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The deeper you stroke, the stronger the power! USB rechargeable, suction cup base, one-year warranty, 10 functions

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It had been a while. You know when, like, your social calendar is full, a holiday happens, you’re extra tired, you start a new project, your kids need things, and consequently almost a week goes by without quality masturbation? (You manage masturbation, of course, but it’s mostly toyless touching in front of decade old videos.)

As I prepared to emerge from a spell such tonight, I was excited and eager to try a new toy but was not particularly in the mood for a science experiment. I didn’t want to run tests or dick around (pun intended.) I just wanted to relax and ENJOY.

So, the new touch sensitive Luxe was not the best choice. However, it’s been enticing me for weeks. In the end, its lure overrode my desire for a simple and speedy climax.


Luxe is silicone, rechargeable, powerful, and quiet. It boasts ten levels of vibration and pulsation. It features a one year warranty, a simple push button control, and it’s pink. Blah, blah, awesome blah. What makes it different is that is touch sensitive. When you grasp it, the vibrations intensify. “The deeper you stroke, the stronger the power,” it claims.

When it first arrived at Taboo, we took turns oohing, ahhing, and squeezing it. I attached it to my desk (did I mention its sturdy, suction cup base?) and embraced it. I flicked it, cradled it, and strangled it. I posted a video on Instagram.

luxe 1 luxe 2 luxe 3

Luxe isn’t the first touch sensitive toy, but it might be the simplest, most responsive one I’ve felt.

As pleasant as Luxe was to touch, the real test took place tonight. I reached for my Bodywand Aqua as we settled in and then rolled my eyes and huffed when I realized that an added toy might skew my impressions of Luxe. I tossed Bodywand aside, grabbed my new Sutil lubricant instead, and went solo with my new friend.

Luxe’s performance mirrored what I’d felt with it in my hand. Immediately upon penetration, its vibrations deepened. I wouldn’t say they intensified in accordance with how far I penetrated, but as I engaged and released my kegel muscles, I could definitely feel a difference.

And, wouldn’t you know, that experiment was actually kind of hot. It became an arousing game that I found myself both winning and losing as my excitement made it harder and harder to loosen my hold on the toy. Ever the diligent toy reviewer, I took a break and headed to the shower.

I suctioned Luxe to the side of my tub, Alan style. It stayed firmly in place, no matter my position. Luxe’s flat, flared base also makes it harness compatible. It would be a super-fun toy to try with a friend.

To recap, Luxe has all of the qualities I like, aside from a g-spot curve. It’s a quality toy, inside and out. Its vibrations are deep and rumbly and its outer silicone feels luxurious. But what I love most is that it purports to do something different, and it follows through. This toy would appeal to just about everyone.

Try it. You’ll like it.

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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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