RVA Adult Expo Hits Richmond, VA With Style


One would have never thought that in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia that the overall adult industry would begin to gain the acceptance that it has today. Some may say that as our youth get older, that they don’t have the same barbaric beliefs as a lot as their elders had and there is finally more acceptance. Maybe this is somewhat true, but I also professionally and personally believe that if it wasn’t for the people and companies and their passion for the adult industry to drive it forward in a true professional manner, that it would not be as acceptable as it is becoming today in this area.


One of the most impressive things in growth and acceptance that I have seen over the last 10 years in Richmond, VA, was when a young lady in her twenties, by the name of Alison Barber, ventured into the adult industry by buying an existing adult lingerie store and turning it into an awesome adult store with everything imaginable. Taboo is so widely accepted that they are welcome at public events as exhibitors, she drives a car that promotes her business with no shame, she has done her Taboo calendar shoots with open arms at local business locations and has now grown into opening her third location.


Is it all happening because Virginian’s are more accepting of the adult industry? Well maybe some, but it is mainly because Taboo has been part of bringing it all to Richmond in a new light, in a professional way and with a commitment to doing it all with a passion for excellence. Hats off to Alison, Taboo and all the awesome Taboo girls who work there.


What about mixing ink, piercings and shooting porn all in one? Years ago in Richmond, anyone who did all three would have had to live and hide down some dark alley. Well not only does Richmond’s own porn girl, Mabel Wolfe live here, but she is proud of it, doesn’t hide it and has even developed an awesome local fan base.

Mabel, not only does Inked Angels love you, but so does the Commonwealth. You go girl! Be sure to stop by the Inked Angels’ booth to personally meet her.


Mabel Wolfe – Richmond’s Very Own Porn Girl

But wait, there’s more. If somebody had told me that a professional company was going to bring an Adult Expo to Richmond, VA, I would have said, “No way will it ever happen in the bible belt!”


But I was wrong! MMCP Enterprises LCC, a very professional business located in Richmond, VA, took their vision and have developed it into Virginia’s very own first adult show, the RVA Adult Expo – June 1st at the Clarion Hotel Richmond Center, 3207 N Blvd Richmond VA 23230 from 2pm – 10pm.


It wasn’t easy, but MMCP Enterprises LCC continued to drive forward by not being reactive and staying proactive every step of the way and the results are bringing you an exciting and diversified Adult Expo right near the front steps of the Commonwealth’s capital, Richmond, Virginia. And when I say exciting and diversified, I mean it. Just take a look…


Roxy Reynolds – Appearing Live At The RVA Adult Expo

Hosted by Richmond’s Diamond Dolls, there are several powerful adult performers like Courtney Cummings, Richelle Ryan, Lisa Licious and Roxy Reynolds scheduled to appear and sign during the event.


 Courtney Cummings – Appearing Live At The RVA Adult Expo

 Hell, even one of porn’s most awesome guys, Tony Batman with A Entertainment, will be there with his always exciting shows.


There will be exhibitors and sponsors from every aspect of the adult world, including Richmond’s #1 Adult Shop – Taboo, RichmondNightOut.com, Condomania, Styllion and many more.


Will Inked Angels Be There?


Of course, and we’re coming in full force to bring you inked porn and inked porn girls that are second to none.


First, we have joined up with BombShell Brats, who will be bringing along three sexy and exciting Bombshell Brats Girls (Leslie Lotus, Severin Graves & Missy Starr) and will also be releasing signed copies of their first DVD, Licking Lotus, as well as their new book, BombShell Brats.


In addition, they will also be providing some awesome entertainment, including pole dancing by one of the east coast’s top performing pole dancers, Leslie Lotus, who will be performing live on stage during the expo.


BombShell Brat, Leslie Lotus, Will Be Performing Her Amazing Pole Dancing Live At The RVA Adult Expo.

To have a full booth of porn girls for you to visit during the RVA Adult Expo, we will also have signing with us, “Richmond’s own porn girl”, Mabel Wolfe, and exciting newcomer to the industry, Sexy Lexy. That’s right, FIVE exciting, powerful porn actresses all at one booth and one stop during the expo to come and meet.


Inked Angels will also have some great deals on DVDs from Smash Pictures and lots of other surprises and giveaways. With 5 exciting young ladies, lots of porn, DVDs and much more, plan on spending plenty of time with us during the expo visiting with Inked Angels, BombShell Brats and some of the Top Inked Porn Girls on the east coast.


When the show ends, the party doesn’t stop. There will be RVA Adult Expo After Parties at other locations to be announced. Just click on their “After Party Link” to stay updated.

Even BombShell Brats will be holding a Release Launch Party Saturday night for their Licking Lotus DVD and new book, BombShell Brats, and yes, signed copies will be available. Stay Tuned For More Information.

Of course Inked Angels will be there, so all five girls who are signing at the RVA Adult Expo will also be at the BombShell Brats DVD & Book Release Party.

BombShell Brats isn’t stopping on Saturday with their events in Richmond, VA. On Sunday, June 2nd, they will be at Taboo’s newest location in Richmond, 5100 Midlothian Turnpike – Richmond, VA 23227 with in-store appearances and signings with their DVD, Licking Lotus, as well as their new BombShell Brats book.  Watch for details on both of these exciting events!


Taboo’s Newest Location – 5100 Midlothian Turnpike – Richmond, VA 23227 – Will Be Hosting An In-Store Signing With Bombshell Brats & Their New Dvd “Licking Lotus” & BombshellBrats Book.

Watch for more details on both their Release Launch Party and In-Store Appearances at Taboo. For more information and details on these events and more with BombShell Brats you can visit BombShellBrats event page at www.BombShellBrats.com or email them at contact@bombshellbrats.com.


Don’t worry, if by chance you don’t make it to the Expo, Inked Angels’ media team will be on hand with myself and one of the top east coast photographers both in video and stills, Abandoned Graphiks. We will provide you with the most in-depth coverage of the RVA Adult Expo you can imagine.


Music Entertainment at the RVA Adult Expo will include DJ Iris, DJ Joel The King, Against Grace and DOE The Paper Boy


Be Part Of Richmond’s First Adult Expo At It’s Finest By Attending
The RVA Adult Expo – June 1st
Clarion Hotel Richmond Center
3207 N Blvd – Richmond, VA 23230
2pm – 10pm

For More Information On Tickets & The RVA Adult Expo:www.rvaadultexpo.com

For More Information On BombShellBrats:www.BombShellBrats.com or email them at contact@bombshellbrats.com

For More Information On Inked Angels & RVA Media & Interview Inquiries, Visit Us At www.inkedangels.net or email info@inkedangles.net.


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