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Prison Lesbians 3


October 6th 2015

Dana Vespoli’s Prison Lesbians series is a fantastic watch. In this, the third installment, She brings four vignettes, each worthy of it’s own full length release. As you watch, you’ll find yourself wondering how the story could progress from where it leaves of. To leave your audience wanting more of the story, that’s the mark of a true storyteller. Each of these scenes is full of great dialogue and story followed by hot, passionate lesbian loving. I suggest you check it out.

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Inked Angels 5
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Cum Again 5

What Sweetheart Video Tells Us About Prison Lesbians 3

In the 3rd volume of this erotic take on women behind bars, we find sultry Anna Morna trapped in an Eastern European prison with diabolical prison guard Lea Lexis…beautiful undercover cop Jelena Jensen gets found out by charismatic drug kingpin Lily Cade…bad girl Alli Rae finds herself in a sticky situation when unpredictable cell mate Dana DeArmond accuses her of planning to escape & leave her behind…finally prisoner Morgan Lee thinks her new cell mate Zoey Monroe looks familiar…and then realizes Zoe is the bully who harassed her in school years ago… – Sweetheart Video


A Walk Through The Scenes

Lea Lexis, Anna Morna

Anna Morna has a little mishap while backpacking through Europe and her lawyer, Dana Vespoli, explains the severity of her predicament. This build up is pretty great as both Dana and Anna are pretty fantastic actors. This is delivered with Hollywood style ability and their efforts should be acknowledged and commended. Anyway, Dana leaves Anna in the room and Lea Lexis walks in as a bit of an abrasive guard. She scolds Anna harshly (more superb acting) and puts the fear of punishment into her. Anna offers to do anything to get out of her situation. Lea keeps up the authoritative dominating persona throughout Anna’s inspection and… lets call it punishment… before allowing Anna an opportunity to please her. Both girls look amazing here as they pleasure each other. This scene is pretty great as far as the story and sex is concerned and our performers are fantasic in their roles. Completely believable.

Dana DeArmond, Alli Rae

Dana DeArmond is one fantastic performer. Always putting her all into her scenes, this one is no different. Her dominating performance in this opening is brilliant, and Alli Rae is perfect to play submissive to her (not to mention absolutely gorgeous). Dana hears some rumors that Alli is leaving so she confronts her. This is a scene to see, folks. Alli and Dana have such a fantastic dynamic, with Dana’s wild, and outgoing personality and Alli the sweet timid young prison wife. The sex is fantastic and their constant dialogue throughout the scene is great. This is one to watch many times over.

Lily Cade, Jelena Jensen

Lily Cade is a fantastic actress. Seriously, she should be in mainstream films. She is a drug lord here and finds out her lover, Jelena Jensen, is an undercover cop. This creates a bit of a rift in their relationship. As she lays tied to a bed, Jelena talks Lily through the situation and Lily calms down. Lily cops (no pun intended…) a feel and kisses on Jelena before cutting her free. In no time Lily has her stripped down and is exploring Jelena with fingers and tongue. The sex is passionate as these two are lovers on the verge of crisis and it comes off well. That ending though. Damn fine story telling.

Zoey Monroe, Morgan Lee

So this scene starts off with Morgan Lee knocking the shit out of Zoey Monroe. Not literally, of course; but she is punching, kicking and slapping her around a bit. It’s a bit violent, so you know. Cut to Zoey in jail and Morgan is brought in as her new cell mate. So the fighting is a flashback to an earlier time in their life. Morgan claims to not remember her and Zoey is determined to not let her forget her. A little pushing leads to kissing (this is porn remember). Let’s just say, it seems the tables have turned. Zoey takes a dominating role over Morgan, only allowing Morgan top spot when it pleases her. This is a smoking hot scene worthy of closing out the film.

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