Sarah Jessie



* What name would you like us to refer to you as?
Sarah Jessie

* Where are you from?
Born in Detroit, but I have lived in many places including Germany, and Australia. I am now living in Los Angeles.

* Age?

* What do you have for tattoos and how many hours have you put into them?
One sleeve and back tattoo, lower arm and shoulder. Many hours put into them. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m not done yet.

* Any piercings?
Navel, clit, and under my tongue.

* How did you get your start in modeling?
I was living in Germany and started modeling there.

* How long have you been in the adult industry?
Since 2008.

* What are some of your past projects?
Over 150 adult movies, several magazine spreads, mainstream guest appearances.

* Do you have any upcoming projects?
Still working in the porn industry, hoping to do my first anal on camera soon.

* What type of music do you listen to and who is your favorite band or artist?
I love all types of music from classic rock, to metal, to indie, hip hop, and rap.

* What are some of your hobbies?
I love to travel, anything outdoors, hiking, shopping, making money.

* Are you into video games? Which system(s) and any favorite games?
Not so much video games, but I like anything competitive like playing pool, foosball, poker. I’m usually pretty good at any kind of games.

* Favorite sport(s) and any favorite team(s)?
Having sex!! Is that a sport? lol

* Favorite type of movie and favorite all-time movie?
True Romance and I love action, or comedy, drama, or suspense.

* Favorite type of food and favorite meal?
Vegan, I’ve been vegan since I was a kid.

* Favorite alcoholic drink?
Champagne, or coconut Ciroc.

* Who are your heroes or who do you look up to?
Still looking for one, I guess.

* Measurements?

* Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex?
I don’t thing there is a place I haven’t had sex…but there’s still time to find one. ;)

* Do you prefer to make love or just fuck?

* Favorite sexual position?
I love them all.

* Biggest turn on and biggest turn off?
Turn on: sexy abs, nice smells. Turn off: bad hygiene, being too hairy.

* Is there anything that gets you instantly wet (kissing your neck, watching porn, etc)?
I love teasing. That turns me on, and dirty talk, too.

* Have you ever had girl-on-girl sex? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
Yes, and yes I do. I have it on and off camera.

* Have you ever squirted?

* Have you ever had group sex (threesome, foursome, etc)?
Yes, everything!! Orgy!

* Have you ever masturbated with something uncommon (anything but a toy or fingers)?
Anything that vibrates.

* Favorite type of panties?

* Do you own any sex toys and which is your favorite?
I have lots a vibrators, and a few butt plugs, too!

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