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Raising two small children and running a handful of retail stores is stressful. I have exactly three go-tos when the going gets tough: sex toys, yoga, and wine. One fine day, my vibrator will offer me a glass of Pinot. Until then, I’m making do with the following delightful combination.

The OHM line by Blush Novelties is branded with the attractive slogan “Body and Mindful.” Never one to be trapped by marketing ploys, I scoffed at this, and then promptly pocketed a Flow, an Asana G, and a Yogi Bunny. Three Shantis to Blush for bucking the pink, purple, and blue norm and debuting this line in mint and deep rose, with clean white packaging.

All twelve OHM toys are formed from hypoallergenic silicone with a satiny smooth finish. Each features multiple speeds and patterns of stimulation with an easy push button control. Blush claims that Ohm is the “healthful” choice, even suggesting dual-usage as a neck massager. I did all kinds of things with my Flow, Asana G, and Bunny, but a neck massage wasn’t one of them.

Flow is one of the girthier options, but at 4.75 insertable inches, it’s still relatively tame. It features soft waves to keep things interesting, and a head just wide enough for ample clitoral stimulation while also allowing for easy insertion. The Asana G has a nice, broad head as well, and it boasts a curve perfect for hitting the G-Spot. It’s a tad bit longer with a shaft more slender.

The Yogi Bunny is interesting and adorable, with whiskers as well as ears, ensuring your clitoris is stimulated from all sides. It even has a tiny bunny nose! Unlike your standard rabbit vibrator, the shaft and the clitoral bunny are not controlled independantly and the shaft does not rotate.  Of the Yogi Bunny’s ten modes of vibration and pulsation, the first five are steady vibration.  Five, instead of the somewhat standard three, ensures every lady finds her perfect level of intensity. Level three was awesome; level five was mind-blowing. The little bunny’s ears are firm and widespread and the whiskers really do add to the experience.

I found the entire OHM line smooth, comfortable, quiet, powerful, and, dare I say “healthful?” If penetration isn’t your thing, try the Lotus Bud, Karma Egg, or the Yogi Teaser, which is essentiality the bunny from my Yogi Bunny without the shaft.  I challenge you to try them in side plank while maintaining Ujjayi breath.  Better yet, enjoy OHM in a comfortable position paired with your favorite red.  Either way, Namaste.

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