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Nylon, Velcro, Rubber






Heavy duty cuffs, included J hook, can be installed on ceilings up to 12 feet high

When Sportsheets’ Surrender Grip Cuffs first appeared on my wholesaler’s website, I plopped them into my cart after only a glance. I was confident in the design, impressed with the cost, and a little bit turned on by the name. “Surrender Grip Cuffs” sounds like 50 Shades meets Also, it’s hard to overlook the packaging’s impliedly nude blonde dangling from a ceiling.


As always in my toy buying decisions, the manufacturer’s reputation played a big part. This is my first Sportsheets review, so let me supply a little relationship backstory. Sportsheets started twenty years ago, when its founder determined the demand for quality restraints made with velcro. Its Under the Bed Restraint system, which allows four quarter bondage to a bed without the use of bedposts, has been one of Taboo’s best sellers for basically ever.


Sportsheets restraints run the gamut from beginner’s fun to structured for serious play, with price points to match. The Sex & Mischief line, which debuted shortly before 50 Shades of Grey, is designed for lighter use, while the newer Edge collection is full of thick, serious leather. Let me put it like this: a Silky Sash from S&M is something Aries and I might find ourselves wrapped up in, while an Edge Six Point Hog Tie is best kept between Stronic Drei and me.

The Surrender Grip Cuffs are part of the original Sportsheets line, which is reliably sturdy and secure. Of course, the first thing I did when I opened mine was cuff myself. The next thing I did was ask Tashel to cuff me harder.


And then I swung around from the door for a while, while Tashel remarked on the intricacies of her job description and possibly considered alternate employment.

The cuffs themselves are plenty wide and the velcro is, too. When properly applied, there’s no slipping out of them and there’s definitely no wriggling them undone. What most obviously separates them from your classic over the door restraints is that they give your hand something to do. It doesn’t sound like much, but in the throes of passion, toes curl and fingers grip anything they can. It’s why partners end up with scratches on their backs, sheets get twisted into knots, and sometimes you lose a nice chunk of hair. Sure, with some restraints you could grip the tethers themselves, but that’s not as comfortable as the flexible, padded bar the Surrender Grip Cuffs supply.

surrender grip cuffsThe next thing worth noticing is that these cuffs attach to one o-ring, restraining the hands together directly overhead. It’s six one way, half a dozen another, but if you ask me, hands together is just a smidge hotter.

You can customize your experience by attaching the cuffs anywhere, but the set includes an adjustable strap which is designed to link to a J-hook screw mounted in a ceiling beam. The 64″ strap accommodates just about any height. It’s not designed for suspension, but you when properly installed, you can be weak-kneed as you want and melt into your fantasy worry-free.

If you’re not into ceiling hooks, Sportsheets suggests securing the strap under a bed or chair. You’d need a pretty narrow bed or chair leg to make this work, so my suggestion is to suck it up and do the ceiling hook thing. Besides, when you’re done playing, you’re left with a lovely place to hang a potted plant.

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