Tavis Stanley’s Top 12 Albums of 2012

Tavis Stanley
Inked Angels is proud to present Tavis Stanley’s Top 12 Albums of 2012! Tavis is a guitarist for the band Art of Dying, who from their debut album ‘Vices and Virtues’, have had such hits as ‘Die Trying’, ‘Get Thru This’, and ‘Sorry’. He also does Tavis Stanley’s Guitar School where he gives guitar lessons via Skype. Pretty cool to get guitar lessons from an established rocker such as Tavis, so check it out!

Now for Tavis’ Top 12 albums of 2012…

Linkin Park  Living Things
12-Linkin Park, Living Things
Nobody sounds like Linkin Park. They always do their thing and I fuckin’ love it. Making a piano sound so bad ass in a rock song is not easy to do.

Deftones Koi No Yokan
11-Deftones, Koi No Yokan
These guys just rule, plain and simple. No explanation needed.

Thousand Foot Krutch Album
10-Thousand Foot Crutch, The End Is Where We Begin
Trevor McNevan has one of those voices that I just can’t get enough of. Melodic and raspy, but you can’t say he sounds like Chad Kroeger! Gotta support my Canadian boys. In my opinion, this album is top notch song writing and made for radio.

Aerosmith Songs From Another Dimension
9-Aerosmith, Songs From Another Dimension
Behind Zeppelin, Aerosmith is my favorite band of all time. Maybe the only frontman left with real swagger, Steven Tyler delivers exactly what you’d expect on this album. Fucking awesome vocals. Anyone who is a singer out there knows that Steven is one of the few guys around who can pull this shit off and do it very well. There’s always an element of blues in their stuff too, and this album has it! I wish more bands sounded like Aerosmith, it would make rock so much better.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day
8-Led Zeppelin, Celebration Day
Fucking awesome. These guys still have it and I wish Robert would give in and do a new record, or tour, or something!!

Shinedown Amaryllis
7-Shinedown, Amaryllis
I’ve been a fan of Shinedown for years and it was an honor to tour with them for most of the spring this year. They have those songs that just won’t get out of your head. Like, ever! I still can’t get Unity out of my head and it’s been almost a year! A great group of guys, too.

Young Guns Bones
6-Young Guns, Bones
I really liked this band as soon as I heard them on Octane. After one listen, the song had me. The production kind of reminds me of our record, maybe that’s one reason I dig it so much.

Soundgarden King Animal
5-Soundgarden, King Animal
Fuckin’ Soundgarden is back baby!! Do I really need to explain this one? Awesome.

Big Wreck Albatross
4-Big Wreck, Albatross
These guys are all friends of mine from Toronto, and I used to play in a band with the singer and main songwriter, Ian Thornley. This album is a return to form for him and it’s been a long time coming. Ian is easily the best songwriter I’ve ever met and he is such a gifted singer and guitar player. The talent that oozes out of his pores is evident in every song on this record and it really sets the standard for what can be accomplished in this day and age as far as new ideas go. The different tunings and the sounds he gets are rarely heard in this business today. This is a truly unique-sounding album, destined to become a classic.

Stone Sour House of Gold and Bones Pt 1
3-Stone Sour, House of Gold and Bones Part 1
Cory Taylor might be the best frontman in hard rock today, and when you combine that with the caliber of songwriting this band has, you’ve got the real deal! I was driving when I first heard the new single, Absolute Zero, come on the radio, and I cheered so loudly I think I almost got into an accident. I was like “ fuck yea that’s how you do it boys!”. Think I actually said that out loud to myself in the car! I had the pleasure of touring with Stone Sour last year for 2 months and they are hands down one of the best bands on the circuit.

Halestorm The Strange Case Of
2-Halestorm, The Strange Case Of…
There was a lot riding on this, being their second release. You always want the followup to be bigger and better than the first, and boy did they do it! Lzzy and the boys have established themselves as a credible world rock act, and as a friend of theirs, I’m very happy to see the success they are having.

Three Days Grace Transit of Venus
1-Three Days Grace, Transit of Venus
These guys always find a way of reinventing their sound without straying too far from who they are. You hear the opening riff of Chalk Outline kick in and it’s like ‘fuck this is cool shit! Who is this?’. Then as soon as you hear Adam’s voice come in, you know. Probably my favorite new album of the year.

If you want more info on Tavis or his band, Art of Dying, check out their website at artofdyingmusic.com. There, you can get the latest info, tour dates, merchandise and much more!

We’d like to thank Tavis for taking the time to do this and we look forward to seeing him back out on the road soon!

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