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Squirting with the Stars – Fallout Films


Beverly Hills, Mallory Rae Murphy, Lizz Tayler, Brooke Lee Adams, and Nikita Von James

What Fallout Films Tells Us About Squirting With The Stars

“She can do whaaaat? You’ve heard about it, you’ve dreamed about it, but have you ever actually seen a woman squirt? Now’s your chance to watch this incredible phenomenon over and over again and get a ‘load’ of the intense pleasure these girls get when they spray you with their female love juice! When you touch her G-spot just right, she loses control and lets fly all over like you’ve never seen before! Nikita von James, Beverly Hills and more will have you Squirting With The Stars!”Fallout Films

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Squirting is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to see in real life–and now Fallout Films brings me the next best thing in Squirting With The Stars. The cast is able to unleash an amazing amount of fluid from their nether regions, giving massive wet spots and soaking their costars with ejaculate! If squirting isn’t your thing, the gonzo sex is hot enough to keep your attention too. I was most impressed with Mallory Rae Murphy and Nikita Von James; they were very into their scenes and responded with several squirts each. Lizz Tayler was satisfying in her energetic scene. I enjoyed Brooke Lee Adams’ battery-powered orgasm and subsequent fucking moves. Beverly Hills put her all into her scene, radiating sexual magnetism as she got sweaty and wet. Solid and satisfying, Squirting With The Stars merits 4 Hard Ons Out Of 5.

A Walk Through The Scenes

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Scene 1 – Beverly Hills & Mr. Pete (@mrpetexxx)

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Beverly Hills lies back in a matching striped bra and panty set, rubbing herself and talking to the camera. Mr. Pete shows up and is soon frigging her ferociously with two fingers buried in her twat. This quickly leads her to a squirting orgasm that even hits the camera lens! Beverly takes his cock out of his jeans and gets to work sucking. She assumes a face-down, ass-up position and invites Mr. Pete into her pussy, and she backs against him at each stroke. After some leg-high spoon action, he brings Beverly to another squirting orgasm, and she soaks his leg and the bed. A nicely-paced cowgirl sets the bed to bouncing. Beverly is looking sexy and dishevelled by the time they switch to reverse cowgirl. Spoon brings Mr. Pete to orgasm, and he drops his load on Beverly’s soaked face.

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Scene 2 – Mallory Rae Murphy & Billy Glide (@BillyGlideXXX)

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Mallory Rae Murphy flirts for the camera and gives us a striptease before burying a pair of fingers in her twat. She frigs herself to orgasm, leaving a nice wet spot on the bed. Billy Glide shows up, and he gets busy fucking her face with his pecker. Billy licks and fingers her cunt, and this brings her to another fabulous squirting orgasm. He slides in Mallory Rae’s flushed little cunny missionary as she rubs her clit. He withdraws and makes her squirt yet again, this time spattering the camera lens with her cum. Mallory Rae mounts and rides him cowgirl, bouncing up and down on him vigorously. A cunt-stretching reverse cowgirl is followed by another squirting orgasm! Doggie style ends the fucking, and Billy drizzles his nut butter all down Mallory Rae’s face.

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Scene 3 – Lizz Tayler (@LizzXXXTayler) & Tommy Gunn (@TommyGunnX )

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Lizz Tayler, looking different and quite hot as a blonde, takes off her lacy lime green top and panties and frigs herself until she makes a little wet spot on the bed. Tommy Gunn shows up and plunges his fingers in her snatch until she cums. Lizz gets on all fours to suck his prick, getting her whole body into the blowjob. Missionary starts off the screwing, with Lizz putting her ass right at the edge of the bed as Tommy goes off to the races. Spoon was exceptionally enjoyable as it showed off her suckable cuntflaps clinging to his cock. A very good Asian cowgirl is next, highlighting lots of tip-to-root fucking. Reverse cowgirl, spoon, and doggie style lead to another orgasm as he thumb-fucks her and a huge gush of cum when he withdraws. Lizz earns a shot of spunk on her face and titties.

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Scene 4 – Brooke Lee Adams & Mr. Pete

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Brooke Lee Adams relaxes on the bed with a vibrator on her clit. I love her outfit, white fishnet stockings with a black polkadot bustier, and she looks beautiful as she closes her eyes with pleasure. The vibrator soon leads to ejaculate spraying from her pussy. Mr. Pete joins her and frigs her to orgasm. Brooke Lee sucks him off before taking him up her cunt from behind. Spoon is next, followed by another very wet orgasm from her–the wet spots on the bed are definitely growing! (My only minor complaint about the scene is that she’s smacking on chewing gum during it.) Mr. Pete follows up a cowgirl fuck with another squirt, then invades her twat again in mish. He fills her snatch with his ball butter and then two fingers. Brooke Lee gives a parting squirt, getting the camera lens wet.

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Scene 5 – Nikita Von James (@nikitavonjames) & Billy Glide

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Blonde babe Nikita Von James wears a black corset that just reveals her nipples and black stockings, a beautiful contrast with her tanned skin and light hair. She sucks Billy Glide’s dick, then moves to a mouth-stuffing 69. He frigs her until she squirts, and I especially enjoyed the view of her darkly flushed pussy lips framing its pink interior. Missionary starts off the screwing portion, with Nikita’s enhanced titties swaying to the rhythm. Billy gives her another giant squirt, with cum spraying from her pussy. She mounts him in reverse cowgirl, raising her hips as she cums to spatter the camera with ejaculate before putting his cock back in her twat. Doggie style, spoon, Asian cowgirl, and missionary round out the fornication, and Billy decorates Nikita’s face with thick strands of spunk.

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Release Date: July 17th, 2013. Running Time: 2:19. Studio: Fallout Films.

Review By: Pornvert

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