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Ride N' Glide Couples Ring





Silicone and ABS Plastic






Intense vibrations, unique shape, removable bullet

My relationship with Mr. Marcus(‘s dildo) is fraught with complications. I’m married; he’s married. I’m a person; he’s a sex toy. And then there’s the racial component. You’d be amazed how many looks a white girl still gets strolling down the street holding hands with a black penis.

Marcus and I can work around anything, but tonight we hit our first real snag.

A couple of weeks ago we had a ton of fun with my first C-Ringz, the Twin Teazer Rabbit. If you missed that review and you’re too lazy to follow the link, the synopsis is this: Pipedream sent me four not-your-mothers-cock-rings and I’ve got plans to try them one by one with one of my favorite toys. I’ve been on the edge of seat to see what our next C-Ringz had in store.

I knew it would be the Ride N’ Glide Couples Ring, and not only because the packaging shouts IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! What I really craved was the opportunity to introduce to Marcus to the side of my tub, and some of the tricks I learned from Alan.

The Ride N’ Glide differs from your typical vibrating cock ring in that the bullet sits atop the ring vertically. As with the Twin Teazer, it fits snugly inside a silicone shell. Instead of bunny ears, this shell is 4.5″ long and ribbed for her pleasure. While it can be used in any position or even during solo play, its primarily function is to be slided, rided, glided, and grinded upon with the woman on top. Another exclamation from its packaging: Turn Him Into an Instant Sex Machine!

But what if your partner is already–literally–a sex machine?

What Mr. Marcus’s vibrator lacks is an abdomen. It’s difficult to slide, ride, glide, and grind upon a vibrating bullet that’s bouncing freely in the air. Had I been straddling a man instead of the edge of a tub, the bullet would have been supported by his body and the experience would have been a lot smoother and more satisfying. Because Marcus is pretty damn satisfying on his own, I persisted, supporting the bullet with my hand.


Those ribs. They’re nice. The size of the bullet and its sheath are, too. At its top its just large enough to nestle inside the labia and give the clitoris full coverage. Vibrations increase from low to high via a dial on a corded remote, and they go plenty high.

I stayed on the side of the tub for quite some time. For obvious reasons, it was difficult to move on. Finally, I un-suctioned Marcus and we tried the Ride N’ Glide missionary. It was okay, and I was able to appreciate the features of the toy, but we really weren’t doing it justice. It was like trying to turn an innovative, sexual Slip N Slide into a Jack Rabbit with a broken neck. Without a partner sandwiching it between us, I was forced to use my hand, and my hand eventually got greedy and removed the ring from the shaft to get the most of the vibrations without denying myself too much of Marcus.

In summary, what I’m going to need is a tiny Liberator, a Doc Johnson replication of Marcus’s abdomen, or Mr. Marcus himself in order to fully test this toy. In the meantime, I can safely say that the Ride N’ Glide Couples Ring is a quality toy and with manual manipulation it feels fantastic. (Did I mention those ribs?) I believe that under the right circumstances it will provide a wonderful ride. I’ll keep working those angles, and you pick yours up in the shops or grab one here!

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