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Sisterly Love 2 – Digital Sin



Scarlet Red, Karla Kush, Casey Calvert, Shyla Jennings, Sabrina Banks, Roxanne Rae, August Ames, Ryan Ryans

What Digital Sin Tells Us About Sisterly Love 2

When it comes to family, there’s nothing like sisterly love – Digital Sin


Fair warning folks, your dvd player will begin smoking upon pushing play. Yes, this film is that hot. Jacky St. James taps into some serious passion with these four scenes of girl on girl desires. While I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around the allure of step fucking, this film has come the closest to making me see the light. Each of the scenes here stem from a mutual desire between the performers. A kind of secret longing of growing up next to someone you can’t help but have uncontrollable and hard to understand desires for. Each scene is completely believable in concept and execution. The writing is incredible and the brilliant performances are captured beautifully. If I had to say one bad thing about this film, it would be that it was too short. If I had to tell you everything great about this film, I would exhaust the english vocabulary and still not be able to convey my thoughts. I give this wonderful film 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5 and suggest you get a copy… or two, as you may wear the first one out. Pardon me, folks, while I go ahead and push play and watch this again. I’ll buy a new dvd player tomorrow.

A Walk Through The Scenes

August Ames (@AugustAmesxxx), Ryan Ryans (@MissRyanRyans)


August Ames and Ryan Ryans both dream of being models. They practice runway walks in the hallway for each other and are each others biggest fans. They both receive a call to show their stuff for an agent (played by the lovely Jacky St. James). Ryan’s dreams are crushed while August gets the deal. At home they offer more moral support to each other. It’s a tender moment between two girls who care about each other. It shows strong family values when siblings can show support in a genuine way and not just gloat and tear the other down. Either that or really good writing and acting. Lets just say, my family would not handle this situation with the graciousness and class displayed here. Anyway, as Ryan mentions her self doubt, August offers to help her out. She goes in for a kiss. They make out and the clothes come off as they caress each other. They move to the stairs where Ryan sits and August dives between her legs and gives her a lick. August lays upside down on the stairs and Ryan straddles her face for a bit of 69. She has a seat and Ryan gives her a rubs and sucks on her nipple before going down to lick her clit. They kiss and Ryan straddles her face again. August has another go at Ryan’s slit with her tongue before Ryan gives her a lick from behind. They share a kiss to end the scene. What a wonderful start to this film.


Karla Kush (@KarlaKush420), Scarlet Red (@ScarletRedXXX)


Karla Kush has an overwhelming secret attraction to Scarlet Red (and rightfully so). Scarlet too has an attraction to Karla (again, rightfully so) but keeps her a little more secretive. To be the brother in this family would the greatest blessing and curse all at the same time. I mean your sisters would be drop dead gorgeous (imagine the peeping shower opportunities) but then again, your sisters would be drop dead gorgeous. How would anyone else compare? How would you you find other girls attractive if you have Karla and Scarlet in your daily life? So that had nothing to do with anything, besides my wondering thoughts. Back to what going on here. Scarlet finally reaches out and touches Karla’s bare leg as they watch tv. Karla takes this as an invite (and to be honest, it was) and they begin to make out. Karla is quick to get Scarlet out of her top and in no time has her hand in her pants. After years of pent up desire, these two attack each other with a fiery passion. Karla licks and fingers Scarlet then Scarlet dives in to get a taste of Karla’s sweet spot. Scarlet gets on top to trib their clits together scissor style before Karla’s turn on top. Scarlet gets on her knees and leans over for Karla to lick and rub her from behind then Karla takes the top position for some more scissoring. Kissing leads to more tribbing then Karla goes down for another taste of Scarlet. This scene is an exercise in unbridled passion. Not to be missed.


Casey Calvert (@caseycalvertxxx), Shyla Jennings (@iAMSHYLAJ)


Casey Calvert is soaking in the tub and dozing while Shyla Jennings watches. These two had a hook up previously (we learn this in a flash back with Shyla’s voice over) and Shyla has become a bit obsessive. Seriously though, can you blame her? If I had a hookup with Casey Calvert, my level of obsession would probably reach stalker level. Nevermind. Casey startles awake to see Shyla watching her and after a quick discussion about not discussing the past event, Shyla strips bare and joins Casey in the tub. Casey is quite reluctant and Shyla isn’t hearing it. She kisses on her while giving Casey a little rub under the water. Well, as you can imagine, reluctance gives way to acceptance as euphoria settles in. Casey starts to kiss back and Shyla does a little exploring with her mouth, kissing her way down to suck on her nipples. Casey leaves the comfort of the water to sit on the edge as Shyla makes her way down her body. Finally getting her lips locked onto Casey’s clit, she sends her into moaning bliss. Shyla kneels on the edge of the tub for Casey to get behind and underneath her to return the favor. Casey goes at Shyla, licking and sucking on her clit until it seems Shyla can barely stand it. As they both take a seat in the water, they work themselves into a scissoring trib. This is a bit hard to make out completely at times, but the looks on their faces tell you exactly what is going on with their nether regions. As they kiss and caress, they stand and give each other a rub down, both of their faces covered in bliss. They go for another trib, Casey taking the dominant role grinding Shyla into the water. They share a kiss to wrap up this impressive scene. It is probably a good thing that this scene took place in a tub. That much heat can start fires.


Roxanne Rae (@roxannexxrae), Sabrina Banks (@sabrinabanksxxx)


To put this in perspective, Sabrina Banks dresses and acts like she’s hot and knows it, while Roxanne Rae plays the more conservative prude. Roxanne spends her time calling out Sabrina on her attire to no avail. Well, we all know how it is in real life, the prude is usually the freak in bed. Roxanne (thankfully) doesn’t let us down. Sabrina walks in on Roxanne vibing herself with her nose buried deep in Sabrina’s panties. This sparks Sabrina’s interest in the quiet girl who keeps her freak to herself instead of flaunting it for the world. Roxanne catches on to the looks she receives from Sabrina and finally confronts her. Going from quiet and prudish, Roxanne switches roles and orders Sabrina onto a table. She peels her panties off, gives them a lick and dives face first between Sabrina’s legs. Licking and sucking her clit like a seasoned professional, Sabrina is helpless against the power of Roxanne’s tongue. All clothes removed, Sabrina lays back on a couch as Roxanne kisses, licks and sucks on her feet and toes. Roxanne goes back to licking at Sabrina’s clit as Sabrina writhes in ecstasy. Roxanne finally gets hers as she lays back to receive a long desired lick from Sabrina. Some kissing leads to some scissor tribbing with both girls expressing their satisfaction. They go for some mutual toe sucking and foot play and Roxanne can’t resist one last taste of Sabrina’s wet slit leading to a warm kiss to end the scene. Just…fucking…wow… Great way to end this completely amazing film.




DVD Details

Release Date: March 6th 2015 Running Time: 1:36 Studio: Digital Sin


Directed By: @jackystjames

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