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The Njoy Pure Wand. It’s a sleek, powerful, almost mystical machine. All but guaranteed to locate the g-spot and hailed as the ultimate squirt stimulator, I’ve been hearing its tales for years. I’ve oft gazed upon it from outside of Taboo’s glass case, but until now I’ve left it alone. Its beauty and power are breathtaking, but what do I need with such luxury?

The Pure Wand is 1.5 pounds of stainless steel. It’s heavily curved with a bulbous head on each end. The larger is intended for g-spot stimulation and the smaller for prostate, though both could easily satisfy either. It’s eight inches long, but don’t insert more than a few if you’re looking to hit that spot. Besides, the end that doesn’t penetrate serves as a convenient handle. Because it’s solid metal, it’s ultra-hygienic, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime.

When it finally hit me that by not bringing home a Pure Wand I was cheating not only myself but my customers (that’s right, I do it for my customers) I became almost frantic to have one. I was minutes away from punching through the glass to rescue it, kickstarting a romance for the ages, when the good folks at Njoy offered me my very own! One fine Monday morning I found it waiting in my inbox. I was so excited, I Instagramed it.


I spent three days admiring my Pure Wand, appreciating its heft as I removed it from and replaced it in its satin-lined box. I scoured the internet for usage tips and even viewed a tutorial. Watching a woman push the toy into her loosely bound fist seemed silly, but not consulting the owner’s manual would have felt foolish and disrespectful.

I took the following advice to heart:

Set the mood and relax.

Put down a towel.

Empty your bladder before you begin.

If you feel like you’re about to pee, let it happen. If you adhered to step three, it’s not pee.

Clitoral stimulation is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

I waited until I had the house to myself, threw down my towel, and dimmed the lights. My Sensuelle Point Rechargeable Bullet sat at the ready on the nightstand. I knew if I brought him in too early, the Pure Wand and my g-spot might barely get through their hellos before I was kicking everybody out.

The Pure Wand was satisfyingly heavy in my hand. Far from making my wrist ache, it felt solid and expensive. I’m one of those people who enjoys a chilly toy (I keep glass dildos in the freezer next to the chicken nuggets) but if you’re not a fan, warming the Wand up before play is a quick and easy option.

While I’ve had plenty of experience with curved toys and g-spot stimulation, I found myself really paying attention to how I was handling the Pure Wand–how far in (not very) and at what kind of an angle (moderate) felt best. Because the Wand is so dense and inflexible, I was able to stay aware of every small shift and play with different positions.

I was so absorbed in my sexy science experiment, the fact that I was about to climax caught me off guard. Since I was barely two minutes in, I counted my lucky stars I hadn’t involved the bullet, lay back, and waited for the orgasm. It didn’t come. It just kept building. And building. I thought, “I haven’t even started fantasizing yet,” and it kept building. I thought “big cocks, strippers, kisses on my neck” and still it grew.

You know that moment right before climax that feels so full and perfect and makes you wonder why you don’t devote your entire life to having orgasms? Imagine if that just kept going, and filling, for basically ever. Suddenly it felt negligent to NOT bring in the bullet, so I did, and still, it built. The movements of the wand shortened to small, persistent tugs and the the bullet hummed on low and finally, finally, I clenched, shuddered, and my legs went cold.

I’d hoped I wouldn’t hate the Pure Wand. It’s such a unique toy, that was certainly a possibility. I didn’t expect to squirt (and I didn’t) but I had my fingers crossed. What I really wished for was an orgasm unlike any prior, and that, I definitely got. I’ve never experienced such intense build-up to a climax or such a drawn-out release. It took a lot of baseball talk before my body would let the Pure Wand go.

I’ve heard some people say that if you’re searching for your g-spot you should start with a less intense toy. I don’t agree. I have enjoyed many g-spot toys and I will continue to enjoy them but not trying the Njoy Pure Wand earlier was pure foolishness. Everyone should give it a go. You’re not going to break it, and it might only temporarily break you. The next morning you’ll be back on Instagram, giving thanks.



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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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