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Pretty Dangerous – Wicked



Stormy Daniels, Allie Haze, Anikka Albrite, Asa Akira, Britney Amber, Chanel Preston, Romi Rain

What Wicked Pictures Tells Us About Pretty Dangerous

This Stormy Daniels action-comedy features the perennial fan favorite as Ivy Diamond, a sultry super criminal who, along with her band of bodacious thieves, sets out to rule the world. Hot on their trail is a cynical Irish cop and his newbie sidekick. With its witty dialogue, dramatic intrigue and six steamy scenes, Pretty Dangerous will steal your heart! – Wicked Pictures


Wow! First off, I gotta say, this film looked like it was fun to make. This is the kind of film you would pay good money to go to the theater to see. Quite possibly the greatest Stormy Daniels written film yet. Well, that is until I see the next one. Great story. Seriously, great writing. High energy action and laugh out loud hilarity. Great acting. This cast is amazing. Did you see the starring list? It’s like a who’s who of smoking hot sexiness. The dialogue is delivered with professional competence. Now take all these high point and add in some wicked hot sex (see what I did there) and you’ve got yourself a film worthy of 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5. Ms.Daniels, please tell us there is a sequel in the works. Pretty please…

A Walk Through The Scenes

Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels), Brendon Miller


As the credits roll, we get to watch as Stormy Daniels and Brendon Miller kick some ass.

Brendon walks across a dock to a yacht to find Stormy down below. They discuss the diamonds and their importance. As Brendon goes to leave, Stormy decides she needs something else from him.

They start to kiss as he gets his hand under her skirt. Their clothes come off and she gives him a suck. She bends over a table and he gives her a lick from behind. As she lays back, he gives her a lick and a fingering. She bends back over and he takes her from behind before she rides him in reverse. After a little mish, he explodes on her tits.

Stormy gets a page.

Steven St.Croix (a cop) is introduced to his new partner Jack Vegas. They have some funny dialogue at the coffee shop.


Anikka Albrite (@AnikkaAlbrite), Mick Blue (@MickBluexxx)


Asa Akira and Anikka Albrite break into a building and hear the guard. Anikka goes to check it out. She gets some intel from Stormy about the guard. As Anikka meets up with the guard, Mick Blue, she uses that info to get into his pants.

She gives him a good sucking then loses her clothes so he can give her a lick from behind. She lays back and he dives down on her and slips a finger into her ass. They go for some standing mish before riding him in reverse. She lays back for some missionary anal then some doggy anal and he jerks onto her ass.

The girls inform Stormy of their status. Stormy calls Allie Haze (who is stalking her ex).


Britney Amber (@Britney_Amber), Jack Vegas (@JackVegasxxx)


Steven and Jack have a conversation before Jack heads to the bar.

Britney Amber has a conversation with Jack at the bar. After she downs his drink they wind up in a room on a bed. She lays back and he gives her a lick. She gives him a suck before they go at it in mish. After a little spooning it’s back to mish only this time he slips into her ass. She moves to all fours and he’s back in her ass before bringing her his dick to jerk onto her face.

A funny conversation leads to an awkward situation. Bad news at the cop shop.


Allie Haze (@alliehaze), Stormy Daniels


Stormy, Allie, Asa and Anikka have a conversation. Asa and Anikka leave to continue their mission.

Stormy and Allie begin to make out. Kissing and touching causes clothes to come off as Stormy goes down on Allie. She gives her a lick and a finger fucking then Allie returns the favor. Allie gets licked from behind before Stormy rides her face. They share a kiss to end the scene.


Asa Akira (@AsaAkira), Chanel Preston (@ChanelPreston), Seth Gamble (@SethGamblexxx)


Steven and Jack continue their troubles as officers. Asa, Anikka and Allie come into the coffee shop and discuss their plans in front of them. Oops.

They follow the girls who get away on a boat. They give chase humorously.

The girls scope out their next hit and Asa gets inside the house.

Asa begins giving Chanel Preston and Seth Gamble a massage and makes out with Seth. She gives him a suck as Chanel goes for Asa’s ass. Seth slips her a finger then Chanel fingers and licks her. They double up on his dick then Asa licks Chanel from behind. Chanel rides him in cowgirl as he finger fucks Asa before she rides his face. Asa gives Chanel a lick while getting plowed from behind. He takes Chanel in mish and Asa rides her face then the girls switch spots. He pops off on Asa’s stomach and Chanel licks it up.

The officers show up at the house. Funny shit.

More cop troubles as the girls continue their mission.

More bad news at police headquarters.


Romi Rain (@Romi_Rain), Steven St.Croix (@StevenStCroix1)


Steven and Jack go to Steven’s house to get help from his wife, Romi Rain. She does offer up some help, but it turns her on. They kick Jack out and begin making out. He gets her clothes of right there at the table and gives her a lick from behind. She lays back on the table and he dives between her legs to give her a lick. He lays into her in mish then she gives him a suck. She rides him in cowgirl before he takes her from behind. She goes to her knees and he shoots off on her tits.

There is plenty more film going on here to wrap up the story. Fucking excellent. All you folks need to get a copy and watch this.




DVD Details

Release Date: March 3rd 2015 Running Time: 2:17 Studio: Wicked


Directed By: @StormyDaniels

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