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Party House – Evil Angel


Ivanka A, Zenda, Carolina Abril, Bianca Resa, Laura Peralta, Pamela Sanchez, Noe Milk, Jesika Diamond, Brenda Boop, and Amanda X

What Evil Angel Tells Us About Party House

“When gorgeous Spanish girls gather at the home of legendary director/stud Nacho Vidal, you know there’ll be some serious partying. Nacho’s new “Party House” is a gonzo showcase of all-out, hardcore orgy debauchery — four scenes starring 10 stunning Latinas with Nacho and a couple of his well-hung pals. The fucking just never stops! The amazing cast of insatiable, uninhibited young party sluts includes Bianca Resa, Carolina Abril, Ivanka, Laura Peralta, Pamela Sanchez, Zenda, Noe Milk, Jesika Diamond, Amanda X and Brenda Boop. If you love swing parties and reverse gang bangs, Nacho Vidal’s “Party House” is rocking all night long!”Evil Angel

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While I have no doubt that Party House was fun for the participants, it really wasn’t much fun to watch. Its best scene was poorly-lit and so jumbled that the action was hard to follow. The DVD menus have it as a 4-scene movie, but it felt more like 5 scenes, so I don’t have a lot of faith in the cast lists and production. As a side note, my sincerest apologies if I mixed up any of the luscious ladies; some of them had so little screen time and/or very few film credits that it was sometimes hard to tell who was who! Carolina Abril and Bianca Resa stood out most in my mind, and I enjoyed performances by Amanda X and Brenda Boop as well. The sex was somewhat mechanical and didn’t feel like there was much energy to the couplings. There were a few standout moments, but in general it wasn’t cohesive and I felt like the movie could have been so much more–especially with Nacho Vidal’s twisted, impish sense of delight that he always brings! I suspect that only one camera was used, which means we miss out on more than we see in an orgy film. Add to that two scenes without visible cumshots, and you get a disappointment as a porn film. I’m sad to say that Party House only musters 1 1/2 Hard Ons Out Of 5.

A Walk Through The Scenes

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Scene 1 – Ivanka A, Zenda, Carolina Abril (@Carolina_Abril_), Bianca Resa (@bianca_resa), Laura Peralta, Pamela Sanchez & Nacho Vidal (@NACHOVIDALPORN)

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This low-light scene has the feel of a wild party caught on surreptitious film, with dark tones and yellowed highlights. The five Spanish girls are doing a good job of pleasuring each other when Nacho Vidal shows up. The girls share his cock orally, then Laura Peralta climbs on his shaft cowgirl while the rest of the ladies make out. Nacho switches out the girl that he is with repeatedly, going through bespectacled hottie Bianca Resa in a fine doggie style, wild squirter Pamela Sanchez, and sexy as hell Carolina Abril. The action is detoured for a brief cameo by a frilly little dog. Nacho finishes with a nutload of cream to Carolina’s torso.

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Scene 2 – Ivanka A, Zenda, Carolina Abril, Bianca Resa, Laura Peralta, Pamela Sanchez & Nacho Vidal

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The cast list in this scene is identical to that in the first, only this scene is during the day and much more brightly lit. The girls are all filling up balloons for the party when the action starts. After Bianca’s cute face gets filled up with Nacho’s cock, he plows Laura’s pussy oh-so-thoroughly, ramming in and out with reckless abandon. The rest of the ladies all get similar pussy-poundings, and I particularly liked Pamela’s wild reactions to her slit-fucking. While the other girls are involved in some action on the periphery, most of the cock-time is monopolized by Laura and Pamela. This scene had the potential to be pretty killer, but commits one of the cardinal sins of porn by not showing us a money shot–the scene just fades out right after Nacho presumably blows his nut down Laura’s mouth!

The “Part 2” of this scene on the DVD menu seems to be a continuation, though the action breaks for a new card-playing setup, and it looks like Brenda Boop joins the scene as well (though she’s not listed on the credits for it). It largely features Carolina getting a good hard fucking from Nacho, but it seemed to lose track of things in the middle with too much time passing over too little variety of sex (something that should never be a problem in orgy scenes). Carolina swallows her protein dose from Nacho at the end.

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Scene 3 – Carolina Abril, Noe Milk (@Noemilk), Jesika Diamond, Bianca Resa, Laura Peralta & Xavi Tralla

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The cast changes up for the third scene, with dark-skinned Noe Milk and punky-hot Jesika Diamond joining up with Carolina, Laura, and Bianca. Xavi Tralla is the male talent, and he licks the girls’ crotches from behind before pairing off with Jesika for a panties-to-the-side doggie fuck. He pairs off with each of the other girls in turn; unfortunately most of this action is one-on-one (leading me to wonder what the others are doing during this time). The scene ends with an extended (around 15 minutes!) sequence of blowing and boning with Noe, that felt listless despite intense fucking and some nice dirty talk from Noe, and Nacho shoots his wad into her open mouth.

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Scene 4 – Carolina Abril, Brenda Boop (@Brenda_boopp), Amanda X (@amandaxes), Laura Peralta, Cristian Frey & Nacho Vidal

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Cristian Frey gets down to business quickly, getting a stereo blowjob that again seems rather listless. There’s a lot of preamble to the fucking–cheek-spreading, dick-slapping, and pussy-teasing–that had me wishing they would just put it in already. While one girl is getting boned, the other girl in the pairing sits there and watches–very little interplay between them; with the exception being a good fingering of Carolina by Laura. Nacho joins him, pairing off with Brenda and Amanda as Carolina and Laura service Christian, and the action picks up some, with Amanda doing some good pussy-to-mouth cocksucking when Nacho pulls out of Brenda. Then, in another “WTF?” moment, the scene ends without a visible cumshot.

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DVD Details

Release Date: October 15th, 2013. Running Time: 2:20. Studio: Evil Angel.

Directed By: Nacho Vidal (@NACHOVIDALPORN)

Review By: Pornvert

Twitter: @Pornvert


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