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Prison Lesbians – Sweetheart



Karlie Montana, Misha Cross, Dana DeArmond, Sara Luvv, Nikki Hearts, Sinn Sage, Charlotte Stokely, Lily Cade

What Sweetheart Tells Us About Prison Lesbians

Sweetheart proudly presents a brand new series that explores the popular theme of lesbians in lockup. Each story is unique, and captures the urgency, passion, and hunger of gorgeous lesbians in trouble. – Sweetheart Video


Playing on the popularity of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, Sweetheart released Prison Lesbians. Though the niche has been around for years, the popularity of the show brought this taboo fetish back to the forefront of the adult world. Dana Vespoli does a great job here writing scenarios that are not only hot, but are down right enjoyable and entertaining. This leads me to wonder why Ms.Vespoli wasn’t asked to write for the show. It would be a million times better (in my opinion, anyway). Working with a stellar cast of outstanding performers, Dana delivers a film that any fans of hot girls in prison action will enjoy. I will say that there are a few lighting issues, that I’m not sure I would say are bad. It helps set the tone by adding a darker atmosphere. So to sum this up, I recommend this powerful film and am giving it 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5 and will eagerly await volume two (please tell me there is a volume two on the way…).

A Walk Through The Scenes

Dana DeArmond (@danadearmond), Sara Luvv (@SaraLuvvXXX)

Court Appointed”


Sara Luvv is in a jail cell and starts yelling for her lawyer. Other people in the vicinity start yelling back at her to be quiet. Thankfully, Dana DeArmond shows up and is let into her cell. Sara is pissed and Dana sets her straight (no pun intended, seriously). They have a bit of an argument and again Dana puts her in her place…and then holds her in place by pushing her onto the bed, crawling on top of her and kissing her. Dana strips her top off and plays with her tits and pulls her nipples. She pull her pants down and gives her a quick rub over her panties. Dana loses her dress as Sara gets on all fours on the bed. Dana flips her over and pulls her panties off and kisses her and sucks on her nipples. Dana removes the rest of her clothes and crawls across Sara and sits on her face. Sara gives her a good licking sending her public defender into moans of enjoyment. She turns around and allows Sara the privilege of licking her ass. Dana gets down and kneels in front of her client and finger fucks her into a quivering mess. Adding her tongue to the mix Dana sends Sara over the edge and into an orgasmic fit. Dana stands and puts foot on the bars while Sara gets below her and gives her a lick and a rub. She turns around and Sara continues her licking from behind. Dana rubs her ass all over her face making sure Sara gets the full effect. Dana gives her another rub down before Sara gets back on the bed on all fours. Getting up behind her, Dana finger fucks her again while squeezing her tits. Dana licks and fingers her from behind until Sara is squealing and yelling out in bliss. They kneel on the bed facing each other as they kiss.


Karlie Montana (@Karliemontana), Misha Cross (@XMISHACROSSX)

Eastern European”


Misha Cross is led to a cell where Karlie Montana is laying on the top bunk. Karlie tries to talk to her but Misha isn’t interested. Out on the yard she tries again (brief voice cameo by Dana, here). She gets a little further and Misha opens up a little. They share their stories as to what led them there in some great dialogue that is well written and well delivered. Very impressive. They hug to comfort each other and it leads to a kiss. The girls make out against the wall as Misha begins to feel up Karlie. They get out of their tops and continue to kiss and Misha begins to suck on Karlie’s nipples and steals a quick feel in Karlie’s pants. She follows suit and gets in Misha’s pants and gives her a good rubbing before dropping her pants altogether and getting on her knees to give her a lick. Misha braces the wall as Karlie slips in her fingers while continuing to lick on her clit. Misha gets off and they meet for a quick kiss as Karlie’s pants go down. She bends over and Misha gets to licking her and rubbing her clit from behind. Karlie lays back on the ground and Misha dives between her legs licking, sucking and rubbing her clit. Misha takes a turn laying back and Karlie gives her a good fingering and licking. They meet again to kiss and hold each other when the guard comes by and they get dressed. Holy fuck this was a great scene.


Sinn Sage (@sinnsage), Nikki Hearts

The Mentor”


Before I start this scene, I have to say that the pairing of Sinn Sage and Nikki Hearts is what g/g scene dreams are made of. Just saying. So, Nikki is a prisoner and Sinn is the doctor. Nikki is in her exam room and they have a good discussion and eventually hug it out. After the hug Nikki goes in for the kiss, taking Sinn a bit aback. Shaking off her reservations, Sinn decides to go for it and they begin making out. They start removing layers and Nikki lifts Sinn onto the exam table and gets her top off. She tastes her nipples briefly and they kiss some more. Nikki’s top comes off as does Sinn’s pants. Nikki gets busy licking and sucking Sinn’s clit. She rubs, licks and fingers her doctor to oblivion. Sinn sits up and the girls kiss and caress each other. Nikki finishes stripping down and gets up on the exam table and they make out and Sinn kisses her way up and down Nikki’s body, finally landing in the forbidden zone. Sinn gives Nikki some tender oral attention causing her to squirm a bit in delight. Sinn climbs up on the table with Nikki and they trib thighs a bit before sliding into some scissoring leading to them both moaning in ecstasy. They kiss and Nikki climbs on top for some 69. Nikki sits back onto Sinn’s swirling tongue and rides her face. Sinn slides out and they kiss some more. Yes folk, this was everything I dreamed it would be.


Lily Cade (@lily_cade), Charlotte Stokely (@char_stokely)



Lily Cade and Charlotte Stokely are making their escape from prison and holed up. If they walk out, they are dead. They confess their love and then decide to express it. They kiss and then get each other out of their jumpsuits. They kiss with a sense of longing and desire as if they know its the end. Lily strips Charlotte down and begins giving her a lick as she braces against the wall. She licks with a ferocity and gets Charlotte moaning quickly. Charlotte drops to the floor and Lily slips her a finger sending her squealing once again. They embrace and make out and Lily takes a seat on the floor as Charlotte kisses on her. She strips her down and gives her an intense licking. They hold each other again and kiss then Lily kisses and sucks on Charlotte’s feet before diving down for round two. Charlotte gives another great vocal performance as Lily licks her out. After sending her into orgasmic bliss, Lily sits behind her friend holding her as she rubs her clit. Lily lays back on the floor and Charlotte gives her a rub. The girls kiss while holding each other and contemplate their fate. Folks, this is one powerful fucking scene. Fucking amazing right to the end.




DVD Details

Release Date: November 18th Running Time: 1:42 Studio: Sweetheart Video


Directed By: @danavespoli

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