My Girlfriend’s Mother Volume 7 – Sweet Sinner

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My Girlfriend’s Mother Volume 7 – Sweet Sinner



Dana Dearmond, Cameron Dee, Chloe Foster, Seth Gamble, Marcus London, Steven St.Croix

What Sweet Sinner Tells Us About “My Girlfriend’s Mother Volume 7”


“An ambitious young man, with a naïve mother and a philandering father, returns home from college to discover that the girl next door has grown up in a very enticing way! As sexy as she is, he can’t get her mother, who gave him one hot kiss before he left for college, out of his mind.” – Sweet Sinner

This film is superb. The story is intriguing and holds your attention (I give away some of it here but you gotta watch it to get the whole effect). The audio, camera and lighting are decent, and the casting is perfect. Everyone is completely believable in their roles and the acting and line delivery is spot on. Chloe Foster and Cameron Dee give spirited performances, but the star of this film (to me, anyway) is Dana Dearmond. She is the perfect milf and a pure joy to watch. From her facial expressions and unrestrained vocals, to just pure talent, she is truly a gift to adult entertainment. They guys command their roles well too, rounding out the films overall flow. Its definitely worthy of 4 Hard Ons Out Of 5.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Chloe Foster (@xChloeFosterx), Steven St.Croix (@StevenStCroix1)


The movie opens on breakfast. “Husband and wife” Steven St.Croix and Ryder Skye (who unfortunately stars in a non-sex role) are talking and “son” Seth Gamble walks in. They decide to have the neighbors over for dinner and Seth is delegated the task of going and inviting them.

Seth goes next door and is greeted by Cameron Dee (who was his girlfriend before he left for college). They make some small talk and she agrees to tell her folks about the invite.

Steven St.Croix and Chloe Foster walk into a bedroom and start kissing. They chit chat playfully (and very well, I might add) before he lays some bad news on her. Now he has to make it up to her. They make out and he lays her on the bed. He sucks on her tits and gives her some playful body kisses. He strips down to his drawers and starts sucking on her toes. He strips her down and goes down on her, eating her pussy like a pro. He lays on the bed and she gives him a sloppy blow job. He fingers her and she gets on him, cowgirl. She gets off and he flips her over and takes her from behind. She rolls and he gives it to her missionary and makes the bed springs sing. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her stomach. This scene was hot and Chloe and Steven have a good chemistry, but I’m left with one question. If you’ve got Ryder Skye at home, why you out fucking someone else? Seriously! Anyway, just my two cents there.


Dana Dearmond (@danadearmond), Marcus London (@marcuslondon)


Dana Dearmond walks into the house, announcing that she is home. Marcus London greets her. They sit on the couch as Cameron walks in. She lets them know about the invite then leaves. Dana receives a foot massage from her hubby which leads to some kissing. He lays her down on the couch and goes to town licking and sucking her clit while she removes her clothes. She takes off his jeans and takes him deep in her mouth. They get on the couch and spoon. They go at it missionary then move to the floor in front of the fireplace, where she rides him cowgirl. She bounces on his dick so well, he has to pull out and shoots his wad on her ass from below. Dana is definitely on top of her game in this scene.


Cameron Dee (@CameronDeex), Seth Gamble (@SethGamblexxx)


Footage of Seth and Cameron on a date at the beach.

Quick scene of Ryder and Steven. Ryder is wearing a black nightie. They go into the bedroom. Right here is the perfect opportunity for a scene with Ryder, but…denied.

Cameron and Seth walk into Cameron’s house. Dana is on her way to dinner with Seth’s folks. Dana and Seth have a conversation while Cameron goes to get a drink. Cameron comes back and informs Dana that her and Seth have other plans and wont be at dinner. Cameron and Seth kiss and run off to the bedroom. They have a hot make out session while he play with her pussy through her shorts. He removes them and uses his tongue to make her moan. He finger fucks her and she rewards him with a blow job. She gets on top of him for some quick cowgirl before he flips her and takes her mish. They spoon and she decides to go for some more cowgirl. He gets behind her and pounds her doggy style. She rolls over and they go at it missionary again and he covers her stomach and tits with jizz.


Dana Dearmond, Seth Gamble


Ryder is washing dishes and Seth comes in. She gives him grief about missing dinner.

Seth is standing outside in the dark watching Dana through a window. She closes drapes.

Dana and Seth have a conversation outside Dana’s house the next morning. Cameron overhears.

Dana is at work and Seth barges in. They have a bit of an argument. Seth forces a kiss on her and they begin to make out. He strips her down to her boots, lays her down on her desk and licks her pussy. He sits in a chair and Dana takes to her knees to inhale his cock. She gets on top of him for some cowgirl on the chair. He bends her over the desk and gives it to her from behind. She rolls over to receive him missionary and he busts his nut on her stomach followed by a bit more conversation. Yet another scene where Dana works her power and the guy can’t handle it.




DVD Details

Release Date: June 25th 2014 Running Time: 1:51 Studio: Sweet Sinner


Directed By: @JamesAvalonPix

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