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Stockings – Burning Angel



Joanna Angel, Lily Lane, Rizzo Ford, Tori Lux, Sierra Cure

What Burning Angel Tells Us About Stockings

Here at Burning Angel, we’ve celebrated boobs and worshiped butts. It’s high time legs got some lovin’ too! ‘Stockings‘ is our salute to sexy stems and the stunners who know how to work ’em! – Burning Angel


I’ll tell you what, folks. I could sum up this film in four words: go fucking buy it. Seriously. From the moment you press play, this film turns on the sexy and does little to let up. The beautiful Joanna Angel opens this film with a super hot tease and a superb fuck session proving once again why she is the queen of alt-porn. Lily Lane takes next with a smoking hot scene that just might melt your screen. She comes out sizzling and leaves the place smoking. Rizzo Ford delivers a crazy intense fuck that is pure energy. She steals the show with a scene that just has to be fucking seen to be believed. Next up, Sierra Cure gives a sultry performance leaving her stockings in shreds. The final scene finds Tori Lux in a playfully wild mood in another scene not to be missed. Overall this is a wonderfully done, exciting film, full of high energy scenes with top notch performances. I mean come on, when has Burning Angel ever not delivered the goods? I give this film 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5 and leave you with a warning. Be careful when you watch this one, folks; you just might rub your dick raw.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Joanna Angel (@JoannaAngel), Erik Everhard (@ERIK_EVERHARD)


Our beautiful director Joanna Angel starts us off with a really hot tease as she works her way up the stairs and out of her clothes. Now watching this unfold (or her undress, however you wanna look at that) got me to thinking. She is the kind of girl you could write songs about. You know what I mean? Back in the day, bards and poets used to sing praises and write verses to the beauty of a woman. Why are there no songs out there singing her praises? Somebody needs to get on this. Seriously. Joanna oozes sexuality and beauty in ways other girls can only dream of. Anyway, she makes her way into a room after stripping down to her thong and thigh high stockings. She finds Erik Everhard waiting for her on a bed. They kiss and he lays her down to get her panties off. He gives her a good lick and a fingering before stripping down for her to give him a suck. She gives herself a rub and we get a great shot of her taking care of business. He takes another opportunity for a taste of her honey pot before sliding in for some mish. He rubs her clit as he pumps and really gets her going. Laying on his side, he trusts deeper and rubs on her until she cums hard gripping the sheets for support. She climbs on to for some cowgirl, giving us a great look at all of her beautiful back work, not to mention her fine ass. She turns around to ride in reverse and takes a good pounding. Moving onto all fours she again grips the sheets as she gets plowed from behind. They go back to mish and she cries out her delight before he jerks onto her tits and chin. She gives him a finishing suck to wrap up this high energy opening scene.


Lily Lane (@LilyxLane), Michael Vegas (@ItsMichaelVegas)


Lily Lane walks into the room and you can actually feel the temperature rise. Seriously, it actually gets hotter just by her presence. This girl is smoking hot and ain’t afraid to show you. She gives a little tease in her scintillating fishnets, letting you soak in her beauty. As she eye fucks you from the couch, Michael Vegas walks in and gives her a quick feel. Careful, son; she’ll burn your hand! Risking the scorching heat, he comes around the couch for another feel. Working past her panties, he slip her a finger and rubs her clit before diving face first between her legs for a taste. She stands and bends for him to lick her from behind. He gives her a vigorous rub before she drops to give him a suck. He takes a seat and she springs on him in cowgirl unleashing a torrent of screams and moans. She gives him a suck before getting on all fours. She takes a rough pounding from behind complete with some choking and hair pulling. After a quick suck she’s onto her back. He gives her a lick then goes at her in mish where she receives a good deep dicking as she rubs her clit. Dropping to her knees she catches his load on her tits and face and finishes him off with a suck and a tug. Fantastic energy throughout this searing hot scene.


Rizzo Ford (@rizzoford), Seth Gamble (@SethGamblexxx)


The incomparable Rizzo Ford opens this scene sitting on a couch with a ball gag in her mouth, looking all the part of damsel in distress. Only able to mutter sounds, her eyes say a thousand words. Folks, this girl has skills. Her eyes alone scream out fear, confusion and maybe even a bit anticipation. Seth Gamble (the focus of her eyes) comes on screen to pull on her gag and slap her around a bit. This opening makes you want to burst into the screen and save her. Whisk her away from this evil menace in hope of her undying love, affection and gratitude. But; this is real life and not an action movie. We are rendered just as helpless as she, and have no option but to sit and watch the events unfold. He removes her gag and takes a seat, forcing her head down to his dick. She gives him a suck and he fucks her face. She moves onto all fours where he takes her from behind. It’s about now, when you realize that she might not be opposed to the situation and all your earlier thought about saving her were pointless. She’s RizzomotherfuckingFord for crying out loud. Like she needed our help in the first place. He stuffs her panties into her mouth as he plows into her, muffling her moans and cries. She climbs on top in reverse and he bounces her up and down on his pole. Putting the gag back in her mouth, he thrust into her like a man possessed as she screams out around the rubber ball. Gag gone, she drops to give him a suck and tries out some cowgirl and finds the ride to be quite rough. Rolling into spoon, she takes another intense pounding as her air supply is compromised by his hand and various articles of clothing. She gives him another good suck and tug as he lays back before getting bent back over the arm of the seat. He rams into her from behind and pulls her hair before jerking off onto her shoe and forcing her to lick it off. Wow fucking wow fucking wow. This scene was nothing short of fucking intense. Rizzo gives a great vocal performance. This, being one of the things I love about her. She wrote the book on screaming during sex. Do NOT miss this scene, folks. You will never forgive yourself if you do.


Sierra Cure (@sierracure), Seth Gamble


Sierra Cure gives a nice little tease to open the scene, looking all leggy and hot and shit. She eye fucks the camera well as she gyrates on the couch caressing herself. Her tease doesn’t last long as Seth Gamble comes in and has a seat next to her and gives her a rub over her leather shorts. He gets her shoes and shorts off and she straddles his lap as he tears her stockings open. Dropping to her knees she unleashes his cock and gives him a suck. Moving onto all fours on the couch, she receives him from behind as he literally destroys her stockings. He takes her in smooth stead pumps as she lets out whimpers of enjoyment. She gives him another suck then climbs up to ride him in cowgirl. We get a great shot of her ass here, but they soon switch to spoon and she takes a steady pounding with some light choking included. She gives him another quick suck then it’s onto some mish before he pops off on her partially stocking covered leg. Destroying whats left of them, he puts the jizz covered material into her mouth. This scene seemed a bit on the short side, but fit enough in to make it quite enjoyable.


Tori Lux, Bill Bailey


Tori Lux walks into the room and has a seat on a chair. She makes some playfully sexy come hither eyes at the camera as she teases and caresses herself. Unfortunately, Tori doesn’t make her way across my screen nearly enough. When she does, I consider it a treat. Her tease is playful with her cute smile and sparkling eyes, making a guy sad to see it end. She gives herself a little rub, giving us a sneak peek at her sweet spot before Bill Bailey comes in and starts kissing on her legs. He slips off one of her stockings and they kiss as they both rub her clit. He sucks on a nipple and slips the removed stocking into her mouth. She rolls onto all fours as he removes stocking number two and ties it around her head as a gag. He spends a minute slapping her ass then removes her panties to give her a quick rub. Stealing a taste of her ass, he works his way underneath her to give her a lick from below. More kissing causes her top to come off and she sits in front of him as he rubs her out. He lets his dick out and she gives him a good long, wet suck. She climbs up to ride him in reverse as she lets out some sweet breathy moans. She works her clit as he pumps away. She backs up to briefly ride his face before going back down on top in reverse. Moving onto her knees she takes a steady pounding from behind. Going on top for cowgirl, she bucks, bounces and grinds on his dick. She rubs her clit as they go for a little mish and he gives her neck a little squeeze. He pops off on her chin and mouth and she gives a nice suck. Fantastic close to this film.




DVD Details

Release Date: February 10th 2015 Running Time: 2:11 Studio: Burning Angel


Directed By: @JoannaAngel

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