The Path to Porndom

How did you get on the porn career path?

Brendan, 24, NV

Hey Brendan!

Well, I’ve been watching adult films since I was 18 years old. That was back in the day before the internet was even available to the masses. Back then, I had to actually walk into a movie store and BUY or RENT a movie.

Eventually though, with the advent of the internet, I was watching porn all the time. I subscribed to Brazzers, Naughty America and Bang Bros and often exchanged links to porn clips with my guy friends (who loved knowing that, like them, I had a huge fetish for porn). Well, one day a friend of mine shared a clip of Ashlynn Brooke and Mikey Butders from a film called The Wedding Day from New Sensations’ The Romance Series.

I was blown away.

I had seen over ten years of adult films at this point – and I’d seen a lot of the garbage out there that was considered “porn for women” and I didn’t know something like this even existed. The quality of filmmaking was high. The writing was palatable. The performers were insanely good looking. The musical score was original! It didn’t give off the look, feel, or vibe of an adult movie and I immediately started researching the production company. I wanted to know who was doing something this groundbreaking.

My research lead me to an AVN article that mentioned that New Sensations was currently looking for female writers for The Romance Series. I didn’t know the first thing about writing porn, but I’d been writing my entire life. I wrote plays, poems, fan fiction, screenplays, you name it – I wrote it. The Type A personality in me put me on a quest to find out the formula for adult scripts and what ultimately was required. For all I knew, you typed out the sex scenes in detail (‘he begins sucking on her breasts and eventually makes his way down to her pussy’). <–That’s not the case, mind you. Anyway, I figured the person most suited to answering questions about a porn script would be an adult director. So, I reached out to Eddie Powell, who was doing most of the directing for New Sensations, via Twitter. There was an instant connection between us in terms of how we viewed filmmaking. He had gone to animation school. I had studied film and directing and acting. He gave me some really sound advice. He said, “Don’t write porn. Write a real story that has sex.”

And so, I did.

I spent the next day drafting Dear Abby, which later went on to win Best Screenplay at AVN in 2012.

After I had penned Dear Abby, I submitted it to the contest and a few weeks later I learned it was being produced. New Sensations welcomed me into their family with open arms. I worked as a Production Manager on the film and was then commissioned to write more. To date I have written 8 feature films, directed 5 and have learned so much about myself both creatively and professionally. I have to say, working in adult is a dream job for me – and especially working for New Sensations. They put out some of the highest quality films in the market – but also have some of the lowest budgets. That’s what happens when you are surrounded by people who love what they do!

Thanks for asking.

Jacky St. James

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About The Author

Jacky St. James hails from the East Coast, graduating with a BA in Drama and Anthropology and is a multiple award winning adult writer and director for New Sensations. She is known for a wide-range of films from romantic comedies to edgier all-sex releases with her most acclaimed titles being: Torn, The Friend Zone, Power and Control, Love is a Dangerous Game, The Submission of Emma Marx, and Dear Abby. Torn, her most successful film to date, went on to receive Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Couples’ Release, and Best Screenplay award wins during the 2012 award season. During her career in adult, Jacky has been an advocate of couple's-oriented pornography and has been a guest speaker at UC - Santa Barbara, UCLA, AEE, XBIZ 360 and has been featured in several popular mainstream publications including Jezebel, Slate, and the Examiner. Jacky shares pictures, clips, and stories about her successes and debacles as a woman working within the adult industry on her website: From? An east coast, white-bred, conservative town Age? 36 Fav. Food? Sushi or Pizza! Although I will eat just about anything. Fav. Alcoholic Drink? I am not a drinker, but when I do drink, it's usually Chocolate wine! Fav. Book? Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey. I also am a fan of We Need to Talk about Kevin, The Count of Monte Cristo, and the Complete Works of Shakespeare Fav. Movie? It's a toss up between Miracle (about the 1980 US Hockey team defeating the Soviets) or Shawshank Redemption (which was cinematic perfection). One Fun Fact? I have a severe allergy to cooking. I'm working through it.

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