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Sheena School – Evil Angel


Sheena Shaw, Mischa Brooks, Mazzaratie Monica, Jada Stevens, and Brooklyn Lee

What Evil Angel Tells Us About Sheena School

“Alluring XXX provocateur Sheena Shaw, an athletic graduate of director John Stagliano’s “Stretch Class”, takes over as instructor, and the filmmaker’s mind and orifice-expanding series evolves into the rough, girl-girl education of “Sheena School”. Irrepressible Sheena trains four flexible sexual adventurers in the marathon (6 hours 35 minutes) movie, implementing her own gape and gag program for advanced pupils. Sheena’s class is packed with comely, pliable ass; the scenes are long, free form sessions. John loves the exercise of learning and pushing sexual limits. He says, “Shot in Buttman-style, this movie allows me to get beautiful shots and intimate interaction from the girls, but without my chatter. What a relief!” Extreme toys, lesbian body worship/contortion and orgasmic exhibitionism make “Sheena School” a playground of kinky fun from a female perv’s perspective. The student has become the master.”Evil Angel

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This sort of hard-core rough sex play usually isn’t my cup of tea, as I’m generally of the opinion that sex should be fun instead of painful. So why did I thoroughly enjoy all 6 hours, 35 minutes of this full-body abuse? That’s easy: Sheena’s joyously exuberant sadism made Sheena School a total blast to watch! She gleefully punishes her student’s pussies, tits, and asses, and even more impressively, she takes far more abuse than she dishes out–with a smile the whole time! The four girl/girl scenes are vastly entertaining, and Sheena’s solo scene shows her hardcore inclinations. I was impressed as hell by Sheena and her co-stars, and Sheena School makes the grade with 4 Hard Ons Out Of 5.

A Walk Through the Scenes

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Scene 1 – Sheena Shaw (@DirtySheenaShaw) & Mischa Brooks (@MischaBrooksxxx)

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Mischa Brooks, a shapely brunette doll, shows up for John Stagliano’s porn star training. John teases her nipples and pussy. Sheena Shaw arrives, and the ladies go through a series of stretches in their ass-hugging tights. Sheena teases Mischa’s pussy to get her tights soaked all the way through. The clothes start coming off, and Sheena eats her twat and asshole out from behind, spreading her orifices open with fingers. Dildo play starts with a glass wand up Mischa’s backdoor, and Sheena rams it in and out with glee. The rest of the scene includes all kinds of toy play, spit swapping, muff diving, ass stretching, fingering, and fellatio practice on dildos, and the girls are a sticky, slobby mess. They end the scene with milk enemas, and the girls spray each other with fluid from their buttholes.

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Scene 2 – Sheena Shaw & Mazzaratie Monica (@mazzimonicaXXX)

SS s2-1

Curvy, full-figured blonde beauty Mazzaratie Monica is Sheena’s next student. Sheena buries her face in Mazzaratie’s tight-clad crotch, and Mazzaratie wiggles that full ass all over her face. Mazzaratie follows it up by tit-smothering her teacher. Sheena grinds a glass wand deep into Mazzaratie’s butthole, then strokes a popsicle-shaped dildo in and out of her twat, then fills both holes at the same time. Suction toys are up next. Sheena uses a glass tube to get Mazzaratie’s clit standing out proud. Mazzaratie gets to plunge her tongue and fingers into Sheena’s crotch. Both ladies suction their nipples out, and then bounce up and down happily. Mazzaratie gives Sheena’s clit some serious suction, then fills up her ass with a giant butt plug. Mazzaratie’s plump rump gets spanked with a clear paddle. The girls go through a dizzying array of toys and vibrators in this extended scene.

SS s2-2

Scene 3 – Sheena Shaw

SS s3-1

Sheena is up next solo, under the guidance of John Stagliano. She starts out toe-training, washing and caressing her feet. She shows off her flexibility by putting her legs behind her arms with her ass in the air. Striptease is next, as she shakes and struts her gorgeous toned body and plays with a plastic hippo in her panties. John equips her with labia and nipple clamps that are connected by chains, and the clamps spread her pussy wide. She stretches her asshole out with a big clear Buttman butt plug. John takes off the nipple clamps and tweaks Sheena’s nips to extra-long length. He pulls against the butt plug while Sheena tries to hold it in, showing her distended puckerhole. She slides a plastic chicken up her twat and the hippo in her ass, then walks around with the toys peeking from her crotch. She practices blowing a dong while John holds her nose. Next up is bondage gear, and Sheena gets a collar and nostril hooks. She finishes the scene blowing the dong with the gear on.

SS s3-2

Scene 4 – Sheena Shaw & Jada Stevens (@Mzjadastevens)

SS s4-1

Jada Stevens looks bootylicious in her tight top with a hot girl airbrushed on. She and Sheena grope each other and taste each other’s crotch. Jada gets clothespins on her nips and Sheena gets them on her pussy lips. Jada flattens her slit against a plexiglass chair while Sheena licks the other side. The ladies trade off muff dives, paying special attention to the bunghole. The oral pleasuring gets so hot and heavy that the girls are connected by strands of spittle. They practice blowjob technique with dlidos that are suction-cupped to a mirror on the wall. The girls move to the bedroom and give each other lusty rimjobs. Foot play and toe sucking are next on the training schedule. Sheena installs a clear butt plug deep in Jada’s ass, and thoroughly explores Jada’s cunt with fingers and tongue. Sheena gets a clear butt plug of her own in the tush, and she climbs on top of Jada. The girls then lie back, spread wide, and use wands on their twats. Sheena slides a plastic pig head in her ass, then squeezes it out to replace it with an even larger plug. The girls end the scene with heavy kissing.

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Scene 5 – Sheena Shaw & Brooklyn Lee

SS s5-1

Shapely Brooklyn Lee is next up for Sheena’s tutelage. The girls pet and tease each other, followed by Brooklyn’s panties slipping down to mid-thigh so Sheena can tongue her ass. Tit-sucking and nip-pulling are next, and I love the look of Brooklyn’s young, pert titties. Brooklyn gets a thorough taste of Sheena’s ass, spreading her cheeks wide. They take turns gagging each other with a clear butt plug, and when it’s wet enough, up Sheena’s dirt road it goes as Brooklyn cunt-stuffs her from below with fingers. Brooklyn blows a dong attached to the wall while Sheena eats her out from behind. They kiss each other wetly, blowing shared spit bubbles between them. Brooklyn gets a plug in her ass, and Sheena fills her twat with fingers. After wanding her clit, Brooklyn slides a plug up her cunny, so both holes are filled with toys. Sheena frigs Brooklyn furiously, then works the lithe cutie’s ass with a plug. Brooklyn stuffs a huge glass dildo into Sheena’s ass, massively spreading her cheeks. The girls suck both ends of a double-ended dildo, getting slobby and wet in the process. The girls finish with a thorough session of crotch fingering and licking that shows off Sheena’s incredible flexibility.

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DVD Details

Release Date: September 12th, 2013. Running Time: 6:35. Studio: Evil Angel.

Directed By: John Stagliano

Review By: Pornvert

Twitter: @Pornvert


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