuck in my head at the end of the night, nothing that left me checking YouTube for anyway. The band comes from Las Vegas, Nevada and is signed to Century Media records. They consist of Adrian Patrick on vocals, Ryan Patrick on guitar, Corky Gainsford on drums, and Vassilios Metropoulos on bass.

Finally onto the headliner, My Darkest Days. This is a band that I’ve seen twice before, once as an opener in a smaller venue, and once as an opener on a larger arena tour. They looked comfortable on either stage and really played to the crowd. This most recent show was the first time seeing them as headliner and having a full set list, so I was really looking forward to it. Matt Walst has a great voice, even though he was suffering from a cold, and is an awesome front man. Sal Coz Costa can’t go unnoticed with his spiked mohawk hair-do and his kick ass guitar riffs. We all knew it was only a matter of time before Sal was shirtless, and he didn’t disappoint the ladies. They started off the show with one of their newer hits ‘Sick and Twisted Affair’ and also included ‘Save Yourself’, ‘Perfect’, ‘Every Lie’, ‘Casual Sex’ and encore, ‘Porn Star Dancing’. The night also featured covers of Duran Duran’s ‘Come Undone’ and Joe’s ‘Stutter’. Without a doubt, My Darkest Days is a great live band, and if you haven’t gotten the chance to see them live yet, then you really need to make the effort whenever you get the chance.

It was a great show overall, and My Darkest Days is a band that I won’t miss anytime they come around my area.

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