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Screaming O


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Three speeds + pulsation, easy grip

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Intensity 25%
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Uniqueness 50%
Orgasmability 25%

When people think “Screaming O,” they usually think vibrating cock rings. In 2005, Screaming O debuted a stretchy, convenient vibrating ring that quickly won awards. The original ring now keeps the company of countless O-others. The OWow, OYeah, BigO, OJoy, and Ofinity are just a few from their fun and colorful collection.

In recent years, Screaming O expanded its line to include mini vibes, climax creams, and more. Among their “sexy accessories” is even a dubious but somehow still alluring SnorkelO.


I have enjoyed many a Screaming O cock ring, but its mini vibes really speak to me. (You may recall BOB, my first Screaming O review.) There’s something downright uplifting about Screaming O. Its bright colors and happy designs remind even the most serious masturbator that orgasms are awesome and sex is fun. I imagined using the PoP Vibe would feel like skipping rope with a unicorn while chomping on Skittles. My pink (unfortunately unflavored) PoP vibe even calls its color strawberry!


As you can see, the PoP Vibe is a clitoral stimulator featuring three speeds of vibration and one level of pulsation. Also, it boasts an ergonomic grip, making it my second ergonomic toy in a row, whatever that means.

What it doesn’t mean is that the shaft bends. I expected it to, because bullets at the end of thin wands usually do. It turns out the wand on this one is more for ease of use and convenience (the actual definition of ergonomic) than providing its user with options. That was fine by me, because its static curve is just right.

Because my toy chest offered no fresh AAAs, I had to borrow some from my iBullet.* I expected to need two, but the PoP Vibe only takes one. In a toy this length, that was a bit alarming.

Level one was a joke.

On a scale of 1-10, if 1 is Stay-the-Fuck-Away-From-my-Clit and 10 is Strap-Four-Magic-Wands-to-me-and-Just-Maybe-I’ll-Climax, I’m a solid five and a half. It’s atypical but not unheard of for me to finish on level one, but the lowest level of the PoP Vibe did nothing for me. You’d have to really be squeamish about clitoral stimulation to prefer it. Unfortunately, some women are. Fortunately, the PoP Vibe offers three other options.

Level two was also not enough. Level four was stupid but only because I dislike stupid pulsation because it is stupid. (Many people who are not stupid disagree, so this is my one point I’ll allow you to ignore.) Level three, then, is where PoP and I chilled.

It was not intense. It was nice, and quiet, and because we were accompanied by Rashad, rather quickly fulfilling, but it was not over the top powerful. Like BOB, I think PoP would make a great gift. He’s fun and flirty and incredibly non-intimidating, but also useful. The PoP Vibe might not blow your mind, but he’s far from a gag gift. Likewise, I’d recommend PoP for experimenting couples. Its ERGONOMIC shape lends itself to partner play.

Here’s a picture of PoP in my pocket, back when I was trying to make BOB jealous:


And here’s a picture of Screaming O’s Taco Stroker, just ’cause.


*After PoP and I were done, I searched the house for a pack of unopened AAAs. Replacing the battery revealed that a fresh one did not emit more power than my borrowed battery.

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