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Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 4 American Edition



Veronica Avluv, Maddy O’Reilly, Ava Addams, Ash Hollywood, Dana Vespoli, Allie James, Rocco Siffredi

What Evil Angel Tells Us About “Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 4 American Edition

“The American edition of ‘Perfect Slaves’ is the best one of my career. I haven’t worked with American girls for a long time, and what better way to start again than with perfect MILF Veronica Avluv?I have been in this business for a long time, and if I only ever work with one MILF ever again, it would be her. We filmed this scene over five hours, and she was an orgasm machine! Just kept cumming and cumming; I can’t say enough about her incredible performance. The second scene is with pretty and petite Maddy O’Reilly and another amazing MILF, Ava Addams. Maddy and I had our first anal scene together, and man can she take it forever! The next Scene features beautiful blond Ash Hollywood and lovely Allie James. It’s the best scene I’ve ever shot with Allie, who is one of the most sexy and submissive girls I’ve ever met in my whole life. Altogether this was a really incredible movie to shoot, and entirely for fans that love beautiful, submissive girls – Rocco Siffredi – Evil Angel



I am not gonna lie to you fine folks. I saw Maddy O’Reilly, Dana Vespoli and Ash Hollywood on the same film and I was all in. I knew the name Rocco Siffredi, but was unfamiliar with his work. I am not a fan. He reminds me of another Evil Angel director of who I am also not a fan. The non stop talking through out the scenes is enough to kill any buzz you might be on. The whole premise of this film is looking for the perfect slave, I assume; which is why he tend to treat these women like shit. I get it. It’s all in fun. It’s acting. It’s porn. Fine. If the final scene on here is all acting, then Allie James deserves awards. A lot of awards. Honestly, even the Dana Vespoli scene (not starring Rocco) was a bit hard on the stomach at times. I could go on and explain my feeling on this and compare to other companies and directors, but do you really care? This is the fourth volume of this series, so I know some of you folks enjoy it. So, enjoy it. Not my thing. Sorry. The first two scenes were actually really good. It’s the second half of this disc where it took a turn down hill for me. 3 Hard Ons Out Of 5. It’s that last scene that just crossed a line for me.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Veronica Avluv (@VeronicaAvluvXX), Rocco Siffredi (@RoccoSiffrediXX)


Rocco and Veronica Avluv are walking outside up to a building having a conversation. They stop, he lifts her skirt and slides a hand into her panties and begins to rub until she is literally a dripping wet mess. What magically powers, this man possess in his fingers…He is still in a full suit and she is still fully dressed. I’m telling you, within seconds, he has her flooding his hand (which he has her lick clean, I might add). Sliding his pussy flavored fingers down her throat, he brings her to her knees . He fondles her tits and she lowers his pants to suck him off in a two handed slobbery blowjob. He fucks her tits while stripping down. He sucks her nipples then fingers her into another flood. He pulls down her panties and bends her over to lick her ass from behind while she rubs out her clit. He gets four fingers into her ass and pistons his digits in and out and she rains down again. Keeping her bent over, he rams his shaft into her gaping ass. He brings her down to suck him again then leads her to a bench. She gets on all fours and fingers her ass. He opens a bottle of champagne (that’s what we are gonna call it, anyway), gives it a quick shake then shoves it into her ass. The suds overflow her tight back door and flow freely. He pours the rest over her ass then leans down to slurp the liquid off (and out of) her ass. He picks her up, upside down, and caries her while licking at her. He carries her inside and throws her over a couch. He folds her in half and gives her clit another sucking before fingering her into another squirt. He enters her in many variations of missionary then gets another bj. He finally take the time to get her shirt off then goes right back to the fucking. He fucks her hard and rough, slapping her and pulling her hair and the like, then using his hand again, turns her into a fountain. He sits back and receives another bj before she mounts him to ride his cock. She bounces on his dick then lifts off to fire her squirt at him. She gives him a lengthy tugging before he lays her down and goes at her in mish again. He rolls her over and goes at her from behind before popping off on her face. She gives him some long finishing sucks. They talk to the camera a bit to wrap up this very intense scene.


Maddy O’Reilly (@MaddyOreillyxxx), Ava Addams (@AvaAddams), Rocco Siffredi


Ava Addams walk into the pool area where Rocco is sitting and does some grinding on a stripper pole. Maddy O’Reilly comes onto the scene and gets pissed that they were supposed to go down town. She walks off and Ava goes down on Rocco. He bounces his pole off the back of her throat then fucks her tits. She holds onto the stripper pole and he enters her in some standing doggy. They go inside and find Maddy talking on the phone. Rocco sticks his dick in her face. He eventually gets his dick down her throat, then rips her clothes off and bends her over the couch. Rocco and Ava both lick Maddy’s ass. Maddy gets a mouthful of Rocco and he licks her ass and Ava fingers her. They have a Human Centipede moment as Rocco licks Ava’s ass and Ava licks Maddy’s. Rocco takes Ava from behind as Maddy comes around to suck on Ava’s nipples and rub her clit. He rolls Ava to mish briefly before bringing his balls to her mouth as Maddy sucks his cock. Ava back on her knees, Rocco hovers over her and goes at her from behind. Ava gets on top and bounces on his dick before Maddy decides it’s her turn. She slides her ass down onto his shaft before sitting on his face. He licks her ass and Ava rubs her clit. He spends some time smacking Maddy around before putting her on the floor and feeding her his dick. He makes her watch herself in a mirror as he fucks her ass from behind and continues slapping her ass and face and pulling her hair. He sits down so she can suck him some more. She gets on all fours on the floor and he goes at her ass again. He sits on her face until she is squirming and gasping for air then shoves his dick back in her mouth. He chokes her and slaps her, then gags her with his cock once again. He moves to the couch and sits, forcing her face down on his dick. He shoves her hair into her mouth, stifling her the puts her on top of him. She bounces and grinds on his dick as he continues to slap her. She gets onto her knees and he fingers her slit before hovering over her and pounding his dick into her ass. She gets on her back and he once again goes for her ass. He pumps into her as Ava scoots closer to Maddy’s head. He drops his load on Maddy’s face and Ava’s tongue. Ava sucks him off and spits down onto Maddy’s face. Ava then smothers Maddy with her tits. Too much slapping Maddy around in this scene for my taste. It just seemed unnecessary. It really didn’t add anything to what was happening, and poor Ava got left out for most of the scene.


Dana Vespoli (@danavespoli), Erik Everhard (@ERIK_EVERHARD), Toni Ribas (@toniribas)


Dana Vespoli is in a bedroom doing what appears to me to be yoga, or at least some form of meditative posing (let me just add that purple definitely looks good on her). It is part of her man dominating ritual, we find out, as she speaks with Rocco. She lays back and handles herself as they talk. He tells her to close her eyes as he chokes her. She finds herself in different attire) outside by the pool walking up behind a blindfolded Erik Everhard. She teases him a bit as she plays with herself. She walks over to Toni Ribas, who is laying on a table also blindfolded, and teases him as well. She takes off her panties and stuffs them into his mouth. She straddles his face and he fucks her with his tongue. She bounces and grinds on his outstretched tongue before letting him suck her clit. She heads back to Erik and takes a dick in each hand, giving them both a quick jerk before zeroing in on Erik and giving him a good sucking. She goes back to the double jerk as the guys stand and alternate fucking her face. Toni sits and Dana bends to suck him as Erik gives her a go from behind. He gives her a good pounding as she swallows down Toni’s cock. He lifts her on top of him and enters her slit from below as Erik joins in for some double penetrating action. They fuck her to near tears as Toni goes for the choking and slapping. Erik takes her anal from behind as Toni pumps her from below before taking her ass for himself and Erik sitting on the sidelines cock in hand watching the goings on. Erik lays back on the table and Dana backs on to him in reverse, sliding her ass onto his shaft as Toni feeds her his cock from above. She takes an ass reaming from Erik before Toni comes up and enters her slit for more DP. Toni chokes her while covering her mouth and nose and pumping furiously. He moves to the chair and sets her on top of him. He again takes her ass as Erik fills her throat with cock. She moves him to her slit and Erik come up behind for some double vag penetration. She stands up over Toni and bends over to give him a suck and Erik takes the opportunity to have another go at her ass. Erik backs off and Toni throws her onto the chair on all fours and pumps into her ass before sharing the spoils with Erik. Toni holds her up by her hair and slaps her tits as Erik fingers her. He bends her over and fingers her ass as Erik continues with her slit. Toni bends her in half as she lays on her back and slaps her pussy as Erik thrusts into her from behind. She screams and Toni covers her mouth and slaps her then steps on her neck as they continue their fun. Toni takes another turn at her ass as Erik gets his dick sucked. Erik goes back to ass detail as Toni shoots his load across her face and forces his dripping cock into her mouth. Erik gives her a few more deep pumps before busting his nut on her face and feeding her his deflating dick for a sloppy sucking. She slurps him off and has a completely spent look on her face as she winks at the camera. Holy fucking shit, folks. This scene is pretty fucking intense. Has to be seen to be believed.


Ash Hollywood (@AshHollywood), Allie James (@alliejamesxxx), Rocco Siffredi


Ash Hollywood is followed by the camera into a room where she finds Allie James standing against the window. Ash teases her a bit then throws her on a chair and begins to lick her clit. She gives her a good rub down and fingering. Ash lets her up and makes her pull her panties down with her teeth then lick her from behind. Ash pinches Allie’s nipples then makes her suck on hers. Ash lays on a couch and spreads her legs and Allie goes to town, licking and sucking at her slit and ass. Ash brings her to her knees and rubs her clit and makes her suck on a strap-on. Ash puts the strap-on on and Allie swallows it down as Ash works it down her throat. Allie lays back on a chair and Ash spits into her ass and works it in with a finger before standing over her and sliding the strap-on into Allie’s ass. After a good pounding, Allie is fed the rubber dong. Rocco enters the scene and sucks on Allie’s nipples. He undoes his pants and feeds her his dick to her gagging point. He spends quite a bit of time slapping her around as she attempts to suck him off. He attaches a leash to her collar and turns her towards a mirror so she can see herself. He shoves her back down on his dick and leads her to the bathroom. He sits on the toilet as she sucks his dick. He bends her head over the seat as he hovers over her forcing his dick into her mouth. He then decides to sit on her face (yes, her head is still bent back over the toilet) to see how long she can take it. Ash she gasps for breath, he slaps her tits. Letting her catch a brief breath of air, he turns her over and shoves her face into the toilet and flushes. He is still hovered over her and keeps her head inside. He pulls her sopping wet head out of the bowl and she sucks him again. Then makes her flush her own head in the toilet. Come on now. What the fuck am I watching. Sigh. He takes her dripping wet hair and shoves it into her mouth and smears it on her face. He leads her out and she lays on the floor. He sits in front of her and plays with her slit with his foot, then pulls her up to suck on him. She gets a mouthful of cock and he wraps his legs around her head causing her to gag and gasp for air. Bending her over a sink, he licks her ass and shoves fingers in her snatch before putting his dick in her ass. She goes ass up on the floor and he makes good use of her position, sliding himself deep into her tight hole. After receiving a massive pounding, she is drug to a hallway and made to crawl down to a room where Ash lays waiting. Ash kisses her as Rocco comes into the room and the girls give him a suck. He sits in a chair and the girls give him simultaneous oral pleasure, sharing the duty of sucking him off. Ash finds her way on top of him in reverse and he slides his dick into her slit. Allie licks and sucks Ash’s clit as Rocco pumps into her from below. Giving Allie a much deserved break, Ash rides his dick like a champ, bouncing herself up and down the length of his shaft. Allie and Ash kiss briefly as she rides. She lifts off and brings her snatch to Rocco’s face so he can lick her from behind and Allie resumes cock sucking duty. Rocco lifts Ash into the air. Still licking her and she hangs down to suck on him. Allie joins in the fun by sucking his balls and dick. He sits back down and Ash gets on top facing him and begins bouncing on him some more as she rubs on Allie. Ash bounces with a fierceness while rubbing herself out. Allie once again sucks on Rocco as he slaps her around. He gets behind her and goes for her ass. The look on Allie’s face says no. She seriously does not appear to be enjoying her day anymore. Seriously, this shit gets hard to watch. She is screaming and crying and finally yells for him to stop, and he keeps pounding into her saying “Are you supposed to say stop?” (see, she is supposed to be a slave, blah blah blah. She says stop you fucking stop, for fuck sake). She says “red” (I’m assuming a safe word) and he says “What’s red?” He does stop at this point only to hold her by her hair and plow her face. She coughs and gags and spits and he shoves her top the floor. Basically she taps out at this point. Luckily Ash is there to take a mouthful of his dick and using two hands to coax his load out onto her tongue. She gives him a suck then spit it into Allie’s mouth. At the end of the scene, he goes off on some spiel about coming to America to find perfect slaves and gives Allie a bunch of praise. Nice save, dude. I don’t know, folks; I feel this scene might have crossed into some gray territory for me.




DVD Details

Release Date: September 3rd Running Time: 3:13 Studio: Evil Angel


Directed By: @RoccoSiffrediXX

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