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December 7th 2015

Whoever decided to make Toni Ribas a director is a bloody fucking genius! This guy knows what fans want to see and how to capture it. I’ve never understood the appeal of POV scenes. Like, I know it’s a film. I don’t feel like I’m the one fucking the girl. This one though; holy shit! Hold on to your cock!Otherwise you’re gonna lose it into the screen. Yeah, it’s that good. The camera captures all the action perfectly and actually makes you feel that you are in the film. Another aspect of this film that deserves mention is the lack of focus on his dick. A lot of POV releases feel as if to main focus is seeing a dick slide in and out of a wet hole. Mr.Ribas knows why we are here and shows that he cares. Capturing his partner as the main focal point and letting us see them in whole, not just her hole. It really makes you feel that you are there. As I mentioned, whoever decided Mr.Ribas would make a good director is a genius and Toni is out to prove it. If you are already a fan of POV films, you need this. If you are not a fan, you need this. It will make you a believer. I for one would like to see many more volumes in this series.

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Inked Angels 7.5
Schwing 10
AV CLub 10
Box Appeal 8
Cum Again 10

What Evil Angel Tells Us About POV Sluts

In POV Sluts, director/stud Toni Ribas’ vivid, personal camera work focuses on female flesh so viewers can envision themselves enveloped in teen tarts and racy porn whores. Each girl is captured oiling up her hot bod and looking into the lens to tell you nasty things. – Evil Angel

A Walk Through The Scenes

Sydney Cole, Toni Ribas

The scene opens on a very nice up close and personal look at Sydney Cole’s ass. I can honestly say this film is starting off very well! She strips down and pours oil on her tits letting it run down her body and giving her pussy a nice rub. This is filmed to perfection; as if she is standing right in front of you and you could reach out and help to rub that oil in. She gives him a nice sucking before turning around, her ass right in the camera, and pours more oil on herself. After lathering her ass in oil Sydney backs up and Toni teases her pussy before sliding his cock into her wet slit. Did I mention how great this is filmed? Holy fuck! You really want to reach out and grab a handful of her ass. Seriously, It’s like…right there! And then she turns around to ride cowgirl. Folks, camera work in a POV scene does not get much better than this. And the mish is just as spectacular. He does set the camera down for a bit to give a little full screen shot of the action, but picks it back up for another pounding from behind and a fucking great view as she rides him in reverse. Alright folks, we are only one scene in and this is already a fucking amazing effort.

Jojo Kiss, Toni Ribas

Ahh, Jojo Kiss. Those captivating eyes grab a hold of you as she crawls across the couch. Dirty talk and eye fucking set the tone right as she teases the camera with her ass. Watching her cover herself in oil is a sight to behold and one must thank Mr.Ribas for his keen eye. She jerks his cock while spouting off a string of erotic talk that when combined with her magnificent eye fucking might just cause you to pop off early. Folks you just may have to take this one on in two attempts. As she rides in cowgirl she thrusts her dripping wet slit right into the camera. Imagine her pussy right in your face with those sexy eyes looking at you in lust. Or… you could just buy the film and experience it for yourself. I recommend the latter. A little jerking with her feet and she’s ass up. You guessed it, right into the camera. The mish is a beautiful thing, keeping her full body on screen and not just making the focus on the dick. You experience her experiencing it all. Such an eye for the aesthetic of a beautiful woman in bliss, Mr.Ribas captures this with perfection. The ride in reverse is just as amazing with her ass slamming right up into your face. Some more great cowgirl and he sets the camera down briefly for the full screen view of them spoon fucking. With the camera back in hand, she give a great eye fucking as she ride him. No body shot and no penetration. Just looking a girl in the eye as she enjoys her ride. This is fantastic and an impressive addition to the film. There’s a lot more going on in this scene but I feel I have given you enough. You just need to buy this. And I would definitely like to see Ms.Kiss work with Toni in a future release (hint hint wink wink).

Cherry Morgan, Toni Ribas

The scene opens on Cherry Morgan’s ass right in the camera and filling most of the screen, definitely starting us off on a high note. She shows off her tits before oiling herself up and caresses herself down. She talks dirty in a low breathy voice and absolutely mastered her eye fucking for this film. Oh, and on top of this, she is drop dead gorgeous. Long blonde hair and piercing eyes making that eye fuck game incredible. Riding cowgirl, she throws her pussy and rubs her clit inches from the screen. She brought her top vocal skills as well, letting out wild screams and moans. As he takes her from behind, her ass hovers just out of reach, but I guarantee you’ll be reaching out to try. Toni sets the camera down for a little more doggy action so we can envision it’s glory in full before getting it back in hand for another amazing view of her ass. Getting at her in mish we get plenty of opportunity to watch her facial expressions. Set down for a spoon fuck, the camera gives a wide shot letting us see all the fun. She switches to ride him, not forgetting the cameras presence and keeps her eyes on it. He gets it back for some more up close and personal mish. She rides him in reverse and put her ass right back in our face, slamming it right up to the camera. This scene had a little bit more of the camera being set down than the previous two, but that kinda gives you a chance to step back a collect yourself so you can continue.

Tasha Reign, Toni Ribas

Tasha Reign takes no prisoners opening this scene. Giving jerk off instructions as she finger fucks herself, rubs her clit and shows off her tits. Do they give awards for talking dirty? If so, someone needs to point that nomination committee in the direction of Ms.Reign. She oils herself up nicely and gives an impressive suck and titty fuck while continuing her talk and eyeing the camera with lust filled eyes. Saying Ms.Reign has a cute ass is an understatement, but holy fuck is it cute. She backs it up to the camera as she rides him briefly in reverse before turning around. Watching her face as she bounces on his shaft and rubs her clit is almost enough to do you in here. Getting her on the couch with her ass up to get at her from behind is only a benefit for us, as the view is spectacular. Laying her down for a little mish, he sets the camera down and we get to focus on her face before picking it up again. He pounds her as she rubs out her clit and her breathy moans are sweet and sensual. We are again treated to a view of her ass as he goes at her from behind then ditches the camera for a spooning. She rides him again which gets her ass and pussy right in our face, depending on the position (both here). I gotta say that I have been a fan of Ms.Reign for some time and her inclusion in this film was a real treat and a great way to close out such a fantastic film.


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