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Maddy O’Reilly’s Submission – Deviant Entertainment



Maddy O’Reilly, Skin Diamond, Dahlia Sky, Veruca James, Tommy Pistol, Prince Yahshua, Mr.Pete, John Strong

What Deviant Entertainment Tells Us About “Maddy O’Reilly’s Submission”


The darker side of punishment. Maddy O’Reilly’s directorial debut – Deviant Entertainment

So, I have wanted to see Maddy O’Reilly’s directorial debut since the first pics on twitter. Viewing the trailer only made it worse. I had to see this film, plain and simple. Well, I finally watched it. All I can say is holy fucking wow. Why did I wait so long to watch this. This is pure pornographic gold! The opening scene with Veruca James and Prince Yahshua is so good, words can barely describe it. They both gave a hell of a performance. You believe every scream and cry that comes out of Ms. James. Dahlia Sky is the caged fuck pet of Tommy Pistol in the second scene. This is one scene that will stick with you for a while. I, for one, will never turn down water when given to me again. In the third scene, Skin Diamond is ravaged by John Strong. Or is it the other way around. This is an intense fuck, right here. Finally we get to Maddy O’Reilly’s scene with Mr. Pete. This, again can barely be described in words. This is just one fucking amazing piece of work. Folks, 5 Hard Ons Out Of 5 seems too low for this. Everyone reading this needs to get themselves a copy of this film. Fucking epic.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Veruca James (@VerucaJames), Prince Yahshua (@PrinceYahshua)


This scene starts out with Veruca James in a cage and contraptions on her hands. Prince Yahshua comes in holding a thick leather belt thing. He walks around a sleeping Veruca a few times before slamming it on the cage waking Ms.James in a panic. He continues hitting and kicking the cage before opening the door and pulling Veruca out by her hair. He pulls an empty pill bottle out of his pocket (that’s not good), he gives her a sweet kiss then holds her by her throat up against the wall. Letting her down he reminds her that there’s no crying in baseball (classy) and frees her out of her hand lock things. He gives her another kiss then slams her down on top of the cage and starts slapping her face. He lets her back up briefly then slams her head back down. He holds her in place, kisses her stomach, then begins ripping her pants off. Literally ripping her pants off. He has a moment of crazy (you gotta watch to understand), then begins sucking and licking her pussy. He has another crazy possessive moment (her feet smelled different) and she calms him down. He lets her off the cage and she helps him out of his hoodie and they kiss. He dangles her in the air by her throat and kisses her. He makes her get on all fours , crawl to him and bark like a dog while he holds her hair. He takes his belt off and puts it around her neck while they converse. He unzips his jeans and she gives him a slobbery two handed deep throat blowjob. He lays her back on a bench and pounds into her. He gives her a break and licks her ass before shoving her head back down on his cock. He reaches down and finger fucks her from behind and licks her ass some more. He feeds her his wet fingers, then bends her over the bench and rails her from behind. They have another conversation (he compares her to Maddy) then he gets at her from behind again. He lets her up to suck him off some more. He stands her up, and pumps her while holding one of her legs up. He bends her over the bench again and drops his gum on the floor. He picks it up, sticks it in her ass then takes it back in his mouth. He again goes at her from from behind, giving her a pounding that leaves her shaking. She gets to her knees an he creams on her tongue. He leads her back to her cage, locks her up and leaves to go get his meds. Wow, folks; just wow! Remember when I told you Veruca James needed to be in your top five? Fuck that shit. This performance bumped her into my top two (it’s a tie for the number one spot).


Dahlia Sky (@DahliaSkyx), Tommy Pistol (@TommyPistol)


Dahlia Sky is caged in a room and Tommy Pistol comes in reprimanding her for not drinking her water. He grabs her by her hair and bounces her head off the chain link wall a few times. They kiss and he pinches her nipples through the links. He tells her to drink her water. She lays down and licks the water out of a bowl in the center of the floor. Tommy walks in and puts a foot on her head, then lays on top of her holding her into the water. He hold the bowl over her face til it is empty. He slaps the water from the floor onto her face. He pulls her head back into a yoga looking position and grabs an orange traffic safety cone and a bucket of water. He holds the cone to her mouth and pours the water down her throat. Ditching the cone, he holds her head back by her hair and dumps the water into her mouth. He gags her with his fingers a bit then gives her another drink. He rolls her onto her back and pours the water on her face. He leaves her laying in the puddle and comes back with a bottle of water and no pants. He squats over her face and squirts the water onto his ass and lets it run onto her face. I’m not sure what the importance with the water is, but apparently, if Tommy Pistol ever offers you water: you drink the damn water. He kisses her upside down then gags her again. He drags her around the cage her mouth before sitting down and giving her a hug and kiss. She gags herself to spit on him. He then sticks both hands in her mouth to gag her while spitting in her mouth. They kiss and he chokes her while spitting on her. They then play a slap game. He slaps her, she slaps him, you get the picture. They kiss again and he stands to feed her his dick. He rams himself down her throat and spits on her a lot. Holding her head in place by her hair, he pummels her throat. He puts her ass up on her knees and pumps her from behind. He stops pounding her to give her a kiss then goes right back at it. He even pulls the bucket up to sit on while fucking her. He takes to his knees behind her and gives her a few licks. Dahlia gets on top in reverse. I’d like to tell you she rides him, but he jack hammers her from underneath in an intense pounding. She gets on her knees and he gags her before shooting his load in her mouth. She blows bubbles with it and he puts the bucket over her head. Pretty fucking intense scene. The lighting was a bit harsh and shadowy but this is not a complaint. It works so well in the scene, that it actually borders genius.


Skin Diamond (@Skin_Diamond), John Strong (@JohnnStrong)


The scene opens with some grainy surveillance footage of John Strong walking across a parting lot to a door and then through a room. Skin Diamond is handcuffed to a staircase and a chain is around her neck holding her in place. She is blindfolded and has a mouth opening device attached. She does have one free hand, so I don’t know why she doesn’t try to free herself (probably cause if she did, we would have no scene). John comes up to her and gags and chokes her and removes the mouth thing. He frees her tits and gives them a squeeze. He plugs her nose and covers her mouth then gags her some more. He frees her neck then turns her around pressing her neck against the rail while plugging her nose and covering her mouth. He slaps her ass, tits and face and continues to cut off her air. He chokes her once more before bending her over, ripping down her panties and slipping a finger in her snatch. He spins her around and pushes her to the floor (her hand is now free from the cuff. Don’t know when that happened, but oh well). She squats on the floor leaning against some boxes with her arms behind her back. He whips out his cock and feeds it to her. She gobbles him up greedily and starts rubbing herself out while slobbering on his dick. He bends her over and takes her from behind. She starts begging for his dick and he pounds her harder. He puts her back on the floor and shoves himself down her throat. He lays on his back and she gets on top, bouncing on his dick and shaking her ass in the process. She switches to reverse and lets him take over the work, pumping her from below. They move to spoon and he squeezes her neck. He fucks her hard and fast, jumping up at the end to unleash his seed on her face. This was a pretty intense scene. Skin came across almost savage in the way she begged for it. I think maybe she was the crazy one in this scene. Nice work.


Maddy O’Reilly (@MaddyOreillyxxx), Mr.Pete (@mrpetexxx)


Maddy O’Reilly is sitting in a chair minding her own business and smoking a cigar, when Mr.Pete comes in. He grabs her neck and takes her smoke away, takes a drag and blows a billow of smoke in her face. To add insult to injury, He holds her head and flicks the ash in her mouth, then rubs it around on her tongue with his fingers. He pulls her out of the chair, bends her over and slaps her ass. Putting her in a choke hold, he sits in the chair and puts her on his lap. He reaches down and tears her fishnets apart. He gives her clit a quick rub and starts smacking her inner thighs and pussy. He drags her to a table by her neck and tosses her on it and finishes getting her panties off. He buries his face between her legs, licking and sucking, before slipping a finger in her ass. He gives her a kiss and slaps her face and tits before dragging her to the floor. She takes a mouthful of his dick and gives him a slobbery blowjob. He leads her back to the chair by her hair and she gets on it on her knees. He pounds into her from behind while smacking her ass and spitting on her. She sits back on the chair and rubs herself while he chokes her and slaps her. He pulls her to the edge, folds her in half and goes at her mish while she holds on for dear life. I swear, I thought he was gonna break that chair. She heads back to the table and bends over it and he goes at her from behind. He sits back on the chair and she sits on him in reverse and bounces so hard on his dick she makes herself shudder. This doesn’t stop her though. She continues to ride his cock until he stands up and he fucks her from behind while standing. He sits back down and she gives him another infamous Maddy suck job. He gets up and drags her across the room by her hair to a cage (apparently the table was really a cage) and locks her inside. She gives him a few sucks between the rails before turning around and backing up so he can fuck her from behind through the slots. He lets her out and they both get on top of it for some anal spooning. She goes back to her knees on the floor to suck him once more. She coaxes his load out onto her face. He drags her back to the cage and locks her inside. She rubs herself out one more time. Fantastic close to this amazing film.




DVD Details

Release Date: June 26th, 2014 Running Time: 1:53 Studio: Deviant Entertainment


Directed By: @MaddyOreillyxxx

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