Rob Ulrich of Mindset Evolution

Rob Ulrich

We recently got the chance to chat with Mindset Evolution frontman Rob Ulrich. We talked about the band, tour, and ink.

Where did the name Mindset Evolution come from?

Rob: It’s the name of the mental application of never giving up, finding a way to get around, through or around every obstacle. There’s an old saying ‘You can’t hope to achieve something new by applying the same methods that got you here today’.

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What’s the creative process like for song writing?

Rob: It all starts with meeting new people and life experiences, just getting to know people and their stories, and from that comes the inspiration for lyrical content. Then our guitarist Brad will bring in a piece of music that he’s been working on and we’ll all jump in and collectively amongst the five of us, we’ll mold and shape that piece of music into a song. After that, I’ll lay vocals. We like to spend time with each song and get to know it. I think inside each piece of music is a voice that is trying to say something, and as an artist it’s your job to try to interpret it to the best of your ability and not to just throw lyrics and melodies on top of it that sound like they fit, but to really try to communicate the song so it sounds real and honest.

You guys got started in 2005?

Rob: Yes

How did you guys meet?

Rob: It was a high school dreamfest. Bassist Josh Bodeen, guitarist Bradley Prentice and I all went to the same high school together for a year. And in that one year we all stumbled upon each other through mutal friends and we all worked at McDonalds together. We kind of started to click and then we started writing together, the music was cool and the songs were cool but everyone was still on their own mission of personal discovery, so it wasn’t until 2005 that we came together as a unit and became Mindset Evolution.

You guys won the Battle of the Bands at the Uproar Festival two years ago, right?

Rob: Yes, the 2011 Best Buy music Battle of the Bands.

So you guys were on the tour last year?

Rob: Yes, because of winning the Battle of the Bands the year before, we were able to go on the whole tour in 2012.


I’ve heard ‘Burn It Down’ a lot on Sirius XM radio. That’s your first single off your upcoming new album?

Rob: Right, that’s the first one off ‘Brave, Bold and Broken’, it’s already made its way to iTunes and Amazon. Satellite radio has been pushing us hard as well as Terrestrial radio. There’s upwards of 16 stations across the nation spinning our single so it’s pretty exciting.

Are you guys currently on the road?

Rob: Right now we’re prepping to tour with our friends Fight or Flight, Disturbed’s Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren’s side project. That starts July 27th in Fort Wayne, IN and we’ll be out until the 1st of October.

What was the last song you played on your MP3 player?

Rob: ‘Dig’ by Incubus. They’re one of the few bands that get away with making their music the way they want to make their music. I look up to that aspect of their band, it’s not something that a lot of bands get away with.


You guys have done a few big festivals this year, do you prefer summer festivals or winter indoor shows?

Rob: I think honestly it’s very equal for different reasons. When you get a crowd indoors, you get that small intimate audience. It’s almost one-on-one even though you have 100 to 500 people. When you get off stage, you usually get to meet a lot of people and chat with them and make new friends and hear about new experiences. With the big festivals, you still get to meet a lot of people, but they aren’t there just for the headliners, they’re there to experience new music. When you hit that first note and the crowd goes off, there’s nothing like it. But for different reasons, I love both.

You’ve got some ink, tell us about it…

Rob: Yeah I have two, a phoenix on my upper arm, and a quarter sleeve on my left bicep, which was a small gift from my friend David from The Ink Spot in Troy, MO. He found out I’m a Libra, so he put Libra scales on my forearm with a music note in one of the scales, weighing it down.

We appreciate Rob taking the time to chat with us. For more info on Rob and Mindset Evolution, check out their site at and follow their Twitter account at Also, don’t forget to check out their album ‘Brave, Bold and Broken’, which will be out soon!

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