P.O.V. PUNX 6: ANAL EDITION – By Burning Angel

Release Date: Jan. 31, 21012

Running Time: 2:38 hrs

Condoms: None

From the P.O.V. of James Deen

Cast: Akira Raine, Mariah, Severin Graves, Annie Cruz, Sparky Sin Claire, and Brittany Lynn

Rating: 3 Hard Ons out of 5


We get to see through James Deen’s eyes as he plows some hot tattooed girls. All of them get it in the ass for some anal action.

Akira Raine

We are introduced to the lovely Akria Raine who is playing with herself while she talks to the camera. She has some great tits and really awesome ink. She’s really good at sucking dick as the action begins. I love how she looks at the camera with her beautiful, brown eyes. We move to some missionary action, and it’s clear that she’s very much into this. The following anal action is hot as fuck, as her moans and groans are so sexy! The scene concludes with with her jerking Deen off and doing some dirty talking to get a load on her face. She then procedes to rub the cum on her pretty face, ending what is a great scene!

Positions: Oral, doggie, missionary, oral, anal, handjob/blowjob, facial


Mariah is a pretty girl with a really great rack. Making her more sexy is the fact that she is wearing no panties, which gives us a look at her beautiful, bald snatch. She fingers her pussy and goes right into giving Deen a really good blowjob and handjob. I do wish she would look up at the camera more often though. She gets fucked as Deen tells us just how good her snatch feels. He, of course, gives her ass a fucking and ends up cumming on it. I’m not really a big fan of anal money shots (I greatly prefer facials) and overall while a good scene, it isn’t as lively as the one before it.

Positions: Oral, handjob, missionary, oral, anal, cum-shot on ass

Severin Graves

The very cute Severin Graves, who is showing off her secret place, tells Deen just how much she loves getting it in the butt. She has some really cool tats, in particular the one on her chest. She sucks Deen’s dick, which is something she is clearly good at! From there, she takes it in the ass, and it just slides right in! The action then moves to a living room. She gets back to more cock sucking, but she also nibbles his schlong a little, which admittedly scared mine! She then gets what she wants as more anal action starts! We also get some good old ATM. She bends over and gets some  doggie style loving before getting a nice facial. Not surprisingly, but sounding cute as hell, she tells us that getting it in the butt was her favorite part of this good, little scene.

Positions: Oral, anal (back and forth between the two), doggie style, oral (and back again between these two), handjob, facial

Annie Cruz

I must admit that I am a huge Annie Cruz fan, so I was digging this scene from the very beginning! She looks fucking gorgeous as she tells Deen that she wants to be shot more often by Burning Angel and is going to show Joanna Angel just how awesome she is! She goes right into a killer blowjob! When she pulls down her sexy, short skirt we get hot as fuck anal action! She goes back and forth between getting it in her butthole and mouth for some of the best ATM action in the entire disc. I would also like to add that I love her pierced clit and the fact that she has some bush. It all makes for a very nice looking pussy! The facial ends what is, to me, the disc’s best scene.

Positions: Oral, anal (back and forth between the two multiple times), facial

Sparky Sin Claire

As soon as I see Sparky Sin Claire, I’m totally crushing on her. She has beautiful eyes and cute, short, red, wavy hair and has some real cool ink. She looks particularly hot in her little demin shorts, legs spread. She reveals that she needs a good ass fucking before going back to Montreal for a six month break. She’s a great dirty talker and gives what amounts to an awesome blowjob! She gets a good fucking and an even better ass screwing! Throughout all the action, she talks really dirty which makes it that much more worthy of multiple strokes. Unlike some other scenes, she doesn’t just go through the motions, she’s a great performer all-around. She gets his load on her face and then rubs it in and then into her mouth. She then swallows said load, ending the movie’s second best scene, a scene so fucking good it nearly tops the preceding Annie Cruz one!

Positions: Oral, reverse cowgirl, oral, missionary, anal, oral, facial, swallowing

Oh my fucking God, Brittany Lynn is too fucking cute! That’s first thing I said and thought to myself as she is shown on camera. She has a really pretty smile and nice, pierced lips (I’m a sucker for this, admittedly). As we learn that she was in the military and that she loves punk music and moshing, I fall in love! Her cleavage and ass are very nice. We soon learn that she has never done anal on camera, and well, we know that is gonna change in this flick! What is very awesome, is how she plays with herself as she sucks his dick and looks up with those beautiful brown eyes of hers. She gets some dick in her beautiful hole and, of course, in her ass! Some ATM and more ass fucking leads to some splooge on her face to end a decent little scene.

Positions: Oral, reverse cowgirl, doggie, oral, anal (and back in forth once more), missionary, facial


There’s a fun little behind-the-scenes featurette, four trailers to other Burning Angel flicks, and a pretty good photo gallery.

DVD Quality: The image looks okay. It’s a little bit soft and has some grain and noise. The sound is good, especially on the kick ass hardcore song used in the movie.

Wrap Up: This is a pretty good POV style porn flick. Some of the scenes go a little bit too ‘by the numbers’ for me, but there are at least two or three standout scenes and the rest of them certainly being worth a look. One thing is for sure. As always, Burning Angel has some stellar babes in their production. Definitely worth a spin once, with a couple of scenes being worthy of multiple views. I’m giving this disc a solid 3 hardons out of 5.

Review by: Master Gio

Twitter: @MasterGio

Email: mastergio@inkedangels.net

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