The Sins Life Volume 2 – Sins Life

The Sins Life Volume 2

159 min

December 13, 2016

The Scoop

No matter what I say about this film it still does it no justice. It was 100% unscripted and raw and you can tell that everyone in the film was genuinely having a good time. I really enjoyed watching this and was a breath of fresh air. I am  looking  forward to all the other projects and  installments from The Sins Life.  You will want to watch this movie over and over again.

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Review Overview

Inked Angels 8.5
Schwing 10
A/V Club 10
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 9

What Studio Name Tells Us About Movie Title

Johnny and Kissa Sins are back for round 2! The Sins Life #2 features EXPLOSIVE sex with Porn’s Hottest Couple making a mess of their willing co-stars! For Kissa’s birthday this time, she gets TWO BOXES full of Karlee Grey and Abella Danger! Chanell Heart gets wet with the couple in an outdoor sex session. Abigail Mac and Kissa Sins have a heavy romantic petting session before Johnny lends his cock to the love story and tattooed babe, Katrina Jade, takes on the Sins-duo and gets all the cream she wants. Kissa and Johnny live the Sins Life and you’re invited to the party! – Sins Life

A Walk Through The Scenes

Kissa Sins, Abella Danger, Karlee Grey, Johnny Sins

Scene 1 starts with it being Kissa’s birthday, with Abella and Karlee popping out of two huge wrapped presents. After her surprise gifts, Kissa asks about her cake. Abella and Karlee then turn and reveal their asses which were frosted like a cake. They then frost Kissa’s ass and then the scene goes into all three girls twerking.  Soon after all three girls are bent over and Johnny volunteers to clean up the cake by licking them clean. After being cleaned up, all three girls get right on their knees and begin sharing his cock. After a great sloppy blow job scene all girls end up laying backwards on the couch and Johnny begins licking and rubbing all the girl’s pussies.  Johnny begins fucking Kissa while upside down on the couch while Abella and Karlee are rubbing Kissa’s pussy. Abella then hops on Kissa’s face while Johnny is bending Abella over at the same time. After it is Karlee’s turn and she hops on Johnny’s cock and starts riding while Abella sits on his face. Later on in the scene, all the girls line up on the couch with their legs in the air as  Johnny makes his way down the line pounding each girl, leading up to Kissa and Karlee squirting all over the place. There was so much squirting that the camera man had to take a second to wipe off the lens. Soon after a little more fucking Johnny cums right in Abella’s mouth and the cum swapping ensues.

Kissa Sins, Abigail Mac, Johnny Sins

This scene starts out with all three in the bed waking up in the morning. Johnny gets out of bed to get everyone coffee and Kissa and Abigail begin playing underneath the covers.  Johnny then comes back and the girls pull him underneath the sheets with them and immediately start working his cock with their mouths. After blowing him, Kissa gets on her back and Abigail along with Johnny start licking her feet and pussy.  Johnny then slides his cock into Kissa with Abigail rubbing Kissa’s pussy.  After a few min of fucking Kissa and Johnny both share Abigail. The sexiest part is when Kissa grabs Johnny’s cock and inserts it into Abigail.  Kissa then sits on Abigail’s face while looking up Johnny. The scene will then go into cow girl and reverse cow girl and Johnny blowing his load on and inside Kissa’s pussy with Abigail cleaning it up and sharing it with Kissa.

Kissa Sins, Chanell Heart, Johnny Sins

This scene starts with Kissa and Chanell making out by the pool on a nice sunny day. It doesn’t take long for both of them to take off their bikinis and start playing with each other. Johnny then comes into the scene and immediately go right after his cock. Both girls sure do know how to work a cock, making sure take every inch in. Kissa will eventually hop on Johnny’s cock while Chanell gets a good face ride. It will then be Chanell’s turn right after to take a ride on his cock. All three will end up in the pool as Johnny begins to fuck Kissa in the water. The scene will end with Johnny pounding Chanell and Kissa spreading her ass open. Johnny will pull out and shoot his load all over Chanell’s ass and Kissa taking care of the mess with her tongue.

Kissa Sins, Katrina Jade, Johnny Sins

Doesn’t take long for this scene to get going. Johnny is sitting on the bed and then Katrina and Kissa enter crawling across the bed in black lingerie and high heel. They immediately start sucking his cock and getting it all wet and sloppy.  After more dick sucking and 69ing Johnny begins to pound Kissa’s pussy with Katrina holding Kissa’s legs open. Johnny then pulls out and grabs Katrina and starts fucking her pussy with Kissa licking and rubbing Katrina as well.  After a few more positions Johnny and Kissa both finger Katrina’s pussy. Johnny then would begin fucking them both and will pull out of Katrina and blows his load all over both girls pussies. Kissa and Katrina end the scene 69ing each other cleaning up the mess.

Special Features & Extras

  • Shot In HD
  • 19 Minute Bonus Scene
  • Cumshot Recap

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