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Sydney Leathers. Does that name ring a bell? Well it should, and not for the reasons you are probably thinking. Yes, she was involved in the scandal from a few years back, but she was also in a porn parody of said scandal. If you haven’t seen it, you should take the time right now to go check it out. Ms. Leathers is amazingly sweet and completely adoring of her fans, giving everyone who approached her booth at Exxxotica her undivided attention, and she also happens to be drop dead gorgeous. We had a quick talk at her booth about some upcoming scenes and her hopeful future in the industry.

Bob: Sadly, people are only going to recognize you right now for the scandal…

Sydney: Right.

Bob: Which, it’s been a couple years.

Sydney: Yeah, 2013 is when it came out. It actually happened in 2012 so I’m like way past it.

Bob: Right, right. Was that, to do a parody, was that just a “I’m not gonna let it bother me,” you know. Kind of a laugh with them type thing?

Sydney: Yeah. Exactly. I was already being beat up on by the press and I always have a really good sense of humor about situations. Even like really awful stuff that’s happened to me, I can laugh about it. Like, that’s just how I deal with stuff. So it only made sense to me to kinda laugh at the worst situation that happened to me yet in life. So yeah, that was part of it.

Bob: What’s some new stuff that you’ve got coming? Can you share anything?

Sydney: I can actually! I’ve got two scenes for Reality Kings coming out and I have two new Naughty America scenes coming out, too. So that’s exciting!

Bob: That is. Nice. Before the political scandal, was porn ever on your radar?

Sydney: Never. Never once. You know, I remember finding my dad’s Hustler magazines and stuff as a kid, thinking the women were really beautiful and maybe it would be cool to do that, but that’s as far as I ever thought. But I really felt that more as I was younger, because at the time the scandal broke, I was working at a law firm and really thought I would eventually go to law school. I loved politics, so you know, obviously porn, you can’t do porn and get into politics. So yeah, it was not on my radar in any way at all.

Bob: Okay. With you still being in school going for radio, TV production, is that something you think you will take into the adult world?

Sydney: Yeah. I would love to either be able to direct or produce porn. And you know, I’m not someone who has a big head about myself. I would be willing to kinda start from the bottom up. You know, I really do like right out of college being able to work. I graduate next year so…hopefully I get some good offers.

Bob: Right. So if you were behind the camera today, who are you shooting and what’s the scene?

Sydney: Oh my gosh. I think I would like to even be in some of my own scenes, as crazy as that sounds. I would like to facilitate like maybe my first anal. Or I would love to do like a reverse gangbang with a bunch of girls and maybe one of my guy friends in the industry.

Bob: That’s basically all I had for you. Is there anything you want to close with? Or anything that you wanna say?

Sydney: Just that I am really happy with all of my experiences in porn. I love porn and I wanna continue to do it and that I kinda feel lucky to be a part of it. And also, of course, to check out Weiner and Me on

Bob: Alright, well thank you very much.

Sydney: Yeah, thank you guys so much. No problem.

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