Live Sounds: Twins of Evil Review

I thought October 23rd and the Twins of Evil tour would never come. This show was one of my most highly anticipated concerts since the Ozzy Osbourne show. I’ve seen Rob Zombie one other time, but had never seen Marilyn Manson, even though I’d been dying to. I was so determined to see this show that I took the journey solo, a six hour car ride round trip. There was no way in hell I was missing this. With the conflict between Zombie and Manson on a past tour stop, I was worried if the tour would actually make it to the end.

My day started off with a meet and greet with Rob Zombie and his band, John 5 (guitar), Ginger (drums) and Piggy D (bass). After an autograph and a picture with the band, I was allowed to enter the venue before the doors opened so I got a premium spot right up front on the security gate.

The show opened up with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, who replaced Korn’s Jonathan Davis (aka J Devil), who had to bow out due to exhaustion, doing a DJ set. The set included Sid wearing a mask that included LED lights, a TV on the front of his DJ booth that showed clips from horror movies and the TV show, American Horror Story, and two henchmen also in masks, standing on each side of the stage. At one point the henchmen tossed CDs out into the crowd and used an air gun to launch t-shirts to eagerly awaiting fans. To be honest, I’m one of the few that never got into Dub Step, so I can’t say that I enjoyed this part of the show. The rest of the people in attendance seemed to enjoy it, though.

Next up was someone I’ve been waiting years to see and hear, Marilyn Manson! There had been a lot of reports on this tour that Manson had lost his touch and his voice, even going as far as forgetting lyrics to his songs. My own personal experience found all of that to be untrue. He’s still a great entertainer, sounded great and didn’t forget any of his lyrics. He started off his set with ‘Hey, Cruel World…’ which got the fans out of their seats and the people on the floor moving. The rest of his setlist included the songs ‘Disposable Teens’, ‘mOBSCENE’, ‘The Dope Show’, ‘Slo-Mo-Tion’, ‘Sweet Dreams’ and many others. He ended up doing 14 songs in total. His set ended with his biggest hit to date, ‘The Beautiful People’. The set included several outfit changes, falling snow during ‘Coma White’ and tons of confetti. Manson’s band currently consists of (co-founder) Twiggy Ramirez on guitar, Fred Sablan on bass and Jason Sutter on drums. Overall, I was very impressed with the show and look forward to seeing him again!

I already knew what was in store for the finale. Rob Zombie and his theatrical show, which included a large puppet. of the Devil, a pumpkin head character, and of course, the robot for ‘More Human Than Human’. There were so many pyro and flames I thought for sure my eyebrows would be burnt off. The big screen at the back of the stage featured clips from ‘The Munsters’, some old school horror flicks, and some ’60s topless go-go dancers. Zombie started off his set with ‘Sawdust In The Blood’, a song off his Educated Horses album. I was also ecstatic to hear he was bringing back some old tunes to play live like ‘Meet The Creeper’ and ‘Scum Of The Earth’. I got to hear another favorite of mine, ‘Pussy Liquor’. His set also featured fan favorites like ‘Dragula’, ‘Living Dead Girl’, ‘Superbeast’, ‘More Human Than Human’, ‘Thunder Kiss ’65’ and many others, 15 songs total. One other surprise was his rendition of an Alice Cooper classic ‘School’s Out’. Rob’s stage presence was amazing, very energetic and he kept the crowd moving from start to finish. John 5 performed some wizardry on the fretboard, he’s truly an asset to anyone he performs with. Ginger Fish and Piggy D also had great performances to round out this amazing live show!

For me, this tour lived up to the hype. Two great theatrical performers together in one show made for an awesome night! I highly doubt you’ll ever see these two together again, so people that were able to make this tour should consider themselves lucky!

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